Homemade Christmas Gift wrap ideas

Christmas gift wrap ideas using Sculpey polymer clay  to make Christmas ornaments and accented with buttons.  The projects brought to you today are part of a Sculpey ornament hop.  I chose to make my ornaments using a mold and add them to my homemade wrapping  paper.

polymer clay ornament To use a mold you simply condition the clay.  Press the clay into the mold and remove for baking.  Some molds need to be dusted with cornstarch or a mold release.  Others you can bake in directly.  Since I made 16 ornaments I made mine and and baked them all at one time.

how to make ornament from polymer clay

I used three blocks of clay and made a ton of ornaments okay maybe not a ton, but I did make 16.
The mold is from Krafty Lady Molds.  They are super fantastic and work great.

handmade ornaments

I mixed the colors together to get a wide variety of one shade to create almost an ombre effect.  I painted all my wrapping paper and wanted to make unique toppers too.

handmade ornaments I wrapped my packages in the homemade wrapping paper and tied ribbon on them.

Materials to make homemade Christmas gift wrap and ornaments

Thought I would show you the variety of paper and the different color ornaments on the package.

handmade gift wrap ideaschristmas ornament package topperchristmas ornament package topper



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