Dip Dyed Jeans Upcycled with Rit

Upcycle hand me downs with some Rit Dye. These were boring tan jeans. Who wants to start the school year off with boring tan hand me downs when you can have super cool pink and purple pants.
Front view Rit Dip Dyed Jeans Upcycled Pink and Purple Pants


Directions for Dip Dyed Jeans:

The pants were really simple to make. I dampened the pants, just  dipped them, above the knee,  in Fuchsia Rit dye mixed with hot water.  Next I added some Purple Rit Dye to the Fuchsia and dipped the jeans again.  I folded the jeans in half  and this created the splotchy effect.  I rinsed the jeans in cold water.  I wanted to leave a little bit of the dye in the jeans so that when washed, the dye would softly color the remaining tan.
For a list of dying techniques you can visit the Rit Dye Website
Front view Rit Dip Dyed Upcycled Pink and Purple Pants Jeans

Diy back to school with Rit Dye and Buttons Galore

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About the Rit Dye back pack:

To make this project I used a canvas mini-backpack and Purple Rit Dye.  I had the leftover pink rosette from another project.  I still have not finished that project.  I will very soon though.  I dipped the backpack into hot dye and let soak.  I washed and dried the backpack and then added the rosette.  The rosette is in Petal Pink. I used a hot glue gun to attache the buttons along the edge, on the rosette and to adhere the rosette.  I added Smooch Glitz as my toddler likes all things glittery.

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