Mini Album – Memories by Sue Eldred

Making a memory book can be simplified and less time consuming if have the right tools and all of your coordinating supplies in one place.  For this Sue used Creative Imaginations and Mary Uchida Clever Lever Border Punch System from Marvy Uchida

 Check out all the cool cartridges available at

“This is the Life” Album measures 5 1/2″ x 6″.

The “Memories” Mini Album measures 4″ x 5″.

I punched the inside pages of my book with the border punch before I assembled.

Both Albums were made using:

Bind It All

Creative Imaginations paper & stickers

Marvy Clever Lever Border System Marvy Clever Lever Punches

Ribbon and other embellishments

I have some other ideas brewing.  I can’t wait to play with them more.

25555  Lady Bug 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper  (Creative Imaginations)
25559  Delight 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper  (Creative Imaginations)
LV-GCP67  Scallop Oval Punch-Giga  (Marvy Uchida)
LV-BCP  Clever Lever Quick Borders Craft Punch  (Marvy Uchida)
LV-BCP02  Antique Floral Cartridge for LV-BCP
Tim Holtz Ornate Plate  (Advantus)
Bind it All and coil  (Zutter Innovations)
Ribbon, Garment Pins,
Hanging Crystal and jump ring
Adhesive 3mm Diamond Rhinestone
Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller  (3M)
Zip Dry Glue  (Beacon Adhesives)
Mat Board
White Cardstock
Cream Spray Paint
Computer Generated Font.

1.  Cut two pieces of mat board 4″ x 5″.
2.  Cover both pieces of mat board with Diamond Scrapbook paper.  (both front and back sides)
3.  Add smaller pieces of scrapbook strips to the end of one side.
4.  Using the Clever Lever Quick Borders Punch, punch a cream strip of Antique floral.  Trim and glue to front of album.
5.  Cut several 4″x 5″ pieces of white cardstock.  Punch one end of each sheet with Antique Floral Border.
6.  Using the Bind it all, punch 6 holes in front and back cover and each of the white cardstock pages.
7.  Bind book together using Bind it All instructions.
8.  Punch a oval scallop out of the peach floral paper and adhere to right side of front cover.  Add adhesive rhinestones.
9.  Spray paint ornate plate with cream paint.  After fully dry, adhere ornate plate with Zip Dry Glue onto the scallop oval.
10. Tie ribbon and hanging crystal on the front of the album.  Add garment pins to knot.

To see more of her lovely work visit


Sophisticated Christmas Wall Art

Creating stylish Christmas Decorations does not have to involve a ton of products and loades of talent. This project started with frames from the craft store. They were pretty inexpensive too. Black and white paper was adhered using Mod Podged.  Then black paint and glitter were added to the edges. Chipboard letters were inked and Prima flowers were used to accent the letters and VOILA! Instant Decor. You could add more embellishments but sometimes less really is more.

Vintage Wicker Laundry Hamper redo – make it monogramed

vintage wicker laundry hamper with lid
vintage wicker laundry hamper with lid

Vintage Wicker Laundry Hamper with lid

Personalize a vintage wicker laundry hamper for a child.

Yesterday I featured a set up storage ideas from my aunt Kathy.  Aunt Kathy has a crafty side to her.  Each of her grandchildren get a personalized laundry hamper.  The one on the left is in the works.  It has been cleaned up, the top sanded and the bottom painted.  The one below is for Aiden.  He is into sports, so she added some pre-painted wooden accents and his initials.

Monogramed vintage hamper
Monogramed vintage hamper


Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011

Recently I saw a post for a jewelry blog party.  The event is called Bead Soup Blog Party.  In this blog party you are paired with a person you do not know and you swap supplies.  With the swapped supplies you create a piece.  The person you swap with sends a package that will hopefully be different than what you normally work with and pushes you out of the box so to speak.  The Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011 started today and there are over 300 participants of jewelry makers with all skills and styles. At the bottom of this post I listed all the participants in the Bead Soup Blog Party.   Lori Anderson’s Blog is where this all started.  It was her vision that created the Bead Soup Blog Party.  My partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party is Michelle Hardy of Firefly Visions   Michelle has a passion for jewelry and fantastic taste in materials.  I was beyond giddy when I opened her package.  The pieces she sent equate to nothing less than stunning.  I only hope I can do them justice. I made two pairs of earrings and cannot decide which I like better. Which pair is your favorite?

Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011 Pair one
Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011 Pair one







Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011 Pair two
Bead Soup Blog Party Fall 2011 Pair two








For the necklace I made to coordinate visit my personal blog Niki Meiners Live a life handmade.  To browse the other participants click on one of the many blogs listed below.


Vintage Suitcase Redo with Mod Podge -Kids Dress Up Storage

Mod Podge Suitcase -Kids Dress Up Storage

Kids Dress Up Storage Idea

Mod Podge Suitcase -Kids Dress Up Storage
Mod Podge vintage suitcase -Kids Dress Up Storage

Mod Podge, and old vintage suitcases are a great combination.

During a visit to my aunt Kathy, baby Gigi discovered her wonderful stack of vintage suitcases.  Each suitcase was covered with wrapping paper and coated in Mod Podge to seal.  She went one step further and painted the the trim to coordinate.  The vintage suitcase in the front was left untouched since it coordinated perfectly.  Each suitcase contains various items of old gloves, scarves, lace, slips and my daughter was delighted with the contents of each suitcase and I literally had to drag her away when playtime was over.  She was more than willing to pose for a photo if it meant she could play a little longer.

Mod Podge Suitcase -Kids Dress Up Storage
Mod Podge Suitcase -Kids Dress Up Storage

Materials to decoupage a vintage suitcase with Mod Podge:

  • Suitcase(s)
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge Brush
  • old credit card
  • craft knife
  • paint and paint brush optional

If you would like to make your own suitcases, the directions below are from my aunt Kathy.

How to decoupage a vintage suitcase with Mod Podge:

  1. Clean the interior and exterior of the suitcase.  Make any repairs if needed.  If the suitcase has an aroma that is unpleasing you can place a box of baking soda inside for a day or two.
  2. Once the exterior is clean and dry you can put a layer of Mod Podge down and start adding the wrapping paper. Work in small sections so that it does not bubble.  Use an old credit card to smooth out any bubbles.
  3. Cover the entire surface with the paper and trim off the excess paper with a craft knife and let the suitcase dry.
  4. One the surface is dry put on several thin coats of Mod Podge allowing it to dry between coats.
  5. If you choose to paint the trim you can do it either before you paper or after depending on your skill set.

Once you have finished the vintage suitcases let them sit and cure for a day or two before filling them with fun dress up clothing. mod Podge Vintage Suitcase

Fractured Doll Themed Guest Box

If you have guest coming for the not so distant future holiday season, there is no better time than NOW to get your guest bathroom in order. Having ordered and received these adorable Fractured Doll Embellishments from the Tim Holtz Ideaology line from, I decided to use them in this recycled cigar box, made guest room pretty.

Text wrapped bottleStart by recycling a small bottle that might be a good size to put scented bath salts in, such as a small wine bottle or coffee drink bottle. Find an old vintage text book page (can be found at thrift shops), and tear out one of the pages. Measure the bottle and cut the page to fit the measurements. Wrap around the bottle securing with paper adhesive or double sided tape.

Dry brush edges Make the bottle look more shabby chic by dry brushing the edges with black acrylic paint.

Embellish frozen charlotteEmbellish your fractured doll with pretty organza ribbon and a beaded embellishment of choice (this is one I handmade from bubble stickers, stickles and beads). Glue your embellishments to the doll using a strong adhesive such as e-6000 or Aleenes Liquid Fusion.

Attach with liquid fusionTo secure your doll to the bottle, use some thin wire and strong adhesive.

Guest bath box 2Paint the lid a coordinating color and add other embellishments such as a small tag. Use a funnel to pour in bath salts.

Frozen charlotte dollI tucked my bath salts along with some guest bath soaps and this vintage doll head into a recycled cigar box. You can paint and embellish the box further with a smaller fractured doll and a nice stamped sentiment.

Guest bath box 1

Your guests will LOVE your thoughtfulnes and beautiful touches!

Live Life Creatively,







Halloween Party Favors or Halloween Party Invitation – A Message in a Bottle

Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Craft Idea

Halloween is getting close.  The signals are all around.  Falling leaves, cooler weather, lots of football games and then before you know it- HALLOWEEN. My most FAVORITE holiday in the world. The designers participating in the Designer Crafts Connection (see logo at right of page to hop forward and back) are bringing you various ideas for party favors OR anything else they want to.  I Chose to do a Halloween Craft.  You can never have enough Halloween ideas.

I thought these small wine bottles (recycled, emptied, thoroughly cleaned out and labels removed) would make the perfect Halloween party favors. Filled with small treats, they would be the perfect spooky addition to your bash or just to make for those special neighboorhood friends or co-workers. Fill with seasonally colored m&Ms, skittles, jelly beans etc.

Halloween Favors I simply covered the bottle with scraps of patterned paper, added some layered punches and a stamped motif and a pretty/coordinating piece of beaded bling and fabric scraps. For the lid, I painted the lid with white acrylic paint, varnish and Krylon webbing spray to give the Halloweeen Party Favors  that special touch.

Webbing spray These bottle would also be PERFECT for housing a Halloween party invite, message in a bottle style. Here is how to do that easily.

Invite stamp Use an invite stamp to stamp some info with StazOn ink.

Stamped inviteUse a black permanent marker to fill in the scary details.

Message in a botttle 1Roll up, tie with black string and make sure the rolled tube shape fits into the opening of the bottle easily.

Message in a botttle 2Insert a glue dot or a small piece of double sided adhesive tape to the inside of the lid. Tape the end of the string to the tape. This will allow your recipient to remove the Halloween party invitation once they unscrew and remove the lid.

Message in a botttle 3Replace the lid and allow your invite to dangle inside.

Spray mailerTo mail, and inexpensively I might add, purchase a plain white bubble mailer and spray with the webbing spray. I purchased my mailer from Office Depot for about $1.75 and it can be mailed with the bottle inside for under $2.00. Make sure you use clear packing tape to secure the mailing and return address.

To see more clever ideas hop around on the blog hop today. You will pick up some great inspiration! If you would like to see another idea for a Halloween Party invitation, see this post on cadboard tube owls.

Julie McGuffee, who hosts this blog group, has something special this month
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To enter to win,

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where you started….then go to Julie McGufee’s blog to
add your comment.
The winner will be announced on September 15th.

Live Life Creatively,



Recycled Brown Grocery Tags- A Gift of Green

Recycled Brown Grocery Tags- A Gift of Green

Brown paper tags 1
Recycled Brown Grocery Tags- A Gift of Green.  Ok, so I realize that there are not that many merchants who still give out brown paper sacks. (actually, the wine stores where I live still do now that I can think of it). But I still delight in the brown kraft paper look because it seems so organic and natural. Green Craft Magazine is still into having their designers make something from these items we normally toss. So with that in mind, I was inspired to make these brown recycled grocery bag tags. Its very simple and involves minimal supplies. Here what you do.

Punch tagsUse Marvy Uchidas Clever Lever Tag Punch to punch tag shapes from the recycled brown grocery bag and black card stock scraps. If you do not have this punch or cannot find it locally, has a cool one made by Fiskers that punches 2 1/2″ tag shapes. This is perfect for this project! Punch as many tags from the recycled brown grocery bags and card stock as you will like, in pairs, as you will be gluing them together.

Fluer de lisNext, use a Fleur De lis punch to punch the motif in the center of the recycled brown grocery bag tag. Now, the punch I am using is an older Anna Griffin Punch, but has several to chose from that would be perfect for this project. Use their handy search tool for “fleur de lis punch.”

Border punch 1Next, use a Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Corner Punch to punch a decorative border on the edge of the tags. This step is optional, your recycled tags will still look great without this step.

Glued tags Now, glue the black tag to the recycled brown grocery bag tag with a small amount of paper adhesive.

Pretty centersEnhance the center of your tags with self adhesive pearls or clear acrylic gem stones.

Pleated paperNext, cut a 1/2″ x 5″ strip of paper from a recycled book such as a vintage text book, dictionary, novel or encyclopedia. Knife pleat the paper as shown above. Find some inspirational words or occassional words in the book such as “you,” “mother,”  “father,” “Believe,” and so forth. Think about how you may be using the tags. If you are going to use them on a scrapbook page, you may search for entirely different words.

Final tagsGlue the pleated paper to the top of the tag and the word to the bottom.

I am going to include my tags, all pretty and tied together with hand dyed organza ribbon, inside my little “gift of green.” I am also going to tie one of them to the top.

A gift of Green 1Inside my little gift of green…all sorts of recycled pretties along with my recycled grocery bag tags.

A gift of Green 2 Such as, corrugated flowers die cut with altered brad centers… (made from a recycled cardboard box)

Corrugated flowersRosettes made from muslin scraps, all tucked inside a small recycled coffee drink bottle…

Mulsin flowers in recycled jar Birds and tags cut from upcycled coffee drink sleeves….

Coffee sleeve bird die cuts
Coffee sleeve tagsAnd stamped wood cut shapes, tucked inside upcycled miniature jelly jars…

Stamped wood cutsIf you like this idea but would rather purchase the tags then make them yourself, they can be found in my etsy shop.

What would you put inside your little gift of green? I would love to hear your ideas.

Live Life Creatively,










Embellished Tap Shoes

Embellished Shoes with taps 3If you have followed some of my recent posts here, you may remember that I scored some old shoe taps at a recent estate sale. Apparently, the person who had the estate, was an avid collector of the somewhat eclectic, like old shoe taps.

I recently discovered that I LOVE using Jacquard’s Neopaque paints with leather! So, I set out on a mission to transform these basic (boring) shoes into something that would make a little more of an artistic statement.

Shoes beforeIf you have a similar pair of shoes at home, you can do this along me easily with some basic supplies. As far as the taps go, search for “shoe taps” on a site like ebay. You should be able to find some for little expense. I paid .$50 each for mine. I purchased several so I plan to create some pendants with them as well.

Old shoe tap Start by dry brushing the shoes with Neopaque in White.

Dry brushing with neopaque
Dry brushing with neopaque 2Let that coat dry, and dry brush over the white with Neopaque in Black. This will create an interesting background for your shoes. When dry brushing, swipe the brush up and down as well as side to side, this will create a more natural dry brushed effect.

Dry brush neopaque 2Let the black coat dry, and use a black medium point Tee Juice marker to create some simple patterns such as large and small dots.

Decorate shoe with marker
Decorate shoe with marker 2
Tee juice markers need to be heat set so I carefully heat set the dots with a heat tool. This way, if I get caught in the rain, my dots will not wash away.

Stamp with staz onNext, use StazOn ink to stamp a sentiment on Inkjet Cotton Percale. I chose a fitting sentiment like “just dance” to go along with the tap theme. Since Inkjet Cotton Percale sheets are created for inkjet printers, you can skip the ink and print a sentiment in the font of your choice.

Decoupaged shoeCut the sentiment out and use decoupage medium and a foam brush to decoupage to the front of the shoe. Make sure you use three to four coats and let each coat dry between applications. This will ensure your sentiment stays in tact.

Decoupaged shoe tapI also decoupaged a vintage image, cut from the pages of one of my vintage text books, to embellish the tap. When doing this, make sure you do not cover up any of the holes on the tap.

Embellished shoe tapTo further embellish, I used Stickles in clear to outline the image and a “little sparkler” from Websters Pages. Both of these supplies can be purchased at Use some very strong tacky adhesive, such as E-6000, to glue the sparkler to the bottom of the tap.

Use marker to position tap Now for the tricky part, getting the tap attached to the top of the shoe. Position the tap on the shoe like you want it to appear when it is attached. Use the Tee Juice Marker to outline the tap and mark above the position of two pairs of the top holes.

Punch holes in shoe
Remove the tap and use a heavy duty punch, such as the Big Bite by WR Memory Keepers to punch the holes. If you don’t have one of these tools, I would highly suggest you consider investing in one. I think it is one of the best tools I have purchased. It punches through metal, fabric layers and all kinds of things I used to have to get the drill out for! I LOVE it!

Cut wire with nipsTo securing attach the embellished tap to the shoe, I used a combination of wire and tacky glue. Cut four lengths of wire to 4″ with wire nips.

Thread wire through holesThread the wire through one pair of the punched holes, going from the inside as shown, so the ends of the wire are sticking out of the holes.

Thread wire through holes 2Now thread the wire through two of the closely positioned holes on the tap. Repeat for the other side. Use some round nose jewelry pliers to curl the ends of the wire together, securing positioning the tap to the top of the shoe and making sure the ends of the wire curl under for safety.

Curl ends of wire 2Lastly, use the tee juice marker to fill in where the drawn line is and make it thicker. Also, place some super tacky glue under the tap to further secure it to the shoe. Neopaque paints, Tee Juice Markers and Inkjet Cotton Percale sheets can be purchased from Dick Blick.

Fill in line with markerAnd there you have them! Shoes with the taps on the top instead of the bottom!

Embellished Shoes with taps 3I have several taps left in my stash. What would you use them for? I would love to hear your ideas!

Live Life Creatively,




God Bless America


Here at 365 Days of Crafts we would just like to take a moment and extend our sympathies to those who lost loved ones in that fateful day ten years ago. We would also like to thank those who serve and sacrifice daily for our freedom and continued safety here in the USA. This simple card is a great reminder of the symbol of freedom we all fall under, our beautiful “Old Glory”. GOD BLESS AMERICA!



Cardstock (Prism Papers) Nautical Blue Dark & Medium, Tawny Brown Medium Prismatics; Simply Smooth White.

Brads (Creative Impressions) Black, 2
Leafing Pen (Krylon®) Copper

Tools & Supplies
Rubber Stamps (Impression Obsession) Porch with Flag, God Bless America, Cover a Card Kaleidascope.
Colorbox Pigment Ink (Clearsnap) Oyster White.
Memento Dye Ink (Tsukineko) Rich Cocoa, Tuxedo Black.
Markers (Copic) W00,W1, T1, T3, T5, 0, E31, E35, E37, B0000, BG72, B99, YR000, YR21, R27, R46, G20, G24, G99, RV19, RV34.
Reminisce Gel Pen (Marvy Uchida) white.
Die Template (Spellbinders) Labels Eight Nesties™.
Die Cutting Machine (Sizzix) Big Shot with Multipurpose Platform
Paper Crimper (Fiskars)
Paper Piercer
Adhesives (Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L) Permanent Tape Runner, 3-D Foam Squares