Sculpey Souffle patchwork picture frame

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Sculpey Souffle is a new type of clay on the market and I am on the Sculpey Clay Design Team.   Iris, our fearless leader decided to give us a challenge.  She sent 4 colors of the Soufflé clay and random objects.    We were told we had to use all 4 of the clay colors and that we had to use everything in the bag.

I could not come up with a way to incorporate all the items and the colors into my project so I decided to go in a different direction and use the colors of the clay and use the objects sent as impressions in the clay.  Follow the instructions below and learn how to make something similar.

Instructions for Sculpey Souffle  frame:

1.  Condition your clay.  Roll the clay through the clay conditioning machine on the thickest setting.  Place the clay on a covered work surface.

condition polymer clay

2.  Press random objects into the clay to create texture.  I used one of everything that was sent to me in the challenge bag.

how to create texture in polymer clay

I pressed the top of the knob into the clay.

sculpey clay

The twine was used by allying string to curl randomly and pressing in gently.

polymer clay texture

The wood coin was rolled through the clay to make waves.

how to add texture to clay

The spiral paper clips made a cool impression into the clay.

random objects in polymer clay

The tips of the paper clip added a bit of a geometric pattern.

creating texture

3.  Using a craft knife or a tissue blade cut squares and rectangles into the textured clay.

4.  Bake the clay sheets in the oven according to manufacturers directions.

5.  Paint the frame with DecoArt Acrylic paint.  Allow frame to dry.

Decoart Acrylic paint on wood frame

6.  Arrange the clay pieces in a patchwork or mosaic pattern.

mosaic frame with polymer clay

6. I used a hot glue gun by Adtech to adhere the clay to the painted frame.

wood button, knob and bow

7.  Drill a hole in the top of the frame.  Twist knob in.  Add a jute bow and button.

8.  Add paper and a monogram letter in the center.

Mosaic polymer clay picture frame