Halloween brooches and a Giveaway

Halloween brooches

Halloween brooches are perfect for those of us who love to get in the haunting season early.  Check out this project made By Melony Bradley.  It is easy to make with left over stash.   Be sure to scroll to the bottom and find your chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Halloween brooches

Material and Tools for Halloween brooches:

  • Fabric and black wool felt scraps
  • Buttons Galore and More Buttons (flat backed)
  • Laser Cut Wood Bird Shapes
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Pin backs
  • Inkjet fabric sheets
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac
  • Tracing pencil (white), fabric marking pen, sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle, paintbrushes, computer and printer, scalloped edged scissors

Halloween brooches

Cut fabric shapes






To create your own Halloween brooches, use a circle and square template and the fabric marker to trace shapes measuring approximately 2 1/2″ to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the shapes with scissors.






Trace 3″ shapes onto the black wool felt with the white tracing pencil. Cut the circles and squares out with the smooth edged or scalloped edged scissors.


Pin the shapes together. Use the sewing machine and thread to sew the shapes together.


Stitch circles together
Now comes the fun part! Embellishing your Halloween Drink Stirrers. I used inkjet fabric sheet to print out various Halloween sentiments.



Cut the sentiments out and fork the ends, then glue them under a button sewn or glued to the center of the shapes.

Embellish with sentiment. As an option, machine stitch the edges of your fabric sentiment. Embellish the shapes for the Halloween Drink Stirrers with painted black laser cut bird shapes and more buttons.

Halloween brooches

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9 Great Easter Egg Ideas

Last year we featured a week long EGGstravaganza and I wanted to share those projects again.  The links below will take you to Easter Egg Crafts.  Browse through and enjoy the Easter Egg Crafts.  Hopefully they will inspire you to create some new Easter Decorations

These egg magnets are made using polymer clay, and have tiny clips on the back to hold artwork, lists, or photos in place.

egg shaped magnet clips made from polymer clay

Please click on the links to find more information on all of the fun Easter Egg Crafts

. http://365daysofcrafts.com/egg-craft-eggstravaganza/


Styrofoam Quilted Eggs



Needle Felted Sugar Eggs


Upcycled Easter Egg basket

Egg Craft Eggstravaganza-Easter Basket

Painted Wooden Eggs

Egg Craft Eggtravaganza – Wooden Egg Trio

Easter Scrapbook page Idea

Scrapbook Page Layout – “Egg”stremely Easter

Egg Shell Craft

Egg Craft – Eggstavaganza, Internet Inspiration

Faberge Eggs

Faux Faberge Eggs

Recycled Jar Easter Decoration

A Jar Full of Eggs – Egg Craft EGGstravaganza


Thanks for looking at the Easter Crafts we look forward to bringing you fresh and exciting  Spring crafts in the next few weeks.


Hand Dying with Indigo- Bird Themed Pillow

Hand dyed indigo pillow 2Indigo dying dates back to the ancient societies of Greece and Rome when India supplied this form of hand dying to the early Europeans. It is believed to be the oldest form of hand dying and arguably the most beautiful.

Jacquard’s Indigo Tie Dye kit comes with everything you will need to produce beautiful results. The one pound package is enough to dye 15 t-shirts and can be reserved by storing in a 5 gallon bucket with a tight fitting lid, easily found at many home improvement centers.

Indigo Dying KitSo it was with excitement that I set out to produce some hand dyed muslin to use in several projects one fun Saturday afternoon. The kit comes with the dying agent, packets of soda ash and thiox in addition to all the accessories you will need including latex gloves and items to help you produce various results such as wooden blocks and rubber bands. All I needed to gather was the 5 gallon bucket (of course, this would not fit into the kit), a small container for removing the flower (explained later) a shallow pan to store my dyed fabrics while oxidizing (explained later) and a mixing stick (I used a long 1″ thick round dowel I had on hand).

Folded fabric for dyingAfter reading the instructional booklet thoroughly, I decided to use the wooden blocks contained in the kit to accordion fold and bind some of my muslin. Rubber bands placed at various points on the fabrics promised to produce circular effects. Since I wanted to experiment with other effects, I randomly folded and bound two more pieces. The instructional booklet provided with the kit gives several ideas for using the rubber bands to produce unique effects, which is good for a beginner like me.

Hand dying resultsOf course showing you the final results is putting the process into fast forward. I found it a little nerve racking to try and photograph the process while wearing gloves and working with wet dye, especially since the dying vat needs to be protected from oxygen to work properly. So here are the highlights of the process, which, in retrospect was very simple.

1. Mix 4 gallons of warm water with the indigo agent in the bucket. Of course, using a large piece of plastic to protect the floor surface is essential unless working outdoors.

2. Mix the thiox and soda ash in hot water in a small container and let dissolve thoroughly.

3. Add the mixture to the vat slowly, taking care not to splash to much as you do not want to introduce too much oxygen to the vat. Let this mixture sit for an hour. A “flower” will form on the surface which will need to be removed. After removal, a yellow green mixture will be visible.

4. Place thoroughly wet fabrics into the vat, being careful not to splash, and making sure the fabrics do not sink to the bottom since residue forms there and can cause undesirable spots on the fabric.

5. Remove fabrics and place in a shallow pan to dry. They will appear yellow green. The air will cause them to oxidize and turn an indigo color.

Hand dying resultsI found the whole process to be fascinating. After I had rinsed and dried my fabrics, I set out to create a fun bird themed pillow.

Cut hand dyed fabricI used a rotary cutter and mat to cut four 9″ squares from my various patterns with the intention of producing a patchwork front. The back of the pillow was cut to the size of my pillow form, using a 1″ seam allowance.

Wool felt circleOnce I had the four pieces for the front sewed together, I fused a large wool felt circle to the center of the squares.

Sizzix bigshotUsing my Sizzix Bigshot Machine and favorite bird die, I cut out a bird from a piece of the indigo dyed muslin.

Hand dyed die cutI pinned the bird to the center of the circle and used the machine and a straight stitch to sew most of the bird, leaving a small area at the bottom open.

Pin on image

Sew on imageI lightly stuffed the bird with polyfil fiber for a three dimensional effect and sewed the bird closed.

Stuff imageThe rest of the process was nothing but fun, fun, fun as I embellished with free form stitching and a cute little stuffed wing.

Stuffed image on pillow

Embellishing imageI used Aleenes Fabric Fusion to adhere most of the fabric pieces to the pillow but Liquid Fusion for a little bird eye, made from a 6/0 pebble bead.

Hand dyed indigo pillow 2Once I had my pillow front and back sewn together, right sides in, I turned inside out, stuffed with a pillow form and whip stitched the bottom closed.

I have plenty of leftover fabric that I am going to use to create some summery accessories so stayed tuned!

Live Life Creatively,



The Ultimate Upcycled Boxes


Recycled Gift Boxes 1

Last year  All-star designers created projects with  Sizzix dies designed by Brenda PinnickEileen Hull and Karen Burniston. Each designer posted a project on their own blog using that week’s featured die. You’ll be able to hop around and view all the creations by using the back and forward button on the sizzix logo on our blogs. The Hop went for seven weeks, with a different die being featured every Thursday. To see a list of all the designers participating in the hop, click here.

This wonderful Beauty Blooms Die, designed by Brenda Pinnick   is one of the best layered flower dies I have worked with. I received some die cuts in white, so I immediately knew I wanted to add some sort of color and stamps to my flower pieces.

I decided to use recycled pet treat boxes, which I always seem to have plenty of, and make an inspiring gift box based on the twelve days of christmas carol. This year, my family has decided to go the way of the white elephant (gift exchange) and give gifts low in monetary value but high in meaning and entertainment. These boxes will be perfect to jazz up what I plan to give them. And they are so fun to create!

I started by taking the box apart carefully at the glued seams and laying flat on the work surface.

Recycled Gift Boxes 2
Since I love creating little windows and peeks, I used a Coluzzle knife to cut a rectangular shaped window from the front of my box, which I had already covered with patterned paper.

Recycled Gift Boxes 3
Recycled Gift Boxes 4
Needing a backing for the window, I used a recycled cereal box to cut the appropriate measurements and covered that with a patterned paper as well. To create dimension, I placed sticky foam dots, layered one on top of each other, in the corners. This will be placed behind the box front.

Recycled Gift Boxes 5
I used wool felt from National Nonwovens to cut a four using my Big Shot Machine and my Serif Essentials Numbers die set.

Recycled Gift Boxes 6
Since the theme of this gift box is “four calling birds,” I used Sizzix’s Bird in Cage die cut to cut four red wool felt birds. I glued these to the box using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.

Recycled Gift Boxes 7
I did trim the tails of the birds slightly and machine stitched in place using a loose free form pattern.

I used Staz on Jacquards Pearl Ex Pigment Stamp Pad in Black and  a scrip stamp fromHampton Arts to stamp text on the flowers.

Recycled Gift Boxes 8
I then used color washes made from acrylic paints to slighly add color to the flower petals.

Recycled Gift Boxes 9
The fun continues when you add color blocks for embellishing and color washes over the patterned papers to create depth and texture.

Recycled Gift Boxes 10
I used tiny alphabet stamps and black ink to stamp the sentiments in the color circles and to create a tag for the box. I also should add that I covered the entire box by measuring and cutting patterned paper pieces to fit. Adding papers to the inside of the box is a good idea as well. It makes the box extra sturdy and adds a little finished touch in case you want to display the box after removing the contents.

Recycled Gift Boxes 11
I layered the flower and added a jeweled brad for extra sparkle.Once you have finished embellishing your art box, re-assemble with strong adhesive tape, using the original seams. You may want to also dry brush the edges of the boxes to mask any original color that peeks through.

Recycled Gift Boxes 12
For the “partridge in a pear tree” box, I used Sizzix Bird with wing die and free hand cut a plum from the wool felt.

Recycled Gift Boxes 13
The addition of a scalloped cardstock top, dry brushed with acrylic paint, add a wood handle attached with wire completes these little fun mixed media creations.

No one would guess you started with throw away cardboard boxes!

Live Life Creatively,


3 Gift Box Ideas from Laughing Cow Cheese Containers

Poinsettia Gift Box - Laughing Cow Cheese

Poinsettia Gift Box - Laughing Cow Cheese

Below are 3 different gift box ideas.  I save the Laughing Cow and Presidente Cheese containers for crafting.  Anytime I can use recycled materials I do.  The fun shapes make these extra fun to create with.  I am sure you can come up with some great ones for your use too.  The first two boxes are painted with Jacquard Lumiere Paint and the 3rd one is covered with ink.

supplies for gift box ideas:

  • Laughing cow Cheese box
  • Colored cardstock – American Crafts
  • Die cuts from Spellbinders
  • Ink  and glitter is from  Clearsnap
  • Fonts are printed from Duetica font system
  • Jaquard Lumiere paint
New Duetica Woodwynds Font and Spellbinders dies on a Laughing Cow Cheese container

This gift boxes uses dies from Spellbinders and the new DT Woodwynd Font from Duetica

Dt Woodwynds Font from Duetica
Dt Woodwynds Font from Duetica

This box also uses the same font and sentiment.  I loved it so much that I have used it about a half a dozen times so far.



Cast a Scrabble Tile Necklace

Scrabble Tile Necklace
Scrabble Tile Necklace


DIY Polymer Clay Scrabble Tile Necklace

Last year I found a very old Scrabble game at a yardsale for $1.  I am a sucker for the dollar tables and boxes.  I bought the box with the intention of using the letter tiles to use in my crafting.  Last week when I was on my mold making binge, I decided to make some molds of the  Scrabble tiles so that I could reproduce them with clay.  This one is the first in my  set.  I made it for my friend Jen Goode.  She does so much to help me and is always willing to find out the answers to my questions if she cannot answer them herself.




Now if you want to make a necklace similar to this you will need:

Scrabble Tile

Amazing Mold Putty

Cernit Polymer Clay – White

Pinata Alcohol Ink

Fine Line Tee Juice Marker

Silver Pinch Bail by Cousin Corp.

Misc.  black beads and a silver chain.


Make a mold of the Scrabble tile.  Place a bit of clay in the mold and bake according to directions.  When it is cooled off apply alcohol  ink on the tile.  Then fill in the depression of the letter and the number with black marker.  Let dry.  Poke hole in tile and apply pinch bail.  Add it to the chain and embellish the chain as you desire.

Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay
Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay


To view other pieces of handmade jewelry click the link in the right column or the  links below.

Bold statement necklace

Beaded Book Mark

Sizzix Die Cut Jewelry Necklace

Wire Wrapped rings


For polymer clay creations click the links below.

Faux Ceramic Tiles

Polymer Clay Medallion






All Occasion Cards

Rain drops and red roses
Rain drops and red roses


Rain drops and red roses, and whiskers on kittens… you know how the song goes.  That is what this card reminds me of.  When I was  creating it, I wanted a card that could be sent to anyone at almost anytime.  Sometimes a card with no sentiment is needed.

For this card I actually combine two stamps from My Favorite Things Stamp company to form the person.  Normally headless and faceless stamps creep me out.  Since this one is hidden behind an umbrella I could use it.  But it bugged me that it have any legs.  That is when I decided to get really creative.  I used a flower to create the skirt and a give the card a little umph.  The coloring is sort of old school and done with my Koh I Noor pencils and a Dove Blender Pen.  I admire the use of Copic pens that is all the rage.

Make a fun fold card with Lumiere 3D Paint and Adhesive


Thanks! Lumiere 3D Paint and Adhesive

Making a card can be fun with different folding techniques.   For this card I used a fold that resembles a wallet.  I have also seen it called a gate fold and a fold-over card.  No matter what you call the fold it is pretty simple.  I generally use 12×12 cardstock.  I used a Sizzix die cut for this card.  To make a fold like this, cut a 5×12 strip.  Score the card at 4.5 inches from the left and 2 inches from the right.  Then fold both pieces in towards the center.   Fancy up the edge if you choose.  Add pattern paper.


To create the blue pearls I used Lumiere 3D Paint and Adhesive.  They add such a great shimmery effect.




Make a -Thank you Sew Much- card

Thank you Sew Much
Thank you Sew Much


When I saw this paper by Authentique, I thought it would make a great lay out about  learning to sew.  After I found the paper, I found Maya Road chipboard that had sewing machines, dress forms, scissors and a needle.  They were perfect together.  Once the layout was finished I decided to make a card.  I think I might be able to make a couple more since I have left over chipboard and a few small scraps of the pattern paper.

To print the sentiment on the ribbon I used Duetica.com font system.  I think I am  hooked on their fonts.  The chipboard was tan and I inked it up with chalk ink.

The cardstock is from WorldWin PaperMates collection.

Make an Upcycled Bulletin Board with Burlap Ribbon Roses


Burlap Bulletin Board
Burlap Bulletin Board










Make a Bulletin Board with Burlap.  This ultra chic, flea market fab bulletin board with burlap, Jacquard Lumiere Paint, and Crafters Workshop Stencils is easy to make.  This craft is inexpensive and can be created in an afternoon.  Use any fabric scraps you happen to have.  You don’t have to go purchase material.  That is the great thing about the shabby chic look – nothing has to be fancy just purposeful.

Materials for Bulletin Board with Burlap:

  • frame
  • spray paint
  • shimmery paint
  • paint brush
  • burlap
  • scissors
  • Hot Glue gun and Glue sticks

Instructions for for Bulletin Board with Burlap:

I started with a frame I picked up at Traders World flea market for a whole dollar.  You can use any farm that you can find.  I used Krylon Spray paint for the base coat.make sure you spray paint in a well ventilated area.  I enhanced the detail work on the frame with Lumiere paint and also used it to stencil.  Cover a foam board with burlap.  You can get the foam board at an office supply store or even at the dollar store.  Stencil the burlap and add Burlap Ribbon Roses and Burlap Poppies.  Ribbon rosettes are not difficult to make.  Cut strips of fabric and twist.  Then use the hot glue to adhere them.  Becareful with the hot glue.   Buttons Galore and More – Coconut Buttons were used in the center of the poppies.  This is a great earth day craft that you can display in your home.  I made this for earth day this past year.  Do you have any flea market finds that you have turned from trash to treasure?


Burlap Ribbon Roses and Burlap Poppies
Burlap Ribbon Roses and Burlap Poppies