A reflection on 365 days of crafts

Yes! We made it.  As the owner of 365 days of crafts.com I am so appreciative of the contributors to this site.  We started out last year with no clue what this site would turn into.  I think it has turned into something fabulous.  In 2011 we made a craft project every single day.   Never missed a one post.  We cut it close a few times.  We gained and lost a few contributors along the way and are thankful for all of the contributions that were made no matter how small.  For a good portion of the year we introduced you to a “New friend on Fridays” and hope they inspired you.  We ventured into new mediums and revisited old ones.  All in all it has been a great year.

2012 will bring some exciting changes to the site.  We will be down for a few days while we make changes.  We will continue to bring you great inspiration only in a slightly different format.  Yes, we will still be stamping, paper crafting, beading and Scrapbooking.  The contributors want to add another dimension or two to the site.  Home Decor, Repurposing, Upcycling and Mixed Media and everyday crafts are going to be more of the focus.  These types of projects take more time and require so much more effort that we will be going to one Tutorial on Tuesdays, highlighting other crafters throughout the week and posting new projects as we create them.  2012 will be our year of quality.  We want to bring you projects that will inspire you not on just one day of the year but on 365 days of the year.

Your input is invaluable and if you ever have anything you would like to see more of let us know, if there is something you want less of, tell us.  Comments, especially of acknowledgement are always welcome.  Who doesn’t like a pat on the back every once in a while.

Now if you have made it through my mushy moment I am impressed.  The last project of the year is a headband.  My daughter’s hair is finally getting long and we need to keep it out of her eyes.  A headband was in order since she will not keep the ponytail holder in her hair.

The material list is really simple.

Ribbon in color and width of your choice, fabric glue and a headband.  Having a mini iron is handy to press the wrinkles out of the ribbon. Cover the head band with ribbon.  Tie the bow around the headband and adhere with glue.  Iron if needed.  Simple as that.

Gigi New Years Eve Headband
Gigi New Years Eve Headband

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