Bookmarks made easy

A great project to do with the kids that can utilize their artwork and recycled items is bookmarks. They’re quick and easy to make and very low cost. You can create simple bookmarks just by cutting cardboard. At a minimum you need thin cardboard such as cereal boxes, scissors and markers or crayons. Or make elaborate bookmarks by including extra embellishments, your own painting or drawing, and other add-ons.

Easy handmade bookmarks by Jen Goode

I like to add eyelets, ribbons and rounded corners to all my bookmarks. However, you can create whatever look you like!

Bonus idea: This is also a fun project to make when talking about a specific book the kids are reading. Cut out the bookmark pieces and have your child draw a picture that goes along with whatever book is the current favorite.

For full instructions check out my making bookmarks tutorial.

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