dad’s cigar box desk set

dad's cigar box desk set desk setcigar box desk set

Make a cigar box desk set for dad by up-cycling a cigar box.  You can transform reclaimed items into an organizer that adds vintage flair to Dad’s workspace while keeping supplies within reach.  Dad will love it even more because you made it.
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  • Reclaimed items: cigar box, cardboard jewelry containers
  • Brown cardstock
  • Patterned papers: brown embossed, blue grid
  • Hewlett Packard Premium Matte Photo Paper
  • Jute twine: thin cording, 1”-wide trim
  • Prima Marketing embossed chipboard stencil letter
  • Walnut Hollow Aluminum Sheet Metal
  • Aluminum screw posts, 1/2″, two


  • Clearsnap ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink Pads: Creamy Brown, Chestnut Roan
  • DecoArt Americana: Butter Acrylic Paint, Matte Spray Sealer
  • Drill with 1/4” bit
  • Hole punch, 1/4”
  • Computer, photo editing software, and printer OR calendar stamp set
  • Digital craft items: Jessica Sprague Strawberry Lemonade Yellow Solid digital patterned paper, Katie Pertiet Hemp Tie digital jute cording
  • Adtech Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks

Basic Supplies

sponge brush, scissors, ruler, newspaper (to cover work surface), paper trimmer


  1. On covered work surface, basecoat entire cigar box Butter. Let dry. Apply sealer. Let dry. Drill two holes in box lid approximately 1-1/2” from front edge, 3” apart. Cover outside of lid with brown embossed paper and inside of lid with blue grid paper. Cut holes in paper to access holes in box lid.
  2. Ink edges of jewelry containers with Chestnut Roan. Cover inside and outside of boxes with brown embossed paper. Cut 5” square from blue grid paper and adhere to top right corner of cigar box base. Attach jewelry boxes to base of cigar box to form compartments.
  3. Use Creamy Brown ink pad to color embossed stencil letter. Ink edges Chestnut Roan. Trim metal sheet to fit back of stencil letter and adhere both layers to cigar box base.
  4. Use photo editing program to create calendar page for each month on digital patterned paper, adding month name in text box on left side and digital jute cord at top. Print each calendar page (or develop photos) at 3”x4” onto matte photo paper. (Alternatively, stamp calendars on yellow card stock.)
  5. Cut twelve 4”x4-1/2” rectangles from brown cardstock and mat calendar pages to rectangles, leaving extra cardstock at top. Punch 1/4” holes in cardstock to match holes drilled in cigar box lid.
  6. Insert screw posts through holes in lid to attach calendar pages to lid and screw in threaded tops to secure.
  7. Print additional sheet of digital paper (or use yellow cardstock). Trim to size and attach to inside bottom of desk supply compartments.
  8. Adhere jute cording around inside of lid and 1”-wide jute trim around outside of cigar box base.

journey hope faith pillow

journey hope faith pillow hope faith pillow

journey hope faith pillow

Simple sentiments and a pink silk ribbon come together in unity on this burlap pillow.  Create classic and simple home decor with iron on vinyl and a die cut machine. Sewing a pillow is very basic and can be done by hand or by machine.  You can use this pillow as inspiration and add the words that mean the most to you.

  • Fairfield Processing Home Elegance Pillow Insert, 12”x16”
  • Natural burlap, 1/3 yd.
  • Iron on vinyl
  • Blumenthal Lansing LeBoutin Jewelry Button (611006104)
  • Offray Light Pink Satin Ribbon, 7/8” wide, 7” length
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Sewing needle and white thread
  • Digital Die cut machine

Basic Supplies:

  • scissors, iron and pressing surface, towel

Directions for Pillow:

1.  Use rotary cutter and mat to cut two 13″x17″ rectangles from burlap.

2.  Use computer and die cutting machine to create desired phrase.   Type “journey,” “hope,” and “faith” in font of choice. Make sure letters are flipped horizontally and sized appropriately before die cutting or what the manufacturer of the vinyl instructs.
3.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions to print images on t-shirt transfer paper using inkjet printer. Cut out words with scissors leaving 1/4” border around all sides. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse words onto one burlap rectangle using iron and photo as guide. Peel away backing paper when cool.
4.  Cut 7” ribbon length. Fork ends with scissors. Form ribbon into folded shape as shown. Thread sewing needle with thread; hand-sew ribbon center onto pillow. Attach button on center of ribbon. Knot and clip thread ends.
5.  Place burlap rectangles with right sides together. Hand-sew along edges with 1/2” seam allowance, leaving bottom edge open. Turn right side out. Insert pillow form. Whipstitch bottom edge closed using needle and thread. Knot and clip thread ends.

Monogram tote for summer

monogram tote monogram purse joy letters pb textiles

This monogram tote is awesome.  I love monograms and some of my favorite things have them.  Well anything with a monogram is going to be on my favorites list.  That is why I was excited to make somethings with Joy iron on letters.  I covet a monogram sewing machine.  One day I will get one and I will monogram the world.  Okay, maybe not the whole world.  Just mine and those in it.

I decided to make a little summer tote to hold my keys, phone, money and lip gloss.   Literally that is all I ever carry with me.  I went with this neutral fabric because of the clean lines and classic colors.  The fabric sent to me by P&B Textiles.  I used a line called

Check out their  Creating with Joy blog @  for more inspiration on the monogram letters

joy logo


Naturally for the monogram tote, I used a product on the inside.  Smooth fusible fleece.  It has fusible webbing that you can iron on and it gives the fabric a smooth and soft feel.

Monogram tote supplies:

  • 3 fat quarters of fabric that coordinate ( PB textiles- Still Life)
  • Smooth interlining by Fairfield
  • Joy Iron on letters
  • cotton rope
  • iron
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors
  • clasp
  • Pattern for tote**I will update this post with a free pattern and instructions on how to make it soon.  I am learning how to self draft patterns and I want to make sure I get it right before I give it to you.Overall this took me about two hours.  BUT I am learning and making the pattern as I go so I would think once the pattern is perfected it could be made in about an hour.  So stay tune for that part.Joy iron on letters easy sew tote

Lean how to make dyed tag place markers

favor tags dyed tag place markers

The dyed tag place markers use colorful dyes and fabric scraps to decorate these simple manila tags.  You can make these for a bridal shower, a wedding reception or for gift tags.  Chose colors that coordinate with your event.  You can make each one unique and use scrap fabrics and embellishments from your stash.

Supplies for dyed tag place markers

  • Manila shipping tag, 4-3/4”x2-3/8”
  • White cotton fabric
  • Beige fabric, scrap
  • Prima Marketing Dynasty Ivory Flower Center
  • Adhesive-back rhinestone rows
  • Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine and Caged Bird Bigz Die
  • Sewing machine and brown thread
  • Liquid Dye: Dark Cocoa,  Yellow, Teal, Purple
  • Tiny alphabet stamps and black pigment ink
  • Paper trimmer with scoring blade, rotary cutter and self-healing mat
  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry Paper Glue, Fairfield Stick fusible interfacing.

Basic Supplies for dyed tags

  • measuring cup, measuring spoons, plastic disposable spoon, plastic containers, rubber gloves, plastic tablecloth or newspaper (to cover work surface), paper towels,
  • iron and pressing surface, ruler

DIRECTIONS for place cards:

1.  On covered work surface, cut 6” fabric square from white fabric. Measure 1/8 tsp. Purple dye and mix with 1 cup very hot water (at 140º F) in plastic container. Stir well. Place fabric square in dye bath and remove. Rinse under cool water; squeeze out excess dye and water. Let dry on paper towels. Repeat process to create light green fabric, mixing 1/4 tsp. Teal dye and 1 tsp.  Yellow dye with 1 cup hot water. For tags, use 2 Tbsp. Dark Cocoa dye and 1 cup hot water. Remove fabric and tags from dye baths and let dry on paper towels.
2.  When fabric is dry, press with steam iron setting. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse beige and dyed fabrics to fusible webbing.
3.  Die cut bird and wing, with paper side up, from purple or light green fabrics. Cut 1-1/2” beige fabric square. Peel away paper backing and fuse to tag using iron.
4.  Machine-sew freeform outline on bird, wing, and beige square 1/4” from edges. Machine-sew outline around tag edges.
5.  Use alphabet stamps and pigment ink to stamp guest name on beige square. Let dry. Heat set using iron on medium setting.
6.  Tear 1/2”x5” strip from dyed fabric. Thread strip into punched hole on tag; tie ends into knot. Press rhinestone rows on bottom of tag. Adhere flower center on tag using paper glue.
7.  Use paper trimmer to cut 1”x4” strip from card-stock scrap. Score strip three times, every 1”, along length. Fold on lines to create open box shape. Adhere onto back of tag for stand.
hand dyed name cards - custom place cards