16 Recipes with Ranch dressing you can make

16 Recipes with Ranch – Ranch is one of those quintessential condiments. It works on everything from nachos to chips and has an almost cult following. Ranch goes way beyond your basic salad dressing or dipping sauce though and is used in tons of delicious recipes. I’m sharing 16 recipes with ranch to show exactly how versatile it is.  Plus a bonus recipe- mine. Originally learned to make the homemade ranch dressing because a friend had food allergies and could no longer eat pre-made dressings.  Turns out, my family loves homemade ranch dressing too.   It is not only used to make dressing but I use it to make, dips, in my chicken breading, in my buffalo dip and in a few other recipes too.  When other kids come over to our house it is often requested as a seasoning on popcorn.  After getting so many requests, I decided I would start making larger batches and give it as gifts. My ranch recipe shown in the image below. 
Buttermilk Ranch SeasoningEnjoy all the recipes with ranch included.  They are sure to be a hit.

16 Delicious Recipes with Ranch

This collection has everything from dips to dinners. I hope you find something you love.

01 - Thrifty Jinxy - Crispy Garlic Ranch Chicken

Crispy Garlic Ranch Chicken and Potatoes from Thrifty Jinxy

02 - peas and Crayons - BBQ Ranch Sweet Potato Pizza

BBQ Ranch Sweet Potato Pizza from Peas and Crayons

03 - Just Us Four - BBQ Ranch Pull Apart Pizza

BBQ Ranch Chicken Pull Apart Bread from Just Us Four

04 - Peas and Crayons - Confetti Quinoa with BBQ Ranch

Confetti Quinoa Salad with BBQ Ranch from Peas and Crayons

05 - To Simply Inpsire - Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole

Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole from To Simply Inspire

06 - Connoisser Us Veg - BBQ Cauliflower Pitas

BBQ Cauliflower Pitas with Avocado Ranch from Connoisseurus Veg

07 - To Simply Inpsire - Ranch Cottage Cheese Dip
Ranch Cottage Cheese dip from To Simply Inspire

08 - Homemaking Hacks - Slow Cooker Cheesy Ranch Chicken

Slow Cooker Cheesy Ranch Chicken from Homemaking Hacks

09 - The Frugal Fairy - Ranch Chikn Stuffed Cucumbers

Ranch Chick’n Stuffed Cucumbers from The Frugal Fairy

10 - Our Table for Seven - Chicken Bacon Ranch pasta Skillet

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Skillet from Our Table for Seven

11 - The Suburban Mom - Ranch Rosemary Chicken Kabobs

Ranch Rosemary Chicken Kabobs from The Suburban Mom

12 - Just Us Four - Jalapeno Ranch Black Bean Loaded Nachos

Jalapeno Ranch Black Bean Loaded Nachos from Domestic Superhero for Just Us Four

13 - A Cultivated Nest - Creamy Crockpot Chicken

Creamy Crockpot Ranch Chicken from A Cultivated Nest

14 - Gator Mommy Reviews - Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza from Gator Mommy Reviews

15 - Madame Deals - Ranch Turkey Pinwheels

Ranch Turkey Pinwheels from Madame Deals

16 - Spend with Pennies - Light Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Light Buttermilk Ranch from Spend with Pennies


Fall burlap centerpiece

easy burlap centerpiece

A fall burlap centerpiece that you can make quickly, with ease and not break the budget.  This DIY project is made with pine cones from the yard, recycled cans, burlap and scraps from your stash. Burlap is one of my go to materials for fall. I think burlap feels like the perfect material to use for autumnal decorating and it is neutral in color so it goes with almost anything.  Plus it adds a nice texture and a warm feeling.  I like to pair it with jute cording and cream colored embellishments.


Supplies for Fall burlap centerpiece:

  • Burlap
  • Tin cans – cleaned and dried
  • Cotton lace
  • Jute cording
  • Acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Pine cones
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Covered work surface
  • Scissors


burlap centerpiece materials


 Instructions for Fall burlap centerpiece:

  1. Wash and dry tin cans.  Select 2-3 different size cans.  Apply orange paint to the exterior of the can.  You can leave it thin and wispy or apply another coat.  Allow paint to dry.

how to cut burlap

2.  To cut burlap start on the finished edge.  Measure the amount needed by holding it up to the can and deciding the amount of coverage desired.  Snip a cut mark into the burlap.  Follow along a thread of the burlap and this will help to keep your lines straight.

how to fringe burlap

3.  Once you have cut along the edge of the burlap, then you can remove a few strands of the burlap to create a fringed edge.

3.  Use the hot glue gun to adhere the burlap to a can. Then use the burlap ribbon to wrap around the other two cans. Adhere the burlap ribbon with hot glue.

4.  Cut the cotton lace to size and adhere with the hot glue.

5.  Cut jute cording with enough extra to allow for a knot.  Wrap around the can and tie in a knot. You can trim the excess.

6.  Trim a couple of the pine cone leaves off with scissors or remove with your fingers.  This will help the pinecone to adhere to a flat surface better.

7.  Apply a small dollop of hot glue onto the knot and place the pinecone onto the dollop.  Hold in place for a few seconds.  BE CAREFUL not to touch the hot glue.  It hurts!

8. Add plants of your choice to the tin cans.  Fake succulents were used in the burlap centerpiece.


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harvest terrariums fall tererrium

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20 Things To Make Now For Christmas

If you’re anything like me, you love Christmas!  Who doesn’t love peppermint hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, and presents under the tree?  I know what you’re thinking, “really, it’s only mid-September, we have months to worry about Christmas”.  Well…you’re right but only about the September part.  We all know that time flies and you certainly don’t want to be scrambling during the busiest time of year.  Put simply, it’s never too early to start preparing for the best holiday ever!  From homemade gifts to DIY decorations, this list of 20 things to make now for Christmas is sure to get you in the festive spirit!


20 Things to Make Now For Christmas
20 Things to Make Now For Christmas


This list of 20 Things To Make Now For Christmas has everything from homemade gifts, Christmas decor, and even a mistletoe mojito for those who need a little cup of cheer while preparing for the Holidays!


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gummy worm brownie dirt cups with realistic earthworms

gummy worm dirtGummy worm brownie dirt cups with realistic earthworms are on my menu this Halloween season.  Most kids would love to creep out adults with these realistic gummy earthworms. Not me!  I like to gross out my kids and these gummy worms look so realistic.  I ordered the realistic gummy earthworms from Oriental Trading and they sent the product samples in exchange for my honest review. And let’s be honest…THEY ARE AWESOME!!!  They smelled and tasted like root beer.  My kids loved the flavor.   My version is different from the normal recipe you will see online.  I am probably in the minority but I despise chocolate Oreos.  The only thing they are good for is scraping the center filling from.  My kids would completely disagree.  They love them and when we were picking food to serve for their class party we agreed to a new version that I would create.  This is my version of the traditional dirt cups.

Ingredients for gummy worm brownie dirt cups with realistic earthworms:

  • realistic gummy earthworms
  • chocolate brownie mix and ingredients listed on box
  • chocolate pudding and ingredients listed on box
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • clear plastic cups

Instructions for gummy worm brownie dirt cups with realistic gummy worms:

  1. Make brownies and pudding according to directions.
  2. Let the brownies cool and then crumble. Add to bottom of cup.gummy worm brownies in a cup
  3. Spoon in pudding on top of brownies.gummy worm pudding
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until cup is full.gummy worm sprinkles
  5. Add chocolate sprinkles to a jar.gummy worm sprinkles blended
  6. Chop the sprinkles with a submersion blender. gummy worms earthworms
  7. Remove the gummy worms from their packaging.gummy worms dusted with chocolate
  8. Drop half of the gummy worms into the jar and shake to coat. I cut the worms in half and inserted them into the top of the cups. Make sure you have at least one worm going down the side. gummy worm dessert
  9. Add the left over chocolate sprinkles and some brownie crumbs to the top of the cups.

If you would like to pin this recipe use the image below.  You can also follow my FUN FOOD board on Pinterest.

Gummy Earthworm brownie dirt cups made from easy to find ingredients and taste great

My kids like this time of year.  These are the things I have made in years past. Check them out your tummy will thank you.

Candy Corn Cookies

Spider Cupcakes

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