Chalk Paint – revamp a buffet

chalky paint DIY buffet redo


chalky paint DIY buffet redoChalk paint is all the rage in the amongst my crafty friends.  So, I thought I would give it a go and redo the buffet.  The buffet was picked up at an estate sale when we were first married.   When we moved to our 3rd house I updated it with black paint.   The black and exposed wood worked great in the last house but not for our new house and the room it was going into.  It looked tired and out of place.  I happen to really like this piece of furniture so I thought I would kick it up a notch ad go for a bold color choice.  I  want a statement piece.

I want that piece to say “WOW, Niki sure is fun”.  And I want the house to have a French Bohemian Chic look.  Not quite sure what that is?  Well that is okay.  I do not either.  It is my made up term for my decorating taste. I might add in a little modern industrial too.  buffet before chalky paint

Instructions – chalk paint buffet

To begin – wipe down the piece to be painted and allow to dry.  If there are any rough spots  you will want to sand them down and use a tack cloth to remove the debris.


I used a roller brush to apply the base coat  of Treasure Chalky finish paint by DecoArt and the second coat of chalk paint too.


For this piece I decided to chalk paint the handles too.  If I decide to change them out at a later date I can.   I did not worry about if  the handles were perfectly covered because I knew I would be distressing them . IMG_2820

I have a sort of crazy way to distress the furniture when working with chalk paint.  I use a fork, yes, I said it I use a standard kitchen fork.  I use it to scrap edges, poke holes, scratches and even drag marks.  You can use what works best for you and the type of aging you want it to have.IMG_2830Scrape off a little paint in an edge with the tip of the fork.

IMG_2831 This is how I create scrape marks on the bottom pieces.IMG_2833If you turn the fork on its side and do a dragging scraping motion you get the result above.

IMG_2837 I also used it on the metal handle to scrap the top layers off.IMG_2840
Crazy I know.  But it works for me.IMG_2851
Now that I have the distressing complete I add the Creme Wax This is an important step.  Do not skip it. It helps the paint by giving it a protective layer and it allows the colored wax to go on smooth. Finished buffetThen for the finally step – the dark brown Crème Wax – apply it with the  2″ round waxing brush.  The brush gives you a great consistent look.

Once our house is together I will show you where the chalk paint piece ends up. You can use the graphic shown below  for Pinterest to remind you how to refinish your favorite piece. 

tips and tricks to for chalk paint on furniture refinished buffet Niki Meiners 365 days of crafts

Summer Treats Round Up

summer treats

Hey y’all! Allie here  and in honor of the official kick off of the Summer Season, I thought I’d share some of the sweet treat ideas that I’ve been pinning to my Summer Treats Board. I hear the mowers going, the fan is blowing, the pool is filling, and the ice cubes are beginning to set up in the freezer. What’s your favorite Spring/Summer treat when it starts to get hot?

These S’more bars are the closest I’ll be getting to a Barbecue. Okay, maybe some Barbecue Chips. I do not grill. If you’d like to have me over, that’d be fine with me!

smore brownie

This list would not be complete without ONE Zoku Mini Pop treat. We bought one recently and have had a lot of fun experimenting with tiny single serve treats and fancy flavored ice cube balls.  If you are not familiar with them you will be soon. They are amazing.

Zoku: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons
Found on Pinterest: Source Unknown

frozen banana pops

Modern Parents Messy Kids: Yummy Frozen Banana Pops
Cherry Limeade Cupcakes: Cooking Classy

Oh myyy, how I love a good Poke Cake. This one is so much fun! Not only is it beautiful it is patriotic too.  Perfect for 4th of July or any time you want to show your American Pride.

Foodista: Patriotic Poke Cake

The real reason we have Monday off, however, is to remember those who risk their lives to save us, those who were taken from us too soon, our heroes. Take a quiet moment to remember the fallen this Memorial Day and when 4th of July rolls around thank those who protect our country and ensure our freedom.  We would not live in such a great country with out those who are so dedicated both past and present.

Do share your favorite Sweet Treat to beat the heat!