Button embellished napkin rings

button embellished napkin rings


I created these button embellished napkin rings as a post  for www.buttonsgalorenandmore.com and it did so well there, that I thought I would share it over here for you too.  It really is a simple button project that is very attractive.

Button embellished napkin rings

I am helping a friend plan and prepare for her wedding and all of the events surrounding it.  The project today is one of the napkin ring ideas I proposed to her.  It is simple enough that her kids can help, not expensive, and very pretty all at the same time.  She wants to go with shades of olive ( his favorite color), peach ( her favorite color, coral and turquoise (mine).  Not that my colors matter at all.  By adding shades of the four colors it helps to expand our options and stretches our budget even further.  By limiting the colors it allows us to many things that we already own.

To make the napkin rings I used scrapbooking paper that had all of her colors.  I buttons I used are Avacado and adhered with a glue dot.

 Directions to make button embellished napkin rings

Cut 1.5 inch strips

Add a glue dot to one end

Wrap around napkin

Add buttons with a glue dot and VIOLA!

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