Decorative Plaque Redo

I’ve had these hook plaques for months that I found at Hobby Lobby in the clearance aisle. So when I received a big box from Plaid full of the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils I knew exactly which project to start with. I’m so excited to share this project with you! These products are easy to use and the tools are fun to use.

Plaque and hook makeoverPlaque and hook makeover

The plaques I started with are really nice. I love the art style and the look, but they don’t really go with anything in my house. I managed to grab them for about $2 each!

Plaque hooks before the makeoverPlaque hooks before the makeover

The box Plaid sent me full of supplies includes a wide array of things. For this project I used a handful of paint colors in different finishes and one set of stencils along with the mini sponge rollers and dabbing tops.

Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencilsMartha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils

Start by preparing by using painters tape to block off areas you don’t want to paint. I ended up applying 2 coats of paint to cover the pre-printed art on the original plaque.

Steps to paintingSteps to painting

I wanted to create a border using a different color of paint, so after the lavender color dried I applied more tape. I used an exacto knife to trim and create a clean edge.

Prepare for painting with painters tapePrepare for painting with painters tape

The paints I chose were all different finish types; matte, high gloss, perle and glitter. I love the way the perle covers. It’s a nice translucent shine with a bit of sparkle. I used a fine tip paint brush to add extra accents and in some cases applied layers of colors, letting the paint dry between coats.
To create the rest of the look, I started by hand drawing the words with a black Sharpie. I then used my tiny paint brush to create accents around the words, add touches of glitter and color the edges.

Plaque painting detailsPlaque painting details

You can finish the piece off with some clear varnish for an extra coating of protection if you’d like.
Material list:

  • Item to make over
  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint, stencils, mini sponge roller and dabbing tops
  • Small tipped paint brush

Here’s a video showing a little more of how I created this pretty look with my plaque make-over.


Have you tried the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils? The product line is available at Micheal’s Craft stores. I’d love to hear what creative fun you are having!


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