9 fun snowflake crafts for kids


make snowflakes

Christmas is over and the kids still need entertaining.  What better to do than a craft project?  It is still winter so why not make some snowflakes?  Snowflakes inspire fantastic craft and art projects. You can make a snowflake out of just about anything with enough imagination. Create snowflakes from paper, glitter or paint a picture. You can make some beautiful winter art projects featuring snowflakes as well. Here are some great project ideas you can try with your preschooler to make all kinds of snowflakes:

snowflake craftSnowflake craft from PreschoolRock.com
crystall snowflakesCrystal snowflakes from Craftown
noodle snowflakeNoodle snowflake from About.com
homemade snowflake ornamentSnowflake ornament from EmbraceThePenny.com
Sparkle snowflakeSparkle snowflake from crayola
SnowflakeprintsSnowflake prints from EverydayTeaching.com
Make a snowflakeSnowflake from Crafts for all seasons
Bead snowflakeBead snowflake from ToddlerCraft.net
Cut a snowflakeCut snowflakes from Science Project Ideas for kids

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