Charm Bracelet

charm braceletSince it is cold and snowy we thought you might like a little Spring inspired piece.  Drawing inspiration from winged creatures of nature, create this charm bracelet as the perfect gift for any gardener. So think warmer thoughts with flowers and insects buzzing about.


  • Vintaj Natural Brass Co.: 12 1” brass eye pins, two Bitsy Butterfly charms, one Suspended Butterfly charm, 16” Etched Cable Chain, two Swirl Clasp Sets, one Secret Key charm, one Heart and Key Set charms, one Victoriana Bezel, two Bees charms
  • Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED: 14 Citron bicone beads, two purple multi-faceted beads, two purple bicone beads, four pink multi-faceted beads, one blue multifaceted bead


  • Beadalon: Chain-Nose Pliers, Designer Flush Cutter


  • Size
  • 1. Size is 8″.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. For bracelet, attach cable chains at both ends onto swirl clasps. Place beads on eye pins as shown. Attach one side of eye pin onto butterfly; create loop to attach eye pin to swirl clasp. Repeat for other side.
  • 2. For charms, string three different-sized beadsontoeye pin. Use round-nose pliers to make loop above top bead. Wrap extra wire around base of loop. Attach looponto link on bracelet. Trim excess wire. Attach butterfly charmonto bottom of eye pin. Repeat step for each charm.Craft a little Spring into the dreary cold with a charm bracelet.

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cathedral window pincushions

cathedral window pincushions

Use this simple sewing technique to create cathedral window pincushions any sewist would love.
You can use any fabric you have on hand or even recycle an old shirt or two.  You can machine
stitch or hand stitch.

Materials for cathedral window pincushions:


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat
  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, Stick by Fairfield

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, iron and pressing surface, straight pins, sewing needle, spray starch


1.  Use rotary cutter and self-healing mat to cut 10”, 5-1/2”, and 5” squares from fabric.
Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse webbing to 5” square using iron and pressing surface.
Use rotary cutter and mat to trim piece to 4-1/2” square.

2.  With right sides together, fold 10” square in half. Sew short ends of fabric closed with sewing machine
and thread using 1/2” seam allowance. Clip corners and steam seams open. Match center seams to
form square.

3.  With right sides together, pin opening closed with straight pins. Thread sewing needle and sew
opening closed with long running stitch, leaving small opening for turning.

4.  Turn right sides out, making sure all four corners of square are pointed. Iron flat. Peel off paper
backing and fuse 4-1/2” square to center of sewn square. Fold each corner inward so
finished square measures 4-1/2” diagonally. Iron flat.

5.  Carefully fold down both edges of corners to reveal coordinating fabric inside of square.
Iron flat and pin. Use machine to sew along folded edges. Sew edges of square approximately
1/2” from edges using straight stitch.

6.  Use sewing needle and thread to sew button or embellishment of choice on center of window.

7.  Use iron to press 1/2” seam allowance on 5-1/2” fabric square. With right sides together,
sew three edges of squares together, leaving one side open for turning and stuffing.
Turn right side out; stuff with fiberfill. Use sewing needle and whipstitch to sew
opening closed. Knot ends.

8.  Adhere flat-backed crystals to corners of window using fabric glue. Let dry.

color washed daisy tags

color washed tagsThe color washed daisy tags are transformed from plain shipping tags into lovely mixed-media accents for spring and summer gifts. Make a bunch to have on hand for a quick gift package topper.  You could even tie them around a bottle of wine for a thank you gift.

Materials for color washed daisy tags:

  • Manila shipping tags, 2-3/8”x4-3/4”, four
  • Black cardstock
  • Vintage book pages
  • Jacquard Products Cotton Inkjet Fabric Sheets
  • Flower center embellishments
  • Computer, inkjet printer, and font(s) of choice
  • Sewing machine and black thread
  • Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting System and Bigz Build a Flower #3 Die
  • Jacquard Products Lumiere Paints: Citrine, Pearlescent Blue, Pearlescent Magenta, Metallic Copper
  • Black chalk ink pad

Basic Supplies for color washed daisy tags:

paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pencil, foam paintbrush, small disposable bowl, wax paper
(to cover work surface), heat tool, Adhesive – hot glue or glue runner
For each tag, mix one part water with one part paint in small bowl. On covered work surface,
lightly apply paint mixture to one side of tag. Repeat for back of tag; let dry completely.
(Note: Tags will curl while wet, but will flatten out as they dry. Speed dry with heat tool, if desired.)

Die cut flower layers from vintage book pages and black cardstock.

1.  Using computer and following manufacturer’s instructions, format and print small sentiments
onto cotton fabric sheets; sentiments include “sweetest friend,” “thank you so much,”
“happiest birthday,” and “for someone special.”
2.  Cut sentiments into strips, leaving borders around text. Adhere sentiment strips and flower
layers to tags as shown using glue.
3.  Sew straight stitch around edge of each tag, 1/8” from edge, and around each sentiment strip.
Sew directly through flower layers to secure.
4.  Using Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive, adhere flower center embellishment to center of
each paper flower.

sláinte flag – make a St. Patrick’s Day Craft on printable fabric

slainte st patrick's day craft irish crafts St. Patrick's Day Craft -sláinte flag

Sláinte is the traditional Irish toast for good health. Decorate your home or entryway with this shamrock filled flag and spread this wonderful sentiment to friends and neighbors. We can all be Irish for a little while.

Materials for Sláinte flag

  • Green place mat, 14”x20”
  • JGoode Lil Goodies Designs Shamrock Wall Décor Kit
  • Jacquard Inkjet Printable Cotton, 8-1/2”x11”, two
  • Burlap, 12”x24”
  • Buttons Galore and More Rainforest Buttons, in assorted sizes
  • Hanger of choice (or dowel and ribbon)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Sewing needle and green thread
  • Embroidery needle and bright green embroidery floss
  • Computer and inkjet color printer
  • White pencil
  • scissors,
  • ruler or measuring tape
  1. Download printable Shamrock Wall Décor Kit from Internet.
    Open file and print both pattern sheets onto printable cotton sheets.
    Trim around white/small shamrock print close to edge of design. Trim 1/4” around
    two large shamrocks.
  2. Cut two 3-1/2”x3-1/2” burlap squares. Place first large shamrock in circle on center of
    burlap square; use sewing machine and straight stitch to sew around circle. Trim off
    excess material around circle, including threads. Repeat process for second large
    shamrock. Sew buttons on center of each shamrock.
  3. Cut burlap to 11”x18”. Using zig-zag stitch, sew burlap to place mat, approximately 2”
    from bottom edge. Position white/small shamrock print fabric on burlap 1-1/2” from
    bottom edge; sew into place.
  4. Attach various-size green buttons along bottom edge using needle and green thread.
  5. Fold over 2” flap at top (for casing). Sew flap into place. Attach two buttons on each side.
  6. Using white pencil, write “Slainte!” along center top. Use embroidery needle
    and bright green embroidery floss to stitch letters using straight stitch.
    Attach buttons for dot in “i” and in exclamation point.
  7. Adhere large shamrocks to center of hanging using fabric glue. Fringe edges of hanging.
  8. To hang, insert dowel length through casing. Tie ribbon ends around dowel length or
    position hanging on window using suction cup (as shown).

Cool hues handmade necklace

cool hues autumn necklace handmade necklace

Cool hues come together in celebration of autumn’s comfortable crisp nights! Combine enameled beads, filigree-wrapped crystals, and a polymer clay pendant and you might just have your new favorite accessory! A cool hues handmade necklace.


  • Connie Crystals: aqua crystals, four; clear crystal, 14mm
  • Blue enamel beads, two
  • Polyform Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl Clay
  • Antique brass components: cable chain necklace, 16” length; square filigree beads, three; brass bail
  • Darice Finding Starter Kit in Caddy: Antique Brass Plated-Jump Rings, 16; Clasp


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Clay pendant mold
  • Jacquard Aqua Lumiere Paint
  • Polyform Sculpey: Satin Glaze; Clay Tool Starter Set
  • Clay-dedicated rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, and oven


  • paintbrush, ruler, paper towel, newspaper (to cover work surface)


  1.  On clean work surface, condition clay until soft and pliable. Roll clay on work surface. Remove and press clay into pendant mold; use knife end on tool to remove excess clay. Use blunt point tip on tool to make hole on pendant. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake pendant on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.
  2.  On covered work surface, apply Aqua paint on top surface of pendant; wipe off excess paint, leaving some paint in grooves. Let dry. Apply Satin Glaze. Let dry. Attach bail through hole on pendant.
  3.  Use flush cutters to cut chain into eight 2” sections. Attach clasp to one side, then attach aqua crystal using jump ring. Attach another jump ring to other side of crystal; attach another 2” chain length. Attach enameled bead to chain length and another 2” chain length.
  4.  Place aqua crystal in center of filigree square. Using needle-nose pliers, curl in sides of filigree square to hold crystal securely in place. Attach aqua crystal filigree square to chain length. Attach another 2” chain length.
  5.  Place clear crystal in center of filigree piece; attach using head pin. Use needle-nose pliers to round edges into center as shown. Attach clear crystal filigree square to chain length. Attach pendant bail to bottom of filigree piece.
  6.  Repeat Steps 3-5 to attach aqua crystal filigree square, enamel bead, and chain lengths to clear crystal filigree square for other side of necklace. Attach other end of clasp to chain length on end.

    cool hues autumn necklace

diy handmade gifts for pets dog & cat treat mix jars

handmade gifts for pets Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars 2


Surprise a pet lover with these adorable handmade gifts for pets, treat mix jars. Fill with their pets’ favorite treats or the ingredients to whip up a batch of homemade munchies. They are inexpensive to make and fun to give. Affiliate links below where I make a very small commission.The content below may have been sponsored, contain affiliate links or free items for use. Know that this will not sway the opinion no matter what. (Even though they may want to!) This costs you nothing and helps pay for this blog's overhead. Click Diclosures to learn more.


This is one of our dogs favorite treats – Bully sticks  and non-smelly Bully sticks These are what we use to train our pups – Sweet Potato Chews.  For Cats and Kitties – Wellness Kittles and Greenies for Cats.  They help with dental health.

If you need to give a pill to your pet these help- Pill Masker  for cats and for Dogs – Pill Pockets

Materials Handmade gifts for pets Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars:

  • Recycled quart jar or mason jar.
  • Burlap, 1/4 yd.
  • Wooden tags, 1-1/4”x2-3/8”
  • National Nonwovens Wool Felt: Brown Sugar, Country Red, Beige, Buttercream, White, Grass Skirt, Orange
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Country Red, Olive Green, Admiral Blue, Snow White, Spa Blue
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: Ultra Dark Beige Gray (3790), Black (310), Light Parrot Green (907), Very Dark Salmon (347), Ecru
  • Ribbon, 7/8”, 1/2 yd.handmade gifts for pets Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars pet craft ideas

Basic Supplies for the Handmade gifts for pets:

  • scissors
  • ruler
  • paintbrush
  • sanding block
  • iron and pressing board

Tools for Handmade gifts for pets Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars

Directions for Handmade gifts for pets Dog & Cat Treat Mix Jars

1. Cut 4-1/2”x8” rectangle from burlap to fit around jar. Fringe long ends.

2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse wool felt to fusible webbing with iron. Print and cut out patterns from fused felt. For dogs, cut head from Brown Sugar or White, muzzle from Beige or White, nose from Brown Sugar, and collar from Grass Skirt or Red. For cat, cut head from Buttercream, and nose and ears from Orange. Fuse patterns to center of jute rectangles, using photos as placement guide.

3. Use Black, Beige or Ecru floss to blanket stitch edges of heads, muzzles and ears. Blanket stitch dog collars with green or red. For eyes, use Black floss to make French knots. Use Black floss to backstitch noses and whiskers. Apply glue to back of burlap and wrap around jar, securing at back.

4. Paint jar lids Country Red, Spa Blue or Olive Green. Dry brush Spa Blue lid and Olive Green lid Admiral Blue. When dry, apply varnish. Paint wooden tags Snow White or Spa Blue.

5. Stamp treat name on tag. Thread 12” ribbon length through tag and tie around jar. Fill jar with treats. Replace lid.


1. Search the internet for tasty and nutritious homemade pet treat recipes.



Italian Dipping Oil

Italian Dipping Oil - hot
I love to bake bread and one of our favorite toppings on a piping hot fresh loaf of crusty Italian bread is to dip the stay goodness into an Extra Virgin Olive oil that has been flavored with an Italian herb blend.  We also like things a little spicy too so we kick ours up a notch with pepper and crushed red peppers.  If you do not like things spicy hot then you can omit the peppers from your mix.  Many of my friends complement my dipping oil so I thought I would give them as gifts this year.  Also if you want to add a little Balsamic vinegar to the oil when serving you can.  It makes it extra tasty.

Tools and supplies for Italian Dipping oil – Hot Italian Blend:

  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon basil
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon sea salt (or according to your taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 teaspoon dried garlic or 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil (about 6 oz was enough to fill mini wine bottle)
  • Funnel
  • Cork
  • Bottle
  • Twine
  • Empty mini wine bottle
  • Ad Tech Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Polymer Clay charm ( instructions to make them here)
  • Handmade sticker
  • Labels for back.

Instructions to make Hot Italian Blend:

1.  Clean and sterilize bottles.
2.  Use a funnel to pour in spices and olive oil. Add the cork.
3.  After filling and corking bottles, wash and dry them well.
4.  Apply label to front of bottle.
5.  Wrap twine around the neck of the bottle and adhere with Hot Glue and
6.  Add sticker to front.  Add another sticker to the back with name and expiration date.  .

To prolong the life of the oil, refrigerate bottles. If you are using fresh herbs and spices make sure you wash and dry them.  If you are using dried spices the shelf life is 3 months and fresh herbs 1 month after making .   I add a label on the back of each bottle so the recipient knows what they are getting and when to use them by.

 spices added then olive oil


All natural Spa Gift basket Herbal Tweets

Herbal Tweets Gift Set

The All natural Spa Gift basket Herbal Tweets, makes an extra special gift great for any time of the year.  Start your gift giving off right with homemade spa sets.

Materials for the All natural Spa Gift basket- Herbal Tweets:

  • Wooden crate with handle, 9-1/2”x10”
  • Recycled coffee drink bottles, three
  • Wooden appliqués (Ornamental Moldings), 5” long, two
  • Wooden circle, 3”
  • CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements clear stone, 3mm
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Plum; Dried Basil Green; Antique Gold Deep; Antique White; Antique Green; Metallics Emperor Gold
  • Silk flowers, three
  • Crystal brads, three
  • Gold sheer ribbon, 3/8”, 24” length
  • Light green cardstock

Tools for the All natural Spa Gift basket- Herbal Tweets:

  • Rubber stamps: Bird, Nest (Komodo); Tiny Alphabet (Hero Arts); A Tweet for You (Cornish Heritage Farms)
  • Black pigment ink pad
  • Duraclear Varnish (DecoArt)
  • Craft punches (Marvy Uchida): Circle, 1”; Shipping Tag; Long Reach Hole
  • Paintbrushes
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue iLovetoCreate
  • Sanding block

Instructions for the All natural Spa Gift basket- Herbal Tweets:

  • 1. Lightly sand crate and wipe dust. Basecoat: crate Plum; handle Dried Basil Green; circle Antique White; appliqués Antique Gold Deep; bottle lids Dried Basil Green and Antique Green. Heavily dry brush crate and appliqué with Emperor’s Gold. Dry brush bottle lids with Plum. When dry, apply varnish.
  • 2. Stamp bird, nest and “herbal tweets” on circle. Glue circle and appliqués to crate, and crystal to circle as shown.
  • 3. Punch three tags and three circles from cardstock. Stamp recipes on circles as shown. Punch hole at center of each circle and at top of tag. Insert brad into hole in circle, followed by silk flower. Glue flower to tag punch. Cut 8” length from ribbon; thread ends through hole in tag and tie lark’s head knot. Knot ends around bottle neck. Repeat for remaining bottles.
  • 4. Fill bottles with contents and replace lids. Place bottles in crate. Stamp “a tweet for you” repeatedly across crate handle.
  • Herbal Tweets Gift Set recipe 

Coloring pages for Cards – Adornit Hop

Adornit Card Trio

Coloring pages for Cards are the best idea since sliced bread.  Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic.  But I really enjoyed making these greeting cards from these sheets with pre-printed images on them.  I used a watercolor pencil with a blender pen technique. The cards made from coloring pages are a part of a blog hop for Adornit.  I am the final stop on the blog hop.  To start the hop you should go to Adornit to obtain the first clue. Once you have collected the clues you can enter yourself in the giveaway.

Your clue from me is:  the letter “N”.  If you have visited all the blogs and have all the clues- email your clues to to be entered to win the prize.

To make the cards from the coloring pages you will need:

Instructions for coloring pages:

adornit adtech

  1. Start with blank Art Page Paintables – pick your favorite and start coloring.
    adornit Lindsay Ostrom Art Play Paintables
  2. I start by outlining the images and using a blender pen to pull the color towards the center.

    Adornit color inside the lines

  3. After you have colored your favorites.  You will need to cut out the image and add adhesive.

    adornit adtech glue dots on paper

  4. Cut the card stock to your desired size.  I like layering the papers to create more dimension.

Adornit Happy Birthday  Candle Card

When making cards, I usually make a bunch of card panels at one time.  Then assemble them at another time.

Adornit Love Card
I also like to give pre-made cards in sets as part of gifts.  It is kind of like a gift that keeps on giving.

Adornit Happy Birthday Balloon Card


mokume gane technique – Heart necklace

mokume gane techniquesizes: bracelet, 8”; necklace, 16”


  • Nunn Design: Antique Silver Grande Heart Bezel Pendant, 54x29mm; Patera Small Circle Bracelet
  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Accents Clay: Peacock Pearl, Bright Green Pearl, Pearl, Fuchsia Pearl
  • Connie Crystal 14mm Octagon AB Beads, two
  • Beadalon Elongated Silver-Plated Steel Chain, 3.4 mm
  • Darice: Antique Silver-Plated Lobster Clasp, 11mm; Silver Jump Rings, five

Basic Supplies

  • craft knife


  • Polyform: Clay Conditioning Machine, Sculpey Essential Tool Kit
  • Square cutter
  • Needle-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive


  • 1. Condition each color of polymer clay using clay conditioning machine. Roll polymer clay as thin as possible. Use square cutter to cut three to four squares of each color.
  • 2. Stack clay layers on top of each other and gently press layers together. Cut in half and flip over. Stack layers on top of each other. Press tools of varying shapes into clay. Press clay into rectangular shape.
  • 3. Use Slicer tool to cut random vertical slices from polymer clay. Place thin layer of Pearl clay into openings created and press clay together. Press gently and form cube shape.
  • 4. Slice off clay layer for pendant. Mark clay with pendant opening by pressing pendant into clay. Cut off excess clay. Place stacked polymer clay inside pendant. Use Chisel tip tool to smooth out any uneven spots and to remove clay from side of bezel. Repeat for each circle bezel on bracelet.
  • 5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake pendant and bracelet on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven at 275ºF for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. Remove clay pieces from bezels and place drop of glue inside each bezel; press polymer clay pieces back into each bezel. Let dry.
  • 6. For necklace, attach three jump rings on heart bezel. Measure and cut two six-link lengths from chain; attach chain lengths to last jump ring on heart bezel. Attach Octagon beads onto each chain length. Measure and cut two 20-link lengths of chain; attach to each Octagon bead. Use jump ring to attach lobster clasp to chain ends to close.mokume gane technique