Chic Coastal Christmas Decor

Coastal Christmas decorations do not have to be expensive or cost a lot of money.  Let me show you how to use found objects, polymer clay and neutral colors to create simple decorations for your home.

DIY Chic Coastal Christmas Decor you can make on a budget cheap and easy crafts

This picture is of a starfish that I made.  We found the starfish on vacation and I made a mold of it before we broke it.  I knew on of the kids would eventually drop it or it would lose an arm in some fashion.  After I made the mold I made 7 starfish.  I am not sure why 7, when I only needed one as the topper.  So I also made a wreath and a few ornaments.

To compliment the color and the theme for the Coast Christmas I am using jute.  I like jute for its rustic appeal and worn look.  Not to mention it is an inexpensive material.

Seaside Christmas or Coastal Christmas is my home decor this coming holiday season. I share a sneak peak with you last month of the starfish topper.  Below are the companion piece and the real piece the topper is on.  I started on it back in June and I am finished with the main pieces.  My tree is on our second floor of the house so these will go on the first floor. To make the starfish I used a one pound block of Sculpey Premo.  The starfish I used to make the original mold was a vacation find.Chic Coastal Christmas Decor - DIY cheap and easy crafts you can make

I made a wreath with a Styrofoam ring, burlap and buttons from Buttons Galore and More and some jute.

I have a Coastal Christmas starfish garland in the making and I will share that later on. It goes across my mantel. The next piece I made is a topiary using all the same materials. I chose burlap and juts since they are very rustic feeling. There is something cozy about weathered and worn items.

Direction to make the starfish from polymer clay

Materials for a Chic Coastal Christmas Starfish:

Directions for Coastal Christmas Chic starfish.

  1. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the clay dedicated pasta machine several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.
  2. Pinch of a Large piece of Mold Maker and roll into a ball. Flatten ball creating a piece of  large Mold Maker enough to accept starfish.
sculpey mold maker

3.  Dust starfish with cornstarch. Press starfish into mold and then remove. Bake the mold according to the directions above. Allow the piece to cool before handling.

4.  Condition the White clay according to the directions above. Dust the mold with cornstarch. Press the conditioned clay into the mold and remove. Trim off any excess clay with craft knife. Dust the mold and repeat again to make an additional piece. Repeat process to create as many starfish as you’d like. Bake according to directions above.

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