Chevron Tape Table Tutorial

chalk paint table frog tape shape tape diy Chevron Tape Table Tutorial Chevron Tape Table Tutorial came about because my kitchen table and chairs were very worn and in desperate need of a make over.  The chevron tape I used is called Chevron Shape Tape by FrogTape.  It is really versatile and easy to use.  I hope you are inspired by what I did on my table top.   The table and chairs were about 10 years old and are on there 3rd house.  The moves, everyday use and two kids have not been kind to them.  They looked fine from a distance.  However, up close was not so nice.  The protective  finish had long been scrubbed off and when you cleaned it after a meal a black layer of paint came off.   I decided it was time to give it a new life.

Crazy me decided to add a little more cray cray tony life and HAD to paint it BEFORE we put the house on the market.  I could not have strangers coming into my home thinking we ate off such a craptstic table.  In reality we did, but in my need to have the elusive “perfect” house for showing I painted it during the de-cluttering process.  I do not recommend this for any normal sane person.  Alas, I do not fall into that category.  You will notice in the step out photos that I painted it in place and the chairs right on top of the table.
I DO NOT recommend this.
I was not worried about the table surface while painting because it was next on the list.  I am a very neat and tidy painter who should have covered the floor under the table.  There could have been spills or drops.  Luckily for me there were not any.  Don’t roll the dice like I did.  Cover your work area.

Supplies for Chevron Tape Table and chairs:

chair before chalk paint

Instructions for Chevron Tape Table and chairs:

  1. Sand any rough spots.  Wipe down every surface to remove any dust, dirt  or grease and grime.  No prep work is needed other than cleaning.
  2. When painting chairs I like to start in the corners and edges. And I work from the top down.

chalky paint chair during3.  If you get any lumps or bumps you can sand them out after it is dry.  I used two coats of paint to get a solid look.  I went back and distressed after the whole piece was finished.

chalky paint chair after

4.  I use sand paper, and a damp cloth to create soft worn areas. I love the way the black peaks out too.

chalky paint chair distressed corner5. The table needed a little more work.  Since it was not in the best of shape.  I did a lot of sanding on it.

chalky paint table chalk paint finish


6. The base has two coats and I also wiped of the edges to allow the black to show through.

adding chevrons to chalky paint

7.  I played around with the spacer piece that came with the shape tape. I decided to use a piece of the tape to space the stripes out.

apply creamy wax finish to chalky paint

8.  Apply the clear creme wax finish before you add the next color.

adding chevrons to chalky finish9.  Add the stripes one row at a time.

add half side of tape to chalky paint

10.  The tape has two pieces to the back.  I secured one side and smoothed with a credit card and a spatula.  I use what ever was closest.  LOL

chalky paint on entire table

11. Cover the table completely.  Make sure you have the edges smoothed out completely.  No lumps or bumps.

chalky paint on surface of table


12.  Cover the table surface completely.  Allow to dry according to manufacturers directions.

remove tape from chalky finsish table

13.  Start removing the stripes.

remove more tape from chalky finish table

14. Do not panic at this point and think you made a mistake. I almost did.

chalky paint in removed tape.

15. Make sure you have a rubbish bin near.  The removal is messy.

apply creamy wax to chevron chalky table

16. I added another coat of the clear creme wax.  I did this so I could control how the dark brown wax would go on.  It is easier to wipe off if you have this coat on in between the layers.

add dark wax to chalky finish

17.  Add the Dark Brown Creme Wax.  I have found it best to work in one direction.  I worked from left to right in long consistent strokes.

chalk paint chevron table diy shape tape

I like the distressed roughed up look.  If that look is not for you, then skip the sanding and do not wipe off paint between the layers.   I also added a layer of Matte Varnish for my sanity.  One more layer of protection could not hurt a thing with my sweet gentle children.  😉

tall chalky finish beauty Chevron Tape Table Tutorial




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