Hand Print Silhouette Wall-hanging


hand print Silhouette Wall-hanging


embroidery hand print - mothers day or fathers day gift idea
I made these a few years ago as a birthday gift for my mother after seeing something similar on tumblr. I loved the idea of capturing my children’s hand prints without the mess of plaster of paris (tried that!) or paint (also done that!) or even ink (did that too!) It also married my love of embroidery with my love for embroidery hoop wall hangings.  It’s an exceptionally simple craft!The content below may have been sponsored, contain affiliate links or free items for use. Know that this will not sway the opinion no matter what. (Even though they may want to!) This costs you nothing and helps pay for this blog's overhead. Click Diclosures to learn more.

Supplies for hand print Silhouette Wall-hanging:

1. Determine embroidery hoop size. I used 2 5-inch hoops for my girls and my oldest daughter’s hand just barely fit. Now I would need 1 5-inch and 1 8-inch.

2. Cut out a square of fabric 1 1/2 inches larger than the size of your hoop. Trace around child’s hand with a water soluble pen.  You could also include child’s name and the year if you like. I waited until my (then) 18 month old was napping to trace her hand, it helped immensely! 🙂

3. Place fabric in embroidery hoop. With a back stitch, stitch around hand print and name and date with 3 strands of embroidery floss in your desired color.

4. Take fabric out of hoop. Spray lightly with water to remove water soluble pen marks, press lightly on back side of fabric with low heat iron.

5. Take embroidery hoop and trace the inside hoop on a piece of white cardstock, cut out traced circle with scissors. (This will make your piece look “clean” without the stitching in the back showing through or any wall color. I also like to include the child’s name, age, and the date on the edge of the paper circle.) Place fabric back in hoop and then fit cardstock circle into hoop, pressing gently to back of fabric, trimming as needed to get a snug fit.

6. Trim around fabric, leaving about half of an inch. Sew large running stitches around outer edge of fabric with white thread and pull to gather excess in back. Keep taught and knot thread.  You’re done!

Dream pillow

Dream Pillow


Sweet Dreams

This sweet pillow was a special order for a friend who was expecting her 1st baby, a sweet little boy named Graham. She worked so hard to make his nursery super sweet with homemade touches through out and wanted a pillow for his rocking chair. She mailed me the leftover fabric scraps from her projects and asked for the word “dream.”  And this was what I came up with.

It’s such a delight knowing friends from across the US have handmade items in their baby’s rooms, made by me. We may have never met face to face or gotten to hold each others little ones but love and prayers and blessings have been shared across the miles.

back of dream pillow

Pleated linen purse

Pleated linen purse

Pleated linen purse


This was a special order through my etsy shop. The customer had requested yellow linen, pleats, and a black and yellow lining. I had seen a collection of fabrics in black, yellow, and white at the local quilt store and was eager to use it for something. It seemed like the perfect choice.

pleat and bow detail

I loved how it all came together and was very sad to tuck this beauty into a box for shipping, but I think her new owner was quite pleased to finally receive her.

interior detail

Matryoshka patchwork pillow

Matryoshka patchwork pillow

Matryoshka patchwork pillow

A friend of mine sent me a couple of these iron-on matryoshka patches from Australia as a gift. They sat around on my sewing table for months while I waited for inspiration. Eventually, while digging through my bag of scrape fabric I found the multi-colored stripe fabric and I decide to make a throw pillow for my daughters bedroom. It turned out very sweet and goes perfectly with her little collection of hand-painted matryoshkas. I used some of my vintage button stash to make the closure on the back. It’s one of my favorite parts since the applique is from a dear friend and the buttons are from my great-grandmother’s collection.

button back


Ric Rac baby quilt

Ric Rac quilt, the front

Ric rac baby quilt


This quilt was inspired by one I had seen while perusing blogs one day. When I clicked on the link I was terribly disappointed to discover that it was a “mini” quilt (doll sized) but after studying it a bit longer I decided that I could probably make something similar in a much larger size. Out came the design notebook, ruler, and colored pencils. A little sketching and math calculations later and I had all I needed. The finished result turned out exactly like I had envisioned. I love it when that happens!

This quilt was made for a friend’s little boy, but I can’t wait to make another one for my own sweet son too.

patchwork back

Make a Word Banner that is “Cute as a Button”

“Cute as a Button” word banner


Cute as a Button word banner


This is a word banner that I made for a baby shower that I hosted for a friend. Word banners are a quick and easy decoration for holidays and events. I have several for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, and this shower one. We make them as gifts for friends, using their name or short words in small fonts to tie onto our Christmas tree.


Word Banner detail

How to:

1. Decide what you want your word banner to say, chose a font you love, type up the words and enlarge to your desired size (somewhere in the 500%-700% range generally), print letters out on cardstock.

2. Cut out letters carefully to use as templates.

3. Arrange your papers and trace each letter template on the back. It’s important make sure the letters are facing backwards on the wrong side of your paper, so that when you flip it over onto the right side you have your letter going in the right direction.

4. Cut out your letters, then punch holes to hang.  String your ribbon or twine through or use little clothes pins to attach it.

5. Hang on a mantle, over a window, pinned to the front of a table, on a wreath, or any blank space of wall to add some cheer or festive spirit.

Word Banner added to a wreath

You can see the rest of the shower details here.

Play Dough Party Favors

Play Dough Party Favors


What would a birthday party be without fun party favors? Instead of the usual plastic trinkets and candy often passed out my daughter and I decided on a little something handmade to give out at the end of her party.

We made kool-aid play dough, divided each recipe into 1/4ths, packaged it up in little 4oz. gladware containers, wrapped in strips of cute papers and a hand written label on the top. Easy, fast, and so fun! And I’ve heard from several friends that their kids love it too!

play dough party favors

recipe here

labels here


Make Spring Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Topper Ideas

cupcake toppers

We love to throw a party around this house and my 8 year old daughter is no exception. When her birthday rolls around each year, she’s full to the brim and overflowing with ideas. Thankfully she’s old enough now to help carry out some of her party planning details. 🙂

This year we decided to throw a “Spring Fling birthday picnic” and for the cake and cupcake decorations we made butterfly picks.  It couldn’t have been more simple. I set her down with some pretty papers we  chose , a butterfly punch, toothpicks, medium wooden skewers, and double sided tape. While I baked cake, she punched, and while the cakes cooled we taped.

After everything was frosted and assembled, she topped all the cupcakes and I did the cake. They turned out just as cute as we had hoped.

the birthday cake