country chic Christmas wreath

country chic wreath with polymer clay and buttons

Make this country chic Christmas wreath :

Sculpey Polymer Clay Poinsettia

The poinsettias for the country chic Christmas wreath:

The poinsettias are made using the Sculpey Polymer Clay Flower Mold.  I thought yellow buttons made a great center for the flower.  It gives them an extra little pop of color. To make the poinsettias follow the directions in the manufacturers packaging.  If the clay sticks in the mold use a little cornstarch.  It washes off easily.  Once the pieces are dry, paint a coating of white paint on the top.  Then remove excess with a paper towel.  Seal if you would like with Sculpey Glaze in matte or glossy.

Sculpey Polymer clay leaves and berry buttons

The red buttons make perfect buttons and the leaves are made of polymer from the same mold.

To make the country chic Christmas wreath:

Cut the burlap into three inch strips.  Adhere one end to the wreath with a dollop of FabriTac.  Hold it in place with a straight pin until dry.  Repeat this step until your wreath is covered completely.  Wrap the jute cording in one direction and then the other to achieve the diamond pattern.  Secure the ends with FabriTac.  Adhere the buttons and leaves around the wreath and then secure the  poinsettias with a generous amount of FabriTac.  I think this country chic Christmas wreath would look great in other colors too.  If your decor is less earthy and more pastel, you could make the poinsettias in off white and the burlap in natural or blue.

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