Aqua, Brown,White and Silver Crochet Bracelet with Epiphany Shape Studio

Epiphany Crafts stamped pendants
Epiphany Crafts stamped pendantsZ

Wire Crochet Bracelet

This crochet silver wire technique is moderately easy to make in an evening.  After stamping the inserts for the charms, you can easily crochet while watching your favorite tv show.  I used various shades of aqua and greens for the beads and then stamped the images in a brown ink and colored in the images with an aqua color.  I then used the Epiphany Shape Studio 14 round and also the 14 round domes and charms


Materials and directions

One spool of copper 28 gauge wire

Copper foil tape (used in Soldering)

Assorted beads —40 for a single strand choker, 20 for single strand bracelet. ( 100 for necklace and 50 for bracelet.)

Metal crochet hook, size G.

Wire cutters and needle-nose pliers

Findings: jumprings ,clasp, wire hooks (Epiphany Shape Studio 14 round, 14 round domes and charms)


1.    String your beads onto the wire, leaving it attached to the spool. Push them along down the wire toward the spool
2.    Form a slip-knot with your wire. 
Now, put your crochet hook through that slip knot, and tighten, while leaving a little space for movement
 Chain three. *** Chain Stitch***Take the end of your wire that’s still attached to the spool, and wrap it over your hook. Wrap from the back of the hook to the front.  Pull it through the slip knot.

4.    Slide a bead up along the wire, all the way to the hook.  Reach hook in front of the bead, and wrap the wire over it as in a chain stitch. Catch the wire in your hook, and pull it through. Continue until no loose beads remain.
5.     Finish your strand with three more chain stitches.  Cut the wire free of the spool, leaving about a 3″ tail of wire at both ends.
6.    Take the loose tail of wire and wrap it through that end loop a few times to anchor your stitching. Cut the loose end of the wire close to that loop. Repeat for other end. Attach your jumprings and finding.

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