Die Cut Bird Sachet

Die Cut Bird Sachet

Make a die cut bird sachet. I recently took the time to spring clean my closet. After having recently moved, I had a few items that had a sort of moving aroma to them. I needed to freshen up some of my apparel. When I received this great bird die cut from Sizzix, I had a brainstorm to create some sachet to freshen up my closet. Burlap makes the best substrate to make these sachet as its breathable and really pretty. Upcycled wire hangers wrapped with fabric create a pretty gift you can give as gifts or keep to freshen up your own closet. Cedar shaving was use for its repellant nature.  You could also make a second one that was scented with essential oils.

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Die Cut Bird Sachet products  used:

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Sizzix BigShot Machine

– Sizzix Bigz L Die – Bird, Beautiful

– Burlap, Fabric

Polyfil fiber

– recycled wire hanger

– Cedar shavings

Aleenes Fabric Fusion

– StazOn Solvent ink

– French sentiment

– Assorted embellishments

– dryer sheets

This project is quite simple really but with gorgeous results. Start by die cutting two burlap birds from your beautiful bird die cut using your BigShot machine.

Instead of of using the wing die cut included in the package. I cut my own from teardop shapes from script fabric. You will need two burlap shapes and two wing shapes from each.

Dyer sheet

To make a packet for the cedar shavings, use a dryer sheet and cut it into two pieces measuring 3″ x 3 1/2.” Sew three sides of the used dyer sheet closed with a machine and a straight stitch and fill with cedar shavings. Sew the remaining end closed.


Stack the bird die cuts together and sew the edges closed with a straight stitch, leaving a couple of inches opening for stuffing. Stuff with cedar packet and fill in spaces with polyfil stuffing.

Layer wings together and sew edges leaving a small opening for stuffing with polyfil fiber.

Tear 2″ strips from script fabric and wrap around a wire hanger, using fabric glue to secure fabric in place on hanger.

Keep wrapping until the fabric covers the hanger. Use fabric glue to secure ends in place.

Next, use the fabric glue to glue the wing and ribbon hangar to the bird. Embellish with a special sentiment, self adhesive rhinestone and a fabric embellishment.

Hang the sachet in your closet to freshen up your clothing and to keep moths at bay.

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