Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher

Lizzie Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher

If you love horses and nature you will love this project – a beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher.  This project  was made by my intern for the day, Lizzie.  We recycled worn horse shoes into magical works of art.  Lizzie needed to intern at a job for the day as part of her summer homework and she chose me to spend the day with and learn how to make a DIY post for a craft website. Not only did she write the instructions, make her own project she did the photography too.  We even spent a little time learning how to edit images and add a watermark.  The first horseshoe was made by Lizzie and the second one was made by me.  I think hers is awesome.

Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher Niki

Materials need for Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher:

  • Horseshoe
  • Variety of beads and crystals
  • Invisible cording
  • Scissors
  • Crimp Pliers
  • Crimp beads
  • Bead mat or towelBeaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher close up

Instructions for Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher:

  1. Place horseshoe on bead mat with the back side up.
  2. Decide on a layout of the beads and crystals.  Place them in an order that is pleasing to you.  Three strands or 5 strands work best.
  3. Once you have decided on a layer of the beads you will need to string them on the cording.  Then place them on the horse shoe.
  4. Secure the ends of the cording by placing a crimp bead over both ends and slide into place.  Adjust the tightness of the bead according length desired. Use Pliers to squeeze the crimp bead firmly but not too firmly or you will break the bead.
  5. Use scissors to trim off excess cording.

horseshoe crafts
Now that you know how to make a beautiful Beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher you can make them for gifts or  for decorations for your own home.  If you are looking for horseshoes you can ask a near by horse farm for their old worn shoes.  Many will give them to you for free.  When I asked at the one near me that gave me a weird look and handed me 3 of the shoes.  Then I had to promise to send a picture of the completed piece.

horseshoe craft horse

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