Make S’more pops for a fun Valentine’s Day treat for the kids

S’more pops – Today I have a super tasty Valentine treat you will L-O-V-E! I have named them my S’more Pop Valentine and I have both the recipe and the tutorial showing you how I have made them. S’mores are awesome and anything on a stick is even better. Try your hand at S’more pops.

S’more pops supplies~

Supplies from Amazon (Affiliate links):

*I would get the wax paper and marshmallows from a grocery store.

Begin by melting the chocolate over a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler you can use a bowl over a small pot of gently simmering water as shown here!

While the chocolate starts to melt, grab some paper straws, the marshmallows and cracker crumbs. Put the graham cracker crumbs onto a small plate so that you can spread them out a bit.

Snip the straws in half and push each piece up into the point end of the marshmallow heart.

Paint the back side of the marshmallow using the fork you stirred the chocolate. Make sure you have a nice thick coat on there! Everyone loves the chocolate part of the classic S’more, right? 😀

Press the chocolate onto the surface of the cracker crumbs for a S’more pops crunch bit.

Make sure the entire surface of the melted chocolate is covered.Smores pops

Place the pop onto a plate covered with a bit of waxed paper and allow to cool & harden.

S'more pops

S'more pops for Valentine's day with recipe and tutorial

Repeat the steps for the rest of the S’more pops and allow them time to cool & the chocolate to harden.

Instructions for S’more pops labels~

While you are waiting for the chocolate to harden, print out a paper filled with “I like you S’more!” on it. Cut it into strips. Trim one end in a “V” as shown using very sharps scissors. Embellish each with a rhinestone.

Turn the strip over and apply Dot Glue Runner from where the rhinestone is up to the straight edge of the strip.

S'more pops

Adhere the strip about a half-inch below the bottom of the marshmallow, fold it over the straw, line it up and adhere it to the back side of the strip. Press it together well, all the way from the edge to the straw.


And there you have it! Another quick and simple Valentine’s Day project for you! Enjoy!

Create something everyday! K






Botanical leaf print trinket dish

Leaf Imprint Trinket Dish is a perfect way to bring botanical accents into your home for fall.  Do It Yourself Home Decor & Gift idea that you can make in an hour or two.  Use our free tutorial to make polymer clay jewelry dishes to give as gifts.  I promise they are really easy to make and Keri Lee show you how in 10 simple steps.  Affiliate links below.

The content below may have been sponsored, contain affiliate links or free items for use. Know that this will not sway the opinion no matter what. (Even though they may want to!) This costs you nothing and helps pay for this blog's overhead. Click Diclosures to learn more.Supplies for Trinket Dish:

TOOLS for Trinket Dish:

1. Condition and mix one block of Jewelry Gold clay with 1/2 block of Gold clay.

2. Use acrylic roller to roll out clay to approximately 1/4″ thickness.

3. Position 4-1/2″-diameter object on clay and use clay knife in 5-in-1 Clay Tool to cut around object. (Note: Examples include bowl, recycled CD, saucer, etc.) See Photo 3.

4. Position two natural leaves toward edge of clay round. Gently roll acrylic roller on leaves to impress outlines into clay. See Photo 4.

5. Use needle tool tip in 5-in-1 Clay Tool to carefully lift edge of leaf up off clay. See Photo 5. Gently pull leaves up and off clay entirely. See Photo 6.

6. Apply ball end on 5-in-1 Clay Tool to create decorative dimpled edge around edges of clay. See Photo 7.

7. Remove clay from work surface and gently position it in bottom of oven-proof, clay-dedicated bowl. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake clay in oven. See Photo 8.

8. Sand top edge of dish using fine-grit sandpaper then use buffing block to smooth edges.

9. Use foam brush to apply thick layer of Burnt Umber on leaf impressions. Remove excess from surface using paper towel. See Photo 10.

10. Apply additional paint to entire surface to antique and bring out edge details. Let dry. See Photo 11.


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Form Folding Jewelry

Whenever I find I am just mojoless or in a rut I usually end up teaching myself a new skill. Well, I stumbled upon an AWESOME metalsmithing technique called Fold Forming developed by Charlest Lewton – Brain in the 1980’s…I just found it this week  and fell in love it!! This site, Brain Press, has TONS of info if you’d like to see and understand how it’s done.

I decided to go find some copper to work on today. And here’s my first project. It’s not “Over the Top” amazing or anything but I love it! 🙂 I have a second project in the works and a plan to work on some Sterling Silver that I have in the studio either later tonight or early tomorrow morning…


This is the pendant before I applied a black patina. I like it but it was “too shiny” so I decided to add some contrast by using a black patina.

2-10-12 First Form Folded Piece Prior to Patina - Keri Lee Sereika


And here’s the same piece just after I applied a bit of black patina to the top surface. Pretty neat change isn’t it? I like how it really brought out the contrast in the textures on here.

2-10-12 First Form Folded Piece After Patina - Keri Lee Sereika


Now, I only have one style hammer so I can’t get all the textures I would like right now but as I start to build my tool inventory I will be interested to see how this changes the look of the pieces I am making. This pendant is approximately 1 1/2″ x 4″. My second project is more oval/round in style and just about the size of  the bottom of a muffin pan I would guess…I will be sure to post pics of that one once I get it done. 🙂 I am thinking that I may just start an Etsy store and sell these nifty things…my question is this, would you buy one? Would you wear one? Thoughts?


Handmade Paper Ornament the 4th day of the 12 days of Giveaways

A Pink Lemonade Tutorial: Step By Step of how to make the Very Vintage Spherical Ornament

Good Morning!!! I am back today  to show you the step by step on how I made my Very Vintage Spherical Ornament.

01 First Set of Supplies Needed - Keri Lee Sereika

1 – First you will need the stamps you wish to work with(I am using Angelic by Layers Of Color), a good ink pad (I am using Tsukineko’s Olympia GreenVersaFine because it really lends to crisp images & dries quickly), and a piece of cardstock that is 6″x12″


02 Stamp Largest Image First - Keri Lee Sereika

2 – Stamp with the largest stamp you are going to use first.

03 Fill in with smaller images - Keri Lee Sereika

3 – Fill in any bare spots using a smaller image in the set.

04 Cut into 1 inch Strips - Keri Lee Sereika

4 – Cut the entire stamped panel into 1″x6″ strips

05 Second Set of Supplies Needed - Keri Lee Sereika

5 – Next you will need an ink sweeper& Brilliance ink  in Chocolate

06 Sponge Edges of each Strip - Keri Lee Sereika

6 – Begin to sponge all edges of the stamped side of each strip.


07 Sponge Edges of back of each Strip - Keri Lee Sereika

7 – Flip the strips over and apply a bit of color to the blank side of each strip.


08 Sponge Color Onto Angel's Twine - Keri Lee Sereika

8 – Before putting the ink and ink sweeper away, sponge some ink onto Layers Of Color new Angel Twine to give it a vintage look.

09 Punch Holes In Top & Bottom of Strips One Half Inch From End - Keri Lee Sereika

9 – Punch a hole about 1/2″ in from each end.


10 Thread End of Twine through eye of Large Embroidery Needle and Tie On Crystal to end of Twine - Keri Lee Sereika

10 – Thread the altered Angel’s Twine through the eye of a large embroidery needle. Tie the crystal to the end of the twine.


11 Thread Neeedle through Entire Stack of Stamped Strips, going from The Stamped Side To The Blank Side - Keri Lee Sereika

11 – Place the needle through the entire stack of strips going from the stamped side to the blank side, this will be the bottom of your ornament.

12 Thread needle through holes at top end of strips going from the blank side to the stamped side - Keri Lee Sereika

12 – Place the needle through the entire stack of strips going from the blank side to the stamped side, this will be the top of your ornament.


13 Pull the strips to a U shape and tie a length of Organdy ribbon through a knot at the top of the ornament - Keri Lee Sereika

13 – Pull the strips into a “U” shape and tie a length of wide organdy ribbon through a knot at the top of the ornament.


14 Tie a loop at the top of the twine - Keri Lee Sereika

14 – Tie the twine into a loop at the top of the ornament, making the knot as close as possible to the ribbon knot.


15 Tie ribbon into a full bow - Keri Lee Sereika

15 –  Tie the length of ribbon into a full pretty bow.


16 Use Heat Tool To Heat and Crumple Ribbon - Keri Lee Sereika

16 – Carefully heat the ribbon to create more of the aged vintage feel. WARNING: The heat tool is extremely HOT so becareful not to over heat and melt the ribbon or to catch it on fire. Go in small short applications of heat and pull the tool away as soon as you see the ribbon begin to crumple.


17 Heated vs Not Heated Ribbon Edges - Keri Lee Sereika

17 – Here you can see the difference in the two ribbon tails. The left has been heated, the right has not.


18 Finish Heating Ribbon Tails and Bow - Keri Lee Sereika

18 – Finish heating the second ribbon tail as well as the bow EVER SO SLIGHTLY to create the final effect.


19 Fan out Strips To Create Sphere - Keri Lee Sereika

19 – Begin to fan out the strips to create the spherical look of this paper strip ornament.

paper ornament

TADA!!! The finished project. I certainly hope you have enjoyed today’s tutorial!   Leave a comment below to win todays giveaway!!


Stamps: Layers of Color – Angelic
Inks: Tsukineko – Imperial Green VeraFine, Chocolate Brilliance
Embellishments: Chandelier Crystal, Angel Twine (Layers of Color) & 5/8th wide Organdy Ribbon

Shabby Chic Polymer Clay Frame for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas Day 3 – Polymer Clay Giveaway

For my handmade gift I really wanted a “year round useful” type of gift….so I thought, “Why not do up a quick and easy photo frame!”  For the base of my project I used a dollar frame that I bought at the local craft store…I often stock up on two or three different sizes and styles when I see they are in stock so I have them on hand for projects just such as this! I used less than a block of Sculpey Oven Bake Clay to cover the top surface of the frame, then I stamped right into the clay using  two FABULOUS stamps by Inky Antics: Retro Dot Wallpaper & Retro Dot Background  which you can find ON THIS PAGE.

After the frame was then baked and cooled, I applied a quick splash of Deco Art Acrylic Craft Paint in Buttermilk, allowed that to dry and then lightly sanded to distress the surface and bring out the details.  I hot melt glued on just a touch of ribbon to both sides and then tied a sheer double loop bow using the Bow Easy (also available through Inky Antics!) for embellishment.


11-16-11 Inky Antics Gift Blog Hop - Inky Meet Pottery Barn - Keri Lee Sereika

Creating handmade gifts can be both cost effective and very personal.  All in all I have less than four dollars into this gift…and if I were to make more the price per gift goes down because I really used a very small amount of the bottle of paint! A VERY AFFORDABLE gift that you could easily recreate in any color scheme/style you like. I personally love the shabby/country look….and this frame isn’t going anywhere…I am keeping it, as a gift to myself! LOL


The 12 days of Christmas Day 3 – Polymer Clay Giveaway  leave a comment on this post.


Yesterdays winner is Debra Rosemarino.


Santa Christmas Card

I have a card here to share that I just LOVE! I used a sketch by Tami Mayberry as my inspiration and then used all my fun goodies that I purchased online.
Anyway, here is the Inkadinkadoo Father Christmas stamp and Webster’s Pages papers I bought from  ….(sorry but I think that the stamp is from 2008 and is most likely old out of stock.  So keep your eyes open for for a stamp similar.  🙂 )

Show your Heartfelt Thanks with a card

Working hard….today I am grateful that I have the ability to work hard. That my limbs work and that my mind is sharp (okay, so perhaps not “sharp” but “working well” can still apply, right? LOL) I have been hard at work for weeks wrapping up an ongoing project that I am almost done with and today was a majorly long hard day…and though my muscles ache and my eyes are sore from shooting hundreds of step out photos, I am thankful that I have muscles that ache only because I over worked them and eyes that are sore because I have using them to SEE…Thank you Lord for the things I so often forget to say THANK YOU for.


This card is from a few week’s back on CPS. If you are ever looking for a good “jumping off point” you really should play along with CPS and the weekly card sketch we have! Enjoy!


9-26-11 CPS239 Want2Scrap - Heartfelt Thanks - Keri Lee Sereika



Stamps: Impression Obsession – Thanks Sentiments
Ink: Tsukineko – VersaFine Vintage Sepia
Copic Markers & ABS – E57, E35
Dies: Spellbinders – Labels Eighteen
Pearl Heart & Pearls: Want2Scrap – Scallop Heart & Beaded Square, White Pearl (Altered with Copic ABS)
Cardstock: Bazzill Basics
Patterned Paper: Graphic 45
Embellishments: Ribbon Rosette(handmade) & Ribbons

Keep Swimming

Last week I was honored to be a part of the “Swimming for Katie” blog hop. I used the sweet little octopus image and created this fun card. I love that it’s a versatile image that can be a masculine or feminine card once you are done! 🙂 Enjoy!~

9-28-11 Keep Swimming Blog Hop - Keri Lee Sereika


9-28-11 Copics Used for Kate's Card - Keri Lee Sereika

Supplies Used:
Octi Image & Printer
Cardstock: Paper Bag Kraft, Vanilla, Deep Blue, Kiwi Green
Patterned Paper: My Mind’s Eye – Lime Twist: Out of the Blue
Dies: Spellbinders – Labels Three
Markers: Copic & Copic ABS – BG72, YG0000, YG00, YG03, YG63, Y21, BG0000
Glitter: Art Institute Glitter – Sassy PeeWee Kit
Twine: The Twinery – Denim & Stone
Pearls: Queen & Co – Ivory
Embellishments: Green Silk Ribbon, Stitched Navy Blue Ribbon, Button Thread (The Cat’s Pajamas), Red Button
Tools: Bow Easy


Super Simple Card Yet Full of Fun & Style – By Keri Lee Sereika


Last week I participated in a few hops and this card is one I did for the Operation Julie’s Smile Blog Hop. I love how simple this card is, yet I feel it’s super fun and effective. You notice the butterflies, you notice the scorelines and piercing and best of all, it took very little time to actually make. (Designing took more time than actually MAKING the entire card! LOL ) And now that I have this one done I am going to use this as a template and switch up the images and sentiment and see where it takes me! Enjoy!


9-29-11 OJS Blog Hop Card - Smile Laugh Giggle - Keri Lee Sereika


Cardstock: Kraft
Patterned Paper: My Mind’s Eye – Stell Rose: Hazel 6×6 Pad
Stamps: Hero Arts – Anytime Messages
Ink: Tsukineko – Memento Dye Ink – Tuxedo Black
Dies: The Cat’s Pajamas – Mini Exotic Butterflies
Tools: Scor-Pal Scoring Tool; Paper Piercer
Embellishments: Dark Pink Crystal Gems

Get Sketchy: Another Card Positioning Systems Card Sketch

This week’s sketch is WAY TOO MUCH FUN over at CPS. And the sponsor?? You’ll think they are “The Cat’s Pajamas!” *wink*

I am on vacation this week. We are spending the week at a peaceful lake in central FL. The weather is to die for and I have to say, I needed this break…I thought about showing you a pic but thought…will they be too jealous?? Perhaps I will share on tomorrow… 😉 Here’s my card for this week’s sketch! Please play along with us! We love to see how YOU interpret the sketches!


9-28-11 CPS238 The Cat's Pajamas - Wherever You Go - Keri Lee Sereika


9-28-11 CPS238 The Cat's Pajamas - Copics Used - Keri Lee Sereika


Stamps: The Cat’s Pajamas Clearly Swanky Stamps – Up, Up & Away, Cut Ups – Mini Exotic Butterflies Die

Inks: Tsukineko – Memento: Tuxedo Black; VersaFine: Vintage Sepia, sponge dauber to do edges

Markers: Copic – YR21, Y38, YG95, YG63, BG0000, BG09, BG72, W3, 0

Cardstock: Brown, Blue, White
Patterned Papers: My Mind’s Eye – Stella Rose: Hazel 6×6 Paper Pad

Dies: Spellbinders – Double Ended Tags

Glitter: Art Institute Glitter – Sassy PeeWee Kit
Embellishments: Gem(colored with Copics to match), Brads