Make a Bracelet with Repurpose Earrings

Upcycle earrings to make a cool dangle bracelet

Here’s a quick little jewelry makeover. I found some earrings at Kohls a while back on the clearance rack. They were marked down because some of the metal dangle beads were missing on one earring. No biggie! Dangle bracelets are so much coolers, so I tore the earrings apart and made a whole new piece of jewelry. The coolest part was I made it while sitting in the car on a road trip… yeah, I carry pliers in my purse, are you gonna make fun?

Upcycled bangle earings to a bangle braceleteUpcycled dangle earings to a bangle bracelete

I added different beads I already had on hand using small jump rings. I made the bass of the bracelet as well as the twisting look with simple metal jewelry wire. You could go crazy and get yourself some genuine silver metal wire for this, but I’m a thrifty gal and prefer not to spend all my cash on my accessories (have you seen me regularly? I’m lucky is I brush my hair!)

clearance item earrings that need some loveclearance item earrings that need some love

See that price tag? 80% off… crazy what you can find on the clearance rack when you don’t have the kids asking for toys! I’m not really a fan of the earrings, are you? The diamond/crystals are a bit much for my low frill taste.

Making a a bracelete with recycled jewelry pieces and partsMaking a bracelet with recycled jewelry pieces and parts

You can add some neat accents to pieces just by twisting wire and adding some pretty beads. if you want to learn how to make jewelry, or even fix your own jewelry, I suggest you play with wire. Get yourself 2 pairs of smooth jewelry pliers and read up on making eye hooks… that will head you in a good direction to start.

9 fun snowflake crafts for kids


make snowflakes

Christmas is over and the kids still need entertaining.  What better to do than a craft project?  It is still winter so why not make some snowflakes?  Snowflakes inspire fantastic craft and art projects. You can make a snowflake out of just about anything with enough imagination. Create snowflakes from paper, glitter or paint a picture. You can make some beautiful winter art projects featuring snowflakes as well. Here are some great project ideas you can try with your preschooler to make all kinds of snowflakes:

snowflake craftSnowflake craft from
crystall snowflakesCrystal snowflakes from Craftown
noodle snowflakeNoodle snowflake from
homemade snowflake ornamentSnowflake ornament from
Sparkle snowflakeSparkle snowflake from crayola
SnowflakeprintsSnowflake prints from
Make a snowflakeSnowflake from Crafts for all seasons
Bead snowflakeBead snowflake from
Cut a snowflakeCut snowflakes from Science Project Ideas for kids

Kids Crafts with Marshmallows

Make a marshmallow snowman


Marshmallow snowmen

Make a cute marshmallow snowman with your preschooler. This is an easy to make winter craft using just a few supplies but a whole lot of fun. You can add your own extras, glue on added embellishments or even paint with watercolors  or color with markers. This craft is not ment to be eaten.

You will need:
  • large marshmallows
  • toothpicks
  • cupcake sprinkles
  • paintbrush
  • small cup of water
How to make marshmallow snowmen:
  1. Carefully push a toothpick into one marshmallow, do not push through the bottom of the marshmallow. This is your bottom piece of the snowman.
  2. Stack additional marshmallows on top, again pushing on to the toothpick.
  3. To add eyes, mouth and other accents, apply a small amount of water to the marshmallows using the paintbrush. The press cupcake sprinkles to wet area. Let dry.
  4. Add arms by breaking toothpicks and pushing through the marshmallows.
  5. If you’d like to add more color, leave the snowmen on the counter to harden over night and then paint with watercolors or color with markers.
  6. You can glue on additional accents easily once the marshmallows are slightly hard.

Snowman Shadow box

Making a snowman shadow box

Happy snowmen by Jen Goode

Here’s a cute project that is perfect for after the holidays.  This is a fun project to make while the kids are out of school and need a little entertaining.  With snowy weather all around and the holiday’s almost over, I thought it would be a good idea to bring some happiness to the crazy cold.. warm things up a big with a grin or two and get ready for the festivities of New Years Eve.  I’ve been loving the light blue and deep red color trend I’ve seen floating around so I wanted to incorporate that look as well.

snowman love design by Jen Goode
snowman love design by Jen Goode

This week I’m using Eileen Hull’s Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro Die – Frame & Frame Back w/Stand. There are a ton of different pieces with this particular die, however I chose to use only a few for this project. The inspiration for the scene is my own snowman illustration which I recreated using various paper shapes tinted with craft chalk.

Other supplies: Hot glue, Mod Podge, snowflake stamp, mini alpha-stamps, a crop-a-dile, yarn, ribbon, MARVY paint markers, DecoArt twinkles glitter paint and iridescent deco flakes.

You can also buy some cute snowmen gifts, t-shirts and more featuring the original snowmen design.

Handmade Ornaments

Two pretty Christmas ornaments made from a little paper, a lot of color layers and really versatile Sizzix die designed by Brenda Pinnick. The die itself can be used in so many different ways, and since I’m continuing on in my holiday spirit mode, I thought ornaments would make a great addition to our Christmas tree.

When I was little, making Christmas ornaments was always a favorite thing to do. Now, things seem to get so busy we don’t stop to make much of anything just because anymore. Today I wanted to change that… we need a Christmas ornament making day!

I started out with a completely different vision, but let the project dictate where it wanted to go. I combined marker coloring, DecoArt metallic paint and embossing powder in various layers to create an aged, vintage feel to these paper ornaments.I finished off the ornament concept by using some Beadalon ColourCraft wire to twist into decorative hooks and hangers attached to the top of each ornament.

Christmas ornamentChristmas ornament by Jen Goode

This design is layered using a painted packing foam and then covered in a gold satin ribbon. The star on the tree is covered in gold glitter paint I found at the Dollar tree. The decorative edging was created with a paper punch and the little red dots on the tree are red seed beads glued into place. I finished off the look with a brown raffia bow.  To get the aged look with the metallic paints, simply apply with a dry brush.

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament with buttonsChristmas ornament with buttons by Jen Goode

This piece is made with two interlocking pieces of cardstock which I painted with a bronze metallic paint. ( I LOVE these DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint!). I have a whole jar of the fun brown buttons, and I keep seeing ornaments made with buttons so I thought now would be a good time to try the look. They are simply glued in place. I think it would be nice to add a hint of thread every now and then if I were to make this design again. The red ribbon in the center is raffia.

Button Christmas ornament

Make your own fabulous creation with one of the many terrific products from Sizzix!

Great Gift box idea


I am jumping on board with another blog hop with Sizzix and some amazing designers. This week’s project uses the Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro 3-D house die by Eileen Hull. It’s an adorable little house that comes complete with a wide array of accessories and add-ons. I decided to make a candy box, and since the holidays are so close, a Christmas theme is surely in order.Plus, no one hands out peppermints for Halloween, so this was a good excuse to go buy some.

3-d sizzix house die by eileen hull

I have to say, my favorite part about this die are the tiny window frames. Ever since I was little and had a set of LEGOS with the little windows with shutters… I’ve been hooked on tiny windows.

I chose to modify the mat board pieces and parts and replace the main house body with a clear plastic so you can see the candy inside the box. The plastic tends to bow a bit when the box is filled so I also added trim to the front and back of the roof to create a lid, holding the plastic box in place.

3D house die from Eileen Hull and Sizzix, decor by Jen Goode

Interesting tid-bit: I couldn’t find card stock thick sheets of plastic so I ended up purchasing a clear plastic Halloween paint can and took it apart for this project.  My original idea was to use enamel and hand paint some decor around the bottom of the box, however the paint can had Halloween decor printed on it, so I had to use the noggin to come up with design that covered the pre-printed plastic.


Supplies I used for this project:


9 kids candy cane crafts and a free template

candy-cane crafts

Candy canes are a favorite Christmas and wintertime treat around my house and not just for the kids.  My kids love to eat them and even craft with them.  We don’t limit ourselves to just the red and white canes.  The Starburst canes are our favorite and you can find them in most local big box stores.  We like to make crafts, decor and gifts from candy canes for the holiday season. You can find all types of color combos for candy canes now, so you are not limited to the classic red and white.  Plus if you craft with them you can save yourself a few calories.  Who am I kidding?  I like to stir my hot Chocolate with the candy canes. Click on the images below to find directions for each of the projects.  You’ll find some fun candy cane craft ideas you can do with your preschooler… adding a little extra holiday cheer with every sweet idea!

Free candy cane craft template

The template is free for you to use in your candy cane crafts. It is the perfect size printable to pass out to the kids.  They can color with crayons, glue on colored paper, paint it or anything else you can think of.  Best part about it it the template is free and you can print as many as you need.  You can try all kind of crafting techniques.  Color it or glue on it… make all kinds of fun candy cane projects with it.  To make the crafts even more fun you can snack on them while you are making the crafts or you can try my White Chocolate peppermint rice crispy treats.  Have the kids help you crush the candy canes.  There recipe is quick and easy plus it tastes great.

white chic cheesecake plate


Make hand painted buttons

You can create your own hand painted style buttons using just a few supplies and your doodle skills. Don’t tell me you can’t doodle… everyone can make a line or circle or little dab with the right marker. I recently received samples of Start-Up blank shapes from ButtonsGalore.comand a selection of Marvy Uchida’s new Le Plume Permanent markers. I love both products and am excited to show you how they can work together to create these neat faux hand painted buttons.

Faux Hand Painted buttons by Jen GoodeFaux Hand Painted buttons by Jen Goode

Sometimes drawing or doodling can be a much easier task than painting. So combing these products is a great option if you are looking for adding your own personal touch without having to be a brilliant painter – especially on such a tiny surface. The Start-Ups are simply blank plastic shapes with pre-made holes so once decorated you can stitch them on to your craft or sewing projects. These shapes are designed to be colored, stamped, painted and dyed. Marvy Uchida Le Plume alcohol based markers are a fantastic drawing tool for users of all skill level. The colors blend really well on a variety of materials and the ink, once dry, is permanent.

Creating a faux hand painted look is easy with the Le Plume Permanent markers, try them out on different surfaces and let me know what you think! The Start-Ups come a wide variety of shapes from standard rectangles to specialty holiday designs.

Faux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen GoodeFaux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen Goode

I created a button and bead embellished headband using these faux hand painted buttons.Read the tutorial to make your own pretty little headband.

Decorative Plaque Redo

I’ve had these hook plaques for months that I found at Hobby Lobby in the clearance aisle. So when I received a big box from Plaid full of the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils I knew exactly which project to start with. I’m so excited to share this project with you! These products are easy to use and the tools are fun to use.

Plaque and hook makeoverPlaque and hook makeover

The plaques I started with are really nice. I love the art style and the look, but they don’t really go with anything in my house. I managed to grab them for about $2 each!

Plaque hooks before the makeoverPlaque hooks before the makeover

The box Plaid sent me full of supplies includes a wide array of things. For this project I used a handful of paint colors in different finishes and one set of stencils along with the mini sponge rollers and dabbing tops.

Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencilsMartha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils

Start by preparing by using painters tape to block off areas you don’t want to paint. I ended up applying 2 coats of paint to cover the pre-printed art on the original plaque.

Steps to paintingSteps to painting

I wanted to create a border using a different color of paint, so after the lavender color dried I applied more tape. I used an exacto knife to trim and create a clean edge.

Prepare for painting with painters tapePrepare for painting with painters tape

The paints I chose were all different finish types; matte, high gloss, perle and glitter. I love the way the perle covers. It’s a nice translucent shine with a bit of sparkle. I used a fine tip paint brush to add extra accents and in some cases applied layers of colors, letting the paint dry between coats.
To create the rest of the look, I started by hand drawing the words with a black Sharpie. I then used my tiny paint brush to create accents around the words, add touches of glitter and color the edges.

Plaque painting detailsPlaque painting details

You can finish the piece off with some clear varnish for an extra coating of protection if you’d like.
Material list:

  • Item to make over
  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint, stencils, mini sponge roller and dabbing tops
  • Small tipped paint brush

Here’s a video showing a little more of how I created this pretty look with my plaque make-over.


Have you tried the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils? The product line is available at Micheal’s Craft stores. I’d love to hear what creative fun you are having!


DIY Styrofoam Pumpkins

Make Styrofoam Pumpkins.  I love little Halloween decorations. I’m not into the scary seasonal fun, but more on the cute and happy trick-or-treating side of things. So I decided to make my own mini Jack-o-lanterns to start off the decorating season. Here I’ll show you how to make your own Styrofoam jack-o-lanterns… if you’d like to make larger pumpkins, just start with a larger Styrofoam ball.

Hand made Styrofoam Pumpkins

Cute and tiny Jack-o-Lantern

Jack-o-lantern lid is removeable

Materials you need to make a Styrofoam jack-o-lantern:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Orange, un-coated tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Small craft knife
  • Black Sharpie marker

How to make a Styrofoam Pumpkins:

  1. Flatten the bottom of the ball by pressing the Styrofoam on to a hard surface.
  2. Cut a small portion of the ball off the top. This will be the lid to your jack-o-lantern.
  3. Using your craft knife, cut out the middle of the Styrofoam ball as if you were scooping out the middle of a pumpkin. I used a spoon to help with this.
  4. Decoupage each piece using Mod Podge and orange tissue paper. Set aside to dryI recommend un-coated tissue because it seems to work better for me.
  5. Using some kind of sharp pointer (I used a scratch awl), create the creases in the sides of the lid and base to give the ball a pumpkin look. Do not puncture the tissue and Styrofoam, but rather, press firmly to create the dents in the Styrofoam.
  6. Using floral wire, make a stem and press into the lid.
  7. Using the black Sharpe, draw a face on the pumpkin to create the jack-o-lantern.

You could leave off the face drawing and have yourself some super cute little pumpkins for the entire fall season! You can use a small battery operated tea light to add an extra accent to your Jack-o-lantern… the light will shine through the Styrofoam nicely!

Carve the ball so it looks like a bowl


Decoupage the Styrofoam pieces

Add dents by pressing into the tissue and Styrofoam

Mini Jack-Lantern happiness for Halloween

Here’s a video to help you see a little more about making these cute Styrofoam jack-o-lanterns…

I think these pumpkins would make create Halloween party favorites. If you leave off the face you could use them as Thanksgiving table place holders or center pieces. I’d love to see what fun you create… tell me about it in the comments below.

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