Candy Cane Duck Tape Wreath

A Candy Cane Duck Tape Wreath By Anna

Candy Cane Inspired Duck Tape Wreath

A giant thank you to The Duck Brand for providing the awesome supplies used in these videos!   My mom had a great time working with them.  My mom recently moved in with us and I have been working hard at bringing her over to the crafty side.  It did not take much to drag her over as she loves to decorate, paint and put together rooms for her friends and coordinate outfits.  She has the creative flair but has never really “crafted”.  When my box of Duck Tape arrived she confiscated it and told me she had a crafty plan.  Naturally I encouraged her.  When she found out I need to do a Crafty Hang Out she was even more excited.  I let her do the video and she is ready to become a You Tube sensation.  LOL  I may have created a monster.  She has plans for more so stay tuned.  🙂

Watch the YOUTUBE Video for instructions 

Go to Crafty to see all the other awesome videos throughout the week.  They have  partnered up with Duck Tape this week for an awesome series of holiday crafting videos using Duck Tape! That’s right – we’re using Duck Tape for our Holiday crafting and did you know that it comes in more than just grey and it comes in sheets? For the holidays, we’re using red, green, and white Duck Tape. We’ve also decked the halls with silver Duck Tape and even Glitter Duck Tape!  And have you seen the fun patterned Duck Tape this year?  Check out our videos all week long, and you’ll be scouring your local craft stores for all this awesome Holiday Duck Tape goodness.

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