craft room organization – cool stacked square boxes

square boxes for craft room organization










Craft Room Organization is something I desperately need to work on. I am sure many of you struggle too. I made these boxes for Crafts Unleashed a while back. They have really come in handy. One because they are vertical and take up less space that way and also because they have labels. I know – labels what a novel concept. Well for me it is. I am the kind of person who makes piles and can tell you what is in each pile. That is all well and good until my husband or kids come in and move something. So for this year I am going to focus on taming the wildness of my craft room. My word of the year is conquer and I think it applies to this as well. I am going to conquer the clutter. Conquer the piles and conquer quite a few other things too.
I hope to do more of these stacking boxes. They came in a stack of 5. I really like the colors and the decorations on these pieces. If you are interested in finding our how I made them you can click this link. Whimsical She Art Style Boxes

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