Chalkboard napkin rings

 diy Chalkboard napkin rings craft ideaDIY Chalkboard napkin rings are fun and easy to make. Chalkboard adorns everything from wine glasses to fabric pillows these days. So many varieties of chalkboard paint are available on the market that it is impossible to escape this super fun trend. Take a quick look at Pinterest and you will discover all kinds of recipes for creating your own chalkboard paint in any color imaginable plus a multitude of fun projects to use this paint on.  If you don’t want to paint chalkboard you van buy premade.

Chalkboard signs
I ran into these fun 2″ x 3″ mini chalkboard pieces in the unfinished wood craft supply section of my local JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts. They are made by Darice. I immediately knew I wanted to do something with them but wasn’t sure exactly what right away. I remembered I had purchased some wood beveled napkin rings in bulk so of course! Napkin Rings.

With the addition of some polymer clay and paint in bright colors, I knew they would be unique as a table accessory/place marker.

Supplies for Chalkboard napkin rings:

  • wood rings
  • chalkboards
  • paint and brush
  • polymer clay
  • stamp
  • ink
  • mold

I chose DecoArt’s Americana Acrylics in bright, fun colors.

Instructions for Chalkboard napkin rings:

I painted the wood pieces in alternating colors.

napkin ring craft ideas

To add a little embellishment to them, I used a plastic mould made for polymer clay and Sculpey III by Polyform in Silver. When using plastic moulds, it helps to dust the surface with corn starch. This allows the clay to peel away from the mold more easily.

A little conditioned clay was pressed into the mould, shaped and peeled away.

I also opted to decorate the center of the wood ring with clay strips. I rolled out the clay into thin strips using an acrylic roller. I used a clay knife to cut thin strips to fit into the center of the beveled wood napkin ring.

Solvent ink and a script font stamp add some texture to the strips.

I wrapped the strips around the center of the wood ring and baked them along with the fancy moulded shapes according to the directions on the package.

When the clay was cured and cooled. I dry brushed the fancy shape, glued it to the center top of the chalkboard frame and added a little flat backed gem stone.

I used a super stong glue to attach the chalkboard frames to the wood rings. These napkin rings can be used over and over again. I love napkin ring projects. Almost any material can be used to make them including recycled materials. They can instantly bring an entirely new personality to table decor. Thanks for letting me share my idea with you!

Make clay dove napkin rings

clay dove napking rings

Clay dove napkin rings for your home.  Adorn your dinner table with these simple clay dove napkin rings.  Embellish and decorate as desired using clay tools and wax or paint.  The decorative napkin rings can be used any time of the year because birds are always in fashion.  You don’t have to save them for holidays.

When working with clay make sure you work on a covered surface and never leave the oven unattended.

MATERIALS for clay dove napkin rings:

  • Polyform Sculpey III White Oven-Bake Clay


  • Polyform Sculpey: Clay Tool Starter Set, Copper Ceiling Texture Sheet, Work ‘n Bake Clay Mat
  • Round cookie cutter, 1”
  • Acrylic roller
  • DecoArt Silver Spark Metallic Lustre Wax
  • Oven and oven mitt

If you do not have a clay mat for the oven you can use foil.  Do not use a cookie sheet unless it is dedicated to polymer clay.

BASIC SUPPLIES for clay dove napkin rings:

  • cornstarch, paintbrush, pencil, cardstock

DIRECTIONS for clay dove napkin rings:

  1. Condition three segments of White clay in hands until soft and pliable. Roll out on mat into 6” square with 1/2” thickness.
  2. Dust Copper Ceiling texture sheet with cornstarch using paintbrush. Press texture sheet onto clay to create deep texture.
  3. Down load your favorite bird image or draw your own. Download and print pattern onto cardstock; cut out. Using knife from starter set, cut dove shape from textured clay. Cut out center using cookie cutter.
  4. Bake the polymer clay doves on clay mat in oven following manufacturer’s instructions. Let the doves cool before handling.
  5. Lightly rub surface of dove with Silver Spark wax. Let set. You can add additional colors or layers if desired.
  6. Follow Steps 1-5 to create additional napkin rings.

    You can change-up this project by changing clay colors or wax colors.  If you wanted you could even make each place setting a different color.

Faux Wicker Clay Technique for Polymer Clay

Faux Wicker

Faux wicker clay technique is one of my favorite ways to use polymer clay.  You can give it as many looks as real wicker.  I also happen to love the look of sunflowers.  They lend themselves fall decorating.  Personally I like flowers any time of the year and you will find a lot of my projects are flowers or have flowers in or on them.  So get our your clay and have fun making flowers to decorate your faux wicker project.

Materials for faux wicker technique:

  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Clay: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow Hue
  • cornstarch
  • aluminum foil
  • paintbrush
  • recycled paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • paper towels

Tools for faux wicker technique:

  • Polyform Sculpey Basic Shapes Mini Metal Cutters
  • Polyform Sculpey Tools: Clay Extruder, 5 in 1 Tool Kit, Clay Conditioning Machine
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Honey Brown, Spicy Mustard, Bright Orange, Cadmium Red, Light Cinnamon
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Polyform Sculpey Bake & Bond

Directions for faux wicker technique:

1. Condition Burnt Umber clay and run through clay conditioning machine several times. Roll clay into tube and load into clay extruder. Extrude entire load of clay. Fold strand in half; twist clay around itself to 1/8″ width. Continue twisting until clay looks like rope.

2. Wrap aluminum foil around recycled paper tube; dust lightly with cornstarch. Wrap rope strand around foil tube four times, pressing pieces together lightly. Apply tiny dots of Bake & Bond; press together. Use chisel tip on tool to blend ends into rope. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven for 10 minutes. Let cool.faux-wicker-4

3. While faux wicker pieces are baking and cooling, condition Cadmium Yellow Hue clay. On last pass through clay conditioning machine, set thickness to third thickest on machine. Place clay flat on work surface. Use leaf shape cutter to cut eight petals for each napkin ring. See Photo 1. Cut out center circle for each napkin ring. faux-wicker-clay-technique-niki-meiners-2

4. Pinch petal ends into points to shape. Squeeze ring of Bake & Bond on circle; press eight petals evenly faux-wicker-4spaced around circle. See Photo 2 and Photo 3. faux-wicker-clay-technique-niki-meiners-3

5. Cut Burnt Umber circle for flower center. Use detail tool to add random seed dots and create texture. Press flower center on center of each flower and spot glue with Bake & Bond if needed.faux-wicker-4

6. Apply Bake & Bond on top of cooled faux wicker napkin ring. Press flower on to napkin ring and return to oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. Let cool. faux-wicker-clay-technique-niki-meiners-4

7. On covered work surface, lightly paint wicker Honey Brown and wipe off excess paint. Lightly paint petals Spicy Mustard and wipe off excess paint.  Dry brush Bright Orange on center of petals and Cadmium Red on area close to flower center. Use tip of chisel tool dipped in Light Cinnamon to add tiny dots on petals. Paint flower center Light Cinnamon and wipe off excess with paper towel. Let dry and remove napkin ring from paper tube.



1. The softer the clay, the easier it is to extrude, so run clay several times through clay conditioning machine before beginning.
Faux wicker and sunflowr polymer clay tutorial


beach themed Candy bar decorations

Beach Themed Candy Bar Decorations

Beach themed candy bar decorations were a hit at my daughters 5th birthday party. She had a mermaid themed birthday party. I took liberty and included beach type things too. We had a candy bar buffet with different candy types that were given beach themed names like – Salt Water taffy, Golden Sea Pearl bubble gum balls, Green Sea pearl Sixlets, Fish Bait Gummy Worms and Gold coins. The candy and the buckets  were sent to me by Oriental Trading Co. and I received product samples in exchange for my honest review.  The beach themed Candy bar decorations were delicious according to the kids in attendance.  It is candy, what’s not to love?  I created the decorations for the outside of the jars using this tutorial and the labels for the candy were made from art I purchased from Ann Krier at Whimsyville and this tutorial.

The names for the beach themed Candy bar decorations if you want to copy and paste the list:

Salt Water taffy (Taffy)
Golden Sea Pearl bubble gum balls (Gum balls)
Turquoise Sea Pearls (Chocolates)
Fish Bait Gummy Worms
Gold coins

Beach Themed Candy Bar Decorations taffy

Supplies for beach themed candy bar decorations:


Beach Themed Candy Bar Decorations sea pearls

The candy from the buffet went home in personalized mini beach buckets and the shell sand art were the other favors. I tried to keep it as junk free as possible. I try to keep the piles of plastic crap to a minimum in our house so we picked something that could be reused. My daughter uses her bucket on her desk with pens in it.

To personalize the mini bucket – have someone with neat handwriting (my mom – not me) write the names of the children on each bucket as they arrive. If you do it in the beginning it will give the names time to dry. I think the extra time helps it to stay on better and prevents smearing. I could be wrong.. LOL but I will still stick with my theory.

To decorate the jars my mom and I made a ton of Polymer Clay Star fish using the same technique that was used on the headband. ( link) Unbleached muslin is one thing I pretty much always have on hand. It is really inexpensive. I purchase it by the bolt I use it so much. One reason I use it is because I love how it frays. To create an awesome frayed edge, snip one edge of the fabric about an inch and then rip it off of the main fabric. Do that for as many strips as you need. I think I used about an 1/4th of a yard for the entire party. When it is only $1.20 a yard it comes to about $0.60 for all the strips on the jars. I am totally positive I used less than a $1 of muslin. To top of the frayed muslin strips after tying them on anything and everything, I hot glued on starfish.

My secret to making parties look extravagant is to use one decoration and place it on everything. When I say everything I really mean it. I add it to baskets, serving dishes, serving trays, light fixtures, ice buckets and anything else I can. I reuse the same dishes and containers for most events. I keep my basic pieces just that basic. The extra details come in the less expensive things to change like linens and little decorative accents.

mermaid tutu

This was her outfit for the party.  Mermaid Tutu Tutorial Here

simple beach chic wedding decor

Beach chic wedding 2

Simple beach chic wedding decor can be made on a budget and look fantastic at the same time.  Use random sized vases and jars and paint them in the same colors to create a unified look.  Chalky Finish for Glass by Decoart  was used in Primitive.  Painting the vase took about 5 minutes and making the  shell out of polymer clay took another 5.  Baking the clay and the painted jar took about a half hour.

If you would like directions on how to make the starfish, I made them for a DIY Starfish headband.  The headband would also be adorable on a flower girl or any little girl attending a beach wedding.  If you want to use real starfish you can.  They are available online or in crafts stores.  Wild flowers add to the simple yet chic feel.
Simple Beach chic wedding decor


Supplies for simple beach chic wedding decor:

  • Random vases (this is was a salad dressing jar)
  • Chalky Finish for Glass by Decoart  was used in Primitive.
  • Paint brush
  • Muslin strips
  • scissors
  • Adtech Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • supplies for starfish can be found in the other post

To make simple beach chic wedding decor:

  1. Paint vase and let dry.  Bake if you want durability.
  2. Tear a strip of muslin and cut to size.
  3. Hot glue on starfish.

This simple beach chic wedding decor  is part of a blog hop.  Click on the link above if you would like more ideas for making quick things for your wedding.

More about the glass paint:

Create a distressed look

Use fine grit sandpaper or a wet cloth to remove paint from raised surfacesor edges to reveal the glass underneath, once the paint has dried. Wipe away any sanding dust with a soft, white cloth before baking.

Speed up drying time

Use a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the drying time if necessary. A fan can also be used. This can be especially helpful when working on cylinders or pieces with multiple sides.

Wash the surface

Before painting, wash the glass in hot soapy water using a soft dishcloth. Price labels and stickers usually remove easily when soaked in hot water. Rinse any soap residue away with warm or hot water, then dry the piece with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Bake for a durable finish

For a durable, dishwasher-safe finish, bake the piece to cure the paint. Place piece on a cookie sheet and put into a cold oven. Heat oven to the proper temperature, according to package directions. Bake for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and leave the piece inside until the oven is completely cool.

Avoid contact with food

Keep paint away from food surfacesand the areas that will come in contact with your mouth. Although the paint is non-toxic, you still don’t want to ingest it.

Diy Starfish Headband

Diy starfish headband tutorial

Make a starfish headband for a mermaid party or a beach themed event or to wear because they are pretty cool.  My daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday and the theme was mermaid and every little mermaid needs a cool hair accessory right?  For her party we made a couple dozen polymer clay starfish using a mold of a real one we found on the beach.

Check back for tutorials on how to make the cupcake tower, a mermaid tutu and various other mermaid themed party decorations.  Tutorial for Mermaid Tutu Dress

Tools and materials for a Starfish Headband:

Instructions for a Starfish Headband:

  1. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the clay dedicated pasta machine several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.
  2. Pinch of a Large piece of Mold Maker and roll into a ball. Flatten ball creating a piece of  large Mold Maker enough to accept starfish.
sculpey mold maker

3.  Dust starfish with cornstarch. Press starfish into mold and then remove. Bake the mold according to the directions above. Allow the piece to cool before handling.

4.  Condition the White clay according to the directions above. Dust the mold with cornstarch. Press the conditioned clay into the mold and remove. Trim off any excess clay with craft knife. Dust the mold and repeat again to make an additional piece. Repeat process to create as many starfish as you’d like. Bake according to directions above.

5.  After the starfish has cooled, paint the piece with the Buttermilk acrylic paint, while the paint is wet, wipe excess.

buttermilk paint on starfish
6.  Paint the piece with the Raw Umber acrylic paint, while the paint is wet, wipe off. This will create a distressed finish. Brush on a light coat of Glimmer dust if you would like a little bit of sparkle. Allow paint to dry
raw umber painted over butternilk
7.  Cut 8 three-inch strips of tulle and hot glue to headband.  Then add a dollop of glue to center and press starfish into center and hold in place until dry.   ALWAYS use caution when using a hot glue gun.

Faux Tile Technique Butterfly

faux tile butterfly necklace2
size: 16”

Materials for Faux Tile:

  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey White Oven-Bake Clay
  • Cousin Corp. assorted beads: Pearl/Crystal Green Mix, Orange/Yellow Mix, Glass Green Mix
  • Silver findings: eye pins, 1-1/2”, eight; jump rings, four; connectors, two; bead caps, four; toggle clasp

Basic Supplies for Faux Tile:

paintbrush, toothpick, cornstarch, sandpaper, damp paper towel or baby wipes


  • Polyform Sculpey: Clay Conditioning Machine, Essentials Tool Kit, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Glossy Glaze
  • Round-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Butterfly rubber stamp
  • Jacquard Orange Piñata Alcohol Ink
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Directions for for Faux Tile:

1. Run clay through clay conditioning machine on medium thickness; do not roll too thin.

2. Dust stamp with cornstarch and tap to remove excess. Stamp butterfly image into clay and remove rubber stamp. Trim excess clay using blade from tool kit. Poke holes on each wing using toothpick. See Photo 1. (see photos)

3. Bake butterfly pendant on parchment-lined baking sheet for half baking time suggested on manufacturer’s instructions. Remove from oven and let cool.

4. While butterfly pendant is cooling, place one dollop of Translucent Liquid Sculpey on covered work surface. Add three drops of Orange alcohol ink to top of dollop. Let rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, mix contents together using toothpick. See Photo 2. (see photos)

5. Gently sand rough edges on butterfly pendant. Remove dust with damp paper towel or baby wipe.

6. Paint mixture on butterfly pendant coating entire piece. See Photo 3. Add one drop of Orange alcohol ink to painted butterfly. See Photo 4. Let set. Return butterfly pendant to oven and bake for 20 minutes following manufacturer’s instructions. Remove from oven and let cool. (see photos)

7. For necklace, on first eye pin, alternate orange and turquoise beads threading four of each color. Use round-nose pliers to form loop at end of eye pin; trim end. Attach loop to jump ring. Attach jump ring to butterfly through poked hole on wing. See Photo 5. (see photos)

8. On next eye pin, thread bead cap, green pearl, bead cap; form loop at end. Trim end. Attach loop to jump ring. Attach jump ring to previous threaded eye pin.

9. On next eye pin, thread mixture of green and turquoise beads in random pattern. Form loop at end; trim end. Attach to previous threaded eye pin. Attach silver connector to end.

10. On last eye pin, thread mixture of green and turquoise beads in random pattern. Form loop at end; trim end. Attach to silver connector. Attach one end of toggle clasp to other end of threaded eye pin. See Photo 6. (see photos)

11. Repeat Steps 7-10 creating other side of necklace.


1. Use Sculpey Glossy Glaze to add shine to pendant after painting.


If you would like to see a step out tutorial for the polymer clay faux tile technique.

Cool hues handmade necklace

cool hues autumn necklace handmade necklace

Cool hues come together in celebration of autumn’s comfortable crisp nights! Combine enameled beads, filigree-wrapped crystals, and a polymer clay pendant and you might just have your new favorite accessory! A cool hues handmade necklace.


  • Connie Crystals: aqua crystals, four; clear crystal, 14mm
  • Blue enamel beads, two
  • Polyform Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl Clay
  • Antique brass components: cable chain necklace, 16” length; square filigree beads, three; brass bail
  • Darice Finding Starter Kit in Caddy: Antique Brass Plated-Jump Rings, 16; Clasp


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Clay pendant mold
  • Jacquard Aqua Lumiere Paint
  • Polyform Sculpey: Satin Glaze; Clay Tool Starter Set
  • Clay-dedicated rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, and oven


  • paintbrush, ruler, paper towel, newspaper (to cover work surface)


  1.  On clean work surface, condition clay until soft and pliable. Roll clay on work surface. Remove and press clay into pendant mold; use knife end on tool to remove excess clay. Use blunt point tip on tool to make hole on pendant. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake pendant on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.
  2.  On covered work surface, apply Aqua paint on top surface of pendant; wipe off excess paint, leaving some paint in grooves. Let dry. Apply Satin Glaze. Let dry. Attach bail through hole on pendant.
  3.  Use flush cutters to cut chain into eight 2” sections. Attach clasp to one side, then attach aqua crystal using jump ring. Attach another jump ring to other side of crystal; attach another 2” chain length. Attach enameled bead to chain length and another 2” chain length.
  4.  Place aqua crystal in center of filigree square. Using needle-nose pliers, curl in sides of filigree square to hold crystal securely in place. Attach aqua crystal filigree square to chain length. Attach another 2” chain length.
  5.  Place clear crystal in center of filigree piece; attach using head pin. Use needle-nose pliers to round edges into center as shown. Attach clear crystal filigree square to chain length. Attach pendant bail to bottom of filigree piece.
  6.  Repeat Steps 3-5 to attach aqua crystal filigree square, enamel bead, and chain lengths to clear crystal filigree square for other side of necklace. Attach other end of clasp to chain length on end.

    cool hues autumn necklace

Polymer Clay Sugar Beads

pink sugar beads set1


Make Polymer Clay Sugar Beads out of Sculpey Polymer Clay with this easy to follow set of instructions.  They make a great accessory for Valentine’s Day or for a spring outfit.  The jewelry is made with simple techniques.

size: 16″

Materials for Polymer Clay Sugar Beads

  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Candy Pink Clay
  • Buttons Galore & More Clear Micro Beads
  • Swarovski Elements Round Crystal Beads: 8mm, 6mm, 4mm
  • Darice Gunmetal Findings Starter Kit in Caddy (kit contains string, jump rings, ear wire, crimp beads and clasp)

Basic Supplies for Polymer Clay Sugar Beads

paintbrush, toothpick, piercing needle


  • Polyform: Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Sculpey Glaze
  • Pasta machine or rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, oven
  • Circle cookie cutter
  • Needle-nose pliers, wire cutters

pink sugar beads clasp

Directions for Polymer Clay Sugar Beads

Polymer Clay Sugar Beads Necklace

  • 1. Condition clay on clean work surface. Use cookie cutter to cut clay into 59 circle shapes. For smallest balls, use two pieces; for medium balls, use three pieces; for large balls, use four pieces; and for extra-large center ball, use five pieces. (Note: Using cookie cutter allows you to create beads that are consistent in size.)
  • 2. Roll beads into spheres. Press piercing needle through one side of sphere and then through other.
  • 3. Use paintbrush to apply Translucent Liquid Sculpey onto beads. Place bead in micro beads and roll around, covering completely. Gently pat micro beads into place if needed. Once all clay beads are covered, position on parchment-lined baking sheet. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake clay beads in oven. Let cool.
  • 4. For 16” necklace, cut 35” string length; fold in half. Place string through crimp bead, add jump ring, then run string back through crimp bead and crimp in place. String crystals between faux sugar beads as you string necklace, using 8mm crystals around large and center beads, 6mm crystals around medium beads, and 4mm crystals around small beads.
  • 5. After last faux sugar bead, string crystals until desired length is achieved.
  • 6. Thread string end through crimp bead, add jump ring, then run string back through crimp bead and crimp in place. Open additional jump ring; add lobster claw clasp and secure to other jump ring. See Photo 1.
    pink polymer clay sugar beads earrings

    Polymer Clay Sugar Bead Earrings

  • 1. Using two leftover clay beads of the same size, make earrings by stringing the crystals and faux sugar beads onto eyepins.
  • 2. Form loop at end of eyepins and secure to ear wires.
  • Tip
  • 1. When applying micro beads on clay beads, work over a small paper plate. Roll clay beads in micro beads and then easily pour remaining micro beads back into bottle.

by Niki Meiners

DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier

Hot Cocoa Carrier Gift front recycled craft tutorial

DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier

size: 5-7/8”x5-7/8”

Materials for DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier

  • Recycled can
  • Cereal box or cardboard, 6”x13”
  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Ball, 3”
  • Polyform Sculpey III Orange Polymer Clay
  • Papers: cream/brown stripe, red/white stripe, greenery, music
  • Transparency sheet
  • Royal & Langnickel E-Z Rub On Winter Sentiments
  • Heavy-gauge craft wire, 5” length
  • Gems: jeweled brads, flourish sticker
  • Black pebble beads, 6/0
  • Metallic rope trim, 10” length

Assorted flowers and leavesHot Cocoa Carrier Gift back
DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier is a great thank you gift or a just because present.  You can use this concept for Valentines and change of the color scheme.

Basic Supplies for DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier

paper trimmer, detail scissors, ruler, pencil, paintbrush, foam brush, toothpick, straight pins


  • Sizzix Big Shot Pro Die-Cutting System and ScoreBoards XL Frame Die
  • Hand tools: wire cutters, jewelry pliers, heavy-duty hole punch, palette knife
  • Kitchen tools: oven, serrated knife, clay-dedicated baking sheet
  • DecoArt Paints: Snow-Tex; Americana Acrylics Dark Chocolate, Cherry Red, Antique White
  • Aleene’s Adhesives: Collage Pauge, Liquid Fusion, Tacky Line Rolls

Instructions for DIY Hot Cocoa Carrier

  • 1. Die cut cardboard frame. Paint scalloped piece brown and heart red; dry brush scalloped edges and tabs white. Let dry.
  • 2. Cut striped paper for frame front and music paper for back; decoupage to frame. Cut greenery paper square; adhere to center front of frame. Adhere scalloped piece over greenery paper; apply rub-ons to painted areas.
  • 3. Cut red/white paper to fit inside can; cut music paper to cover outside of can. Adhere papers with line adhesive.
  • 4. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to condition clay. Shape 1/2”x1” cone nose. Insert toothpick in base; bake and let cool.
  • 5. Hand-cut tiara shape from transparency; add gem flourish.
  • 6. Cut foam ball in half. Using palette knife, apply snow paint to rounded side of one half. Press tiara to head. Let dry.
  • 7. Dip pins in glue; pin bead eyes to face. Dip toothpick in glue; press nose to face.
  • 8. Punch two holes 1/4” apart in center of frame opening. Punch two holes 1/4” apart in top edge of can. Wire can to backside of frame; curl wire ends with pliers to secure.
  • 9. Insert gem brads in tabs. Adhere tabs, embellishments, heart, and snowman to frame. Punch holes in top edges of can; tie trim to holes for hanger.