Boho Chic Necklace with Resin Pendant

Yesterday, I made a post on the Amazing Mold Putty website showing how to make a mold.  The title is Mold Making 101 and  and in the post I gave very basic directions on how to make the mold for this pendant.

Molds, clay and resin have been a fascination of mine for quite a while.  I have plans for a few more pieces using this same pendant.  Okay, more than a few.  A few dozen.  Pretty sure everyone is getting jewelry for gifts this year.  The great thing about using this mold is I can get a consistent look and create the same pendant in a bunch of mediums.


Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder

Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder This will act as a release and give it a slight texture.

Pearl Ex mixed with Resin

Mix Pearl Ex in the  Resin to create a solid look

Pinata Alcohol Inks and Luminarte 3D Paint added

Sponge on Pinata Alcohol Inks and Lumiere 3D Paint added in tiny dollops.

Glazed and wire wrapped pendant

Coat with a glaze to seal the colors in. Wrap wire around the top to allow a mode to hook the wire wrapped pendant to the necklace.





















Cast a Scrabble Tile Necklace

Scrabble Tile Necklace
Scrabble Tile Necklace


DIY Polymer Clay Scrabble Tile Necklace

Last year I found a very old Scrabble game at a yardsale for $1.  I am a sucker for the dollar tables and boxes.  I bought the box with the intention of using the letter tiles to use in my crafting.  Last week when I was on my mold making binge, I decided to make some molds of the  Scrabble tiles so that I could reproduce them with clay.  This one is the first in my  set.  I made it for my friend Jen Goode.  She does so much to help me and is always willing to find out the answers to my questions if she cannot answer them herself.




Now if you want to make a necklace similar to this you will need:

Scrabble Tile

Amazing Mold Putty

Cernit Polymer Clay – White

Pinata Alcohol Ink

Fine Line Tee Juice Marker

Silver Pinch Bail by Cousin Corp.

Misc.  black beads and a silver chain.


Make a mold of the Scrabble tile.  Place a bit of clay in the mold and bake according to directions.  When it is cooled off apply alcohol  ink on the tile.  Then fill in the depression of the letter and the number with black marker.  Let dry.  Poke hole in tile and apply pinch bail.  Add it to the chain and embellish the chain as you desire.

Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay
Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay


To view other pieces of handmade jewelry click the link in the right column or the  links below.

Bold statement necklace

Beaded Book Mark

Sizzix Die Cut Jewelry Necklace

Wire Wrapped rings


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Faux Ceramic Tiles

Polymer Clay Medallion






Make hand painted buttons

You can create your own hand painted style buttons using just a few supplies and your doodle skills. Don’t tell me you can’t doodle… everyone can make a line or circle or little dab with the right marker. I recently received samples of Start-Up blank shapes from ButtonsGalore.comand a selection of Marvy Uchida’s new Le Plume Permanent markers. I love both products and am excited to show you how they can work together to create these neat faux hand painted buttons.

Faux Hand Painted buttons by Jen GoodeFaux Hand Painted buttons by Jen Goode

Sometimes drawing or doodling can be a much easier task than painting. So combing these products is a great option if you are looking for adding your own personal touch without having to be a brilliant painter – especially on such a tiny surface. The Start-Ups are simply blank plastic shapes with pre-made holes so once decorated you can stitch them on to your craft or sewing projects. These shapes are designed to be colored, stamped, painted and dyed. Marvy Uchida Le Plume alcohol based markers are a fantastic drawing tool for users of all skill level. The colors blend really well on a variety of materials and the ink, once dry, is permanent.

Creating a faux hand painted look is easy with the Le Plume Permanent markers, try them out on different surfaces and let me know what you think! The Start-Ups come a wide variety of shapes from standard rectangles to specialty holiday designs.

Faux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen GoodeFaux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen Goode

I created a button and bead embellished headband using these faux hand painted buttons.Read the tutorial to make your own pretty little headband.

Decorative Plaque Redo

I’ve had these hook plaques for months that I found at Hobby Lobby in the clearance aisle. So when I received a big box from Plaid full of the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils I knew exactly which project to start with. I’m so excited to share this project with you! These products are easy to use and the tools are fun to use.

Plaque and hook makeoverPlaque and hook makeover

The plaques I started with are really nice. I love the art style and the look, but they don’t really go with anything in my house. I managed to grab them for about $2 each!

Plaque hooks before the makeoverPlaque hooks before the makeover

The box Plaid sent me full of supplies includes a wide array of things. For this project I used a handful of paint colors in different finishes and one set of stencils along with the mini sponge rollers and dabbing tops.

Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencilsMartha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils

Start by preparing by using painters tape to block off areas you don’t want to paint. I ended up applying 2 coats of paint to cover the pre-printed art on the original plaque.

Steps to paintingSteps to painting

I wanted to create a border using a different color of paint, so after the lavender color dried I applied more tape. I used an exacto knife to trim and create a clean edge.

Prepare for painting with painters tapePrepare for painting with painters tape

The paints I chose were all different finish types; matte, high gloss, perle and glitter. I love the way the perle covers. It’s a nice translucent shine with a bit of sparkle. I used a fine tip paint brush to add extra accents and in some cases applied layers of colors, letting the paint dry between coats.
To create the rest of the look, I started by hand drawing the words with a black Sharpie. I then used my tiny paint brush to create accents around the words, add touches of glitter and color the edges.

Plaque painting detailsPlaque painting details

You can finish the piece off with some clear varnish for an extra coating of protection if you’d like.
Material list:

  • Item to make over
  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint, stencils, mini sponge roller and dabbing tops
  • Small tipped paint brush

Here’s a video showing a little more of how I created this pretty look with my plaque make-over.


Have you tried the new Martha Stewart Crafts paints and stencils? The product line is available at Micheal’s Craft stores. I’d love to hear what creative fun you are having!


Free Motion Mobile

 On my Personal blog I participated in a Blog hop using Eileen Hull’s new dies with Sizzix.   The Fresh Vintage hop participants are featured here.  The featured die was the ScoreBoard Bird.   I can think of so many uses for a bird of this size and birdies are always in style!

In case this is your first time here, this is how it works. To see all of the different projects, you can click on the Fresh Vintage link above or the logo on the bottom right and hop forward or backward.   After you have clicked through all the projects, head over to the Oh My Crafts blog where you can answer a question regarding projects on the hop and be entered to win the Flower, Layers #9 die!

Free motion mobileFree motion mobile

To make my free motion mobile for baby Gigi, I used A ring from a lamp shade, Sari silk fabric strips, the die cut and Lumiere paint and buttons for the eyes.

Black Matte board with LumiereBlack Matte board with LumiereLumiere Paints used
Lumiere on white matte boardLumiere on white matte board
Sari Silk
Sari Silk
Wrap Sari Silk on ring
Wrap Sari Silk on ring
The wrap is a single loop knot
The wrap is a single loop knot

DIY Styrofoam Pumpkins

Make Styrofoam Pumpkins.  I love little Halloween decorations. I’m not into the scary seasonal fun, but more on the cute and happy trick-or-treating side of things. So I decided to make my own mini Jack-o-lanterns to start off the decorating season. Here I’ll show you how to make your own Styrofoam jack-o-lanterns… if you’d like to make larger pumpkins, just start with a larger Styrofoam ball.

Hand made Styrofoam Pumpkins

Cute and tiny Jack-o-Lantern

Jack-o-lantern lid is removeable

Materials you need to make a Styrofoam jack-o-lantern:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Orange, un-coated tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Small craft knife
  • Black Sharpie marker

How to make a Styrofoam Pumpkins:

  1. Flatten the bottom of the ball by pressing the Styrofoam on to a hard surface.
  2. Cut a small portion of the ball off the top. This will be the lid to your jack-o-lantern.
  3. Using your craft knife, cut out the middle of the Styrofoam ball as if you were scooping out the middle of a pumpkin. I used a spoon to help with this.
  4. Decoupage each piece using Mod Podge and orange tissue paper. Set aside to dryI recommend un-coated tissue because it seems to work better for me.
  5. Using some kind of sharp pointer (I used a scratch awl), create the creases in the sides of the lid and base to give the ball a pumpkin look. Do not puncture the tissue and Styrofoam, but rather, press firmly to create the dents in the Styrofoam.
  6. Using floral wire, make a stem and press into the lid.
  7. Using the black Sharpe, draw a face on the pumpkin to create the jack-o-lantern.

You could leave off the face drawing and have yourself some super cute little pumpkins for the entire fall season! You can use a small battery operated tea light to add an extra accent to your Jack-o-lantern… the light will shine through the Styrofoam nicely!

Carve the ball so it looks like a bowl


Decoupage the Styrofoam pieces

Add dents by pressing into the tissue and Styrofoam

Mini Jack-Lantern happiness for Halloween

Here’s a video to help you see a little more about making these cute Styrofoam jack-o-lanterns…

I think these pumpkins would make create Halloween party favorites. If you leave off the face you could use them as Thanksgiving table place holders or center pieces. I’d love to see what fun you create… tell me about it in the comments below.

Visit Jen at:

100 directions


DIY Space girl costume on the cheap

I have a princess girl in the family but I’ve been excited to find an excuse to make a robot or space related costume.  So I made a space girl dress, a jet pack and called it fancy. This costume doesn’t take much time to make and all the supplies are easy to find house hold items. We couldn’t decide on shoes, so this space girl is traveling the universe barefoot! (Saves on purchasing space rocket boots, right?)

space girl dress costume

Here’s how to make your own space girl costume:

Materials you need:

Note: Over the summer I saw hoola hoops at Dollar Tree in 3 different sizes. If you can find one that is cheap, grab it, otherwise, using wire hangers works just great!

Also, I used a Force Flex lawn bag which is out I got the cool ripples in the dress… it’s just the texture the bags have already.


  • Capri sun box for jet pack
  • Large apple juice bottle for trick-or-treat bucket

space girl costume

How to make a space girl dress costume:

  1. Using the spray paint, spray both sides of the trash bag and let dry overnight. I used a clippy hanger to hang the bag up and spray easier.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the bag. How much you want to cut off will depend on how long you want the dress to be. I cut off about 4″ for this specific costume.
  3. Using the drawstring ties of the trash bag determine where the front and back of the dress is; one side of the drawstring is the front, the other side is the back. At the front, cut the draw string, pull tight, tie in a knot and trim excess. The back tie will be your tie closure for the dress.
  4. Unbend both wire hangers and create a half circle out of wach. Attach the hangers together at either end to create a full circle buy twisting the ends. Don’t worry too much how it looks, it will be covered.
  5. Attach the wire circle to the inside bottom of the trash bag by using duct tape around the entire edge. Test out the sizing before you tape everything in place. If the circle is too big, adjust it now.
  6. Cut an arm hole on each side just below the trash bag tie. Use duct tape around the edge of each arm hole to strengthen the hole.
  7. That’s it! To put the dress on, either loosen the neck tie (in the back) and step into the dress of put the dress on over your head. Tie the drawstring in the back until the neck fits comfortably.

Make accessories using remaining paint and duct tape.

Hair pieces are made of duct tape only.

space girl costume hair bow

Jetpack is a Capri Sun box that was spray painted and then duct tape was added for straps and embellishments.

space girl costume jet pack

Trick-or-treat bucket is a large apple juice bottle. I cut off the top, spray painted the outside and used duct tape to create a handle.

space girl trick-or-treat bucket

Notes: I did try a less expensive spray paint, but it flaked off the plastic bag. Make sure you use the plastic Fusion paint. To make handles or straps with duct tape, make sure to tape all the way around the object so the handles/straps hold under pressure.

I think it would be really fun to attach some battery lights to the inside of this dress, bucket and the jetpack!

Visit Jen at:

100 directions

Make a Stenciled Halloween pumpkin

Paint a stenciled Halloween pumpkin

A stenciled Halloween pumpkin is pretty and when you don’t want to deal with the mess of carving a pumpkin, or you want your pumpkin decorations to last longer than a week or two, painting is a great project to dig your brushes into. Here’s another Halloween craft using the neat new stencils from Martha Stewart Crafts. I used the stencils with the adhesive backing so I could wrap the designs on the pumpkins and even get into the creases with the paint. It’s a great weekend activity you can do with the family too!

Stenciled Halloween pumpkin

 Materials for Stenciled Halloween pumpkin:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts matte black paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts stencils
  • Sponge brush
  • Decorative thumbtacks

How to decorate a pumpkin with stencils:

  1. Start with a washed and dried pumpkin.
  2. Apply the sticky sided stencil where ever you’d like.
  3. Using your sponge brush, dab paint on to the stencil covered area using an up and down motion. Note: brushing or moving back and forth with the brush can create a smudged look at the stencil edge.
  4. Let dry for 1 minute. Peel off stencil and set aside. Let paint on actual stencil dry before applying again.
  5. Repeat the process until you have covered the pumpkin as desired.
  6. Add thumbtacks for extra decorative detailing.
  7. For a little extra sparkly, I added a second coat of paint… a glitter paint on top of the black using a regular small paint brush.

Start with clean, dry pumpkin

apply stencil pressing into creases

dab paint on to stencil using sponge brush

stenciled pumpkin

add decorative thumbtacks for extra detailing

stenciled pumpkin

stencil decorated pumpkin

Decorative stenciled Halloween pumpkin by Jen Goode

You can mix and match the stencils however you like. Combine painting and stenciling with your carved designs. Get creative and see what pretty pumpkins you can come up with!

Visit Jen at:

100 directions

Happy Halloween Wall Decor

Eileen Hull’s new Sizzix collection and her Fresh Vintage Album die along with Die Cuts with a View paper packs are used to create this project. The products compliment each other beautifully! I’ve always loved the vintage style designs. I love Steam Punk and classic textures mixed with rough, raw materials. So combining the materials I received with this project and the upcoming Halloween season, I thought I’d make some new decor to add to my own home. I’m so excited about this piece!

Happy Halloween wall decor by Jen GoodeHappy Halloween wall decor by Jen Goode

Eileen’s album die design is so fabulously versatile and because it’s a Sizzix Big die cut design it will cut through thick materials and even fabric. The DCWV paper pack I received for this project is called Tattered Time and is filled with warm and weathered vintage style images including gears, rules, tickets, two alphabet sets and a whole slew of wonderful patterns and designs.

Eileen Hull Sizzix Album die and DCWV Tattered Time paperEileen Hull Sizzix Album die and DCWV Tattered Time paper

I used scalloped portion of the die to cut paper from the DCWV pack as well as some balsa wood. I couldn’t be happier with how the die cut the wood. I then took an exact-o knife to trim some of the cut pieces to fit my project design.  I colored the wood by dying with Rit dye and adding painted accents using DecoArt craft paints.

Balsa wood cut with Sizzix dieBalsa wood cut with Sizzix die

To include my own personal JGoode touch, I added my own Halloween art accents to this piece. The cat, pumpkin and witch are all Jen Goode original designs you can purchase as digital stamps from Lil’ Goodies.

Halloween Digital stamps by Jen Goode at LilGoodies.comHalloween Digital stamps by Jen Goode at

Here are more pictures of the process to make this Happy Halloween wall decor… I had so much fun!

Making Happy Halloween wall decorMaking Happy Halloween wall decor
Details on my Happy Halloween wall decorDetails on my Happy Halloween wall decor

I’d love to see what fun you can create with these amazing products! Check outEileen Hull’s website to see more great project ideas using her new Fresh Vintage collection of Sizzix dies!

Black grape vine pumpkin with lights tutorial

I’ve been seeing these really cool black grape vine pumpkins all over the place this but was shocked at the prices.. anywhere from $39 up to over $100 but a pumpkin made of sticks and lights. So I set out to make my own. You need a little patience, the steps require drying time so the project takes a few days, but I’m loving the end result and the price can’t be beat. I’ll show you how…

Back grapevine pumpkin with lightsBack grapevine pumpkin with lights

Materials you need:

  • Grape vine wreath
  • Black spray paint
  • Craft string or twine
  • String of lights
  • Painters tape
  • Black craft wire
  • Optional: glitter and clear spray sealer
  • Additional tools: wire cutters and scissors

make sure the grape vine wreath you choose is not woven or twisted. You will be unraveling the vine so make it easier on yourself by finding the wreathes that are just bunched together.

Making the grape vine pumpkin

Soak the wreath in water for 24 hours.
Unwind the vine carefully. Use wire cutters if there are wire rings holding it together. You want to divide the vine into 3-4 loops of vine. make sure to cover work area for this step as the vine will create a bit of a mess on the table.

Soak the vine for 24 hours and then unwind while wetSoak the vine for 24 hours and then unwind while wet

Insert one vine ring into the other intersecting in the middle so you create a 3 dimensional x. Add a 3rd loop of vine into the 1st and 2nd loops, you’ll start to see the “wire frame” of your pumpkin take shape as a bit of a sphere.

separate grapevine into loops of vineseparate grapevine into loops of vine

building the pumpkin from grapevine
building the pumpkin from grapevine

Tie the vines together at the central intersection of all the loops at both the top and bottom of sphere. If you’re sphere isn’t sitting upright well, press down on the top while tying one piece of string to the top center and tightly pulling through and tying secure to the bottom center. This will create a bit of a base of your pumpkin.

making a grapevine pumpkinmaking a grapevine pumpkin

secure with string by pressing down and tying top to bottomsecure with string by pressing down and tying top to bottom

spray paint black applying as many coats as needed for full coveragespray paint black applying as many coats as needed for full coverage

Carefully separate the vines and spread out the various pieces to fill in your sphere. Readjust or add new string ties to help the vines stay in place.Once you are happy with the shape of your sphere, create a stem using remaining vine, cut and tie with string. Secure in place on top of the sphere using craft wire. Create a cork screw curl for extra detail.
Spray paint the entire pumpkin and let dry as directed. Add a second coat as necessary to ensure all visible areas are black. Set aside.

Painting the lights – if you can not find decorative lights with black cords, you can paint your standard lights black. This is what I did…

  1. Using painters tape, carefully cover every light bulb of your light string (this is a great activity to do while you’re on a conference call!) – Don’t forget to cover the metal of the plug and the holes on the other plug.
  2. Spray paint the light string until all areas are black. Remove tape. Voila.. black cords on your string of lights!
cover lights with painters tape before painting string of lightscover lights with painters tape before painting string of lights

Finishing Touches

  1. Add lights to the pumpkin by carefully weaving the light string in and out of the vines. Make sure to leave enough excess so you can plug the cord in.
  2. Optionally spray a little clear varnish on the entire piece and lightly sprinkle with glitter. I also added a little extra sparkle by spraying some Smooch Spritz in both orange and purple.
glitter details of black painted grapevine pumpkinglitter details of black painted grapevine pumpkin