Embossed Copper Cuff

Embossed Copper Bangle
Embossed Copper Bangle


This diamond embossed copper cuff was made after a metalsmith class in Wilmington, NC., by Melissa Manley.  Each class we took from her was packed with insight and knowledge that can only be gained through experience.  She did not teach us a project, she taught us a skill.  That skill we had to apply to our own creation.  I fell instantly in love with embossing on metal and in particular, copper.  Embossed copper can have so many different looks.  I love it after it is dipped in liver of sulpher. The solution gives the piece instant age and depth.  It is a chemical that is as stinky as it is useful.   It’s hard to mistake the odor of rotten eggs produced by liver of sulfur. But don’t let the smell scare you, because nothing else can produce such eye-catching color on the surface. This mysterious solution creates colors as dark as night or as beautiful as an iridescent rainbow and they range from subtle gold to magenta, purple, and everything in between.  I like to seal my pieces after I get the look I want.

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Simple, Sparkly & Feminine

I hope you are not too tired of my jewelry posts yet, cause I have a few more to show you! *WINK*
This fun floral necklace was also featured in April 2010 issue of Crafts ‘n things. They have gotten some of my best work to be honest! LOL I have tons of projects that I have made and have been published on those pretty glossy pages but I never think to upload them! So here’s another.

This necklace focuses on the offset floral focal point again, but by using Beadalon’s Crinkle Wire, I feel I have brought an interested element of texture to this project as well! Adding delicate touches of sparkle due to the gorgeous cuts on the semi-round crystals.


Girls Night In Necklace - Keri Lee Sereika WEB

Another Oldie but Goodie

So I thought I would share with you one of my designs that is was featured in the June 2010 issue of Crafts ‘n things. I LOOOOVE this necklace! I was inspired by all the fabulous jewelry I had been seeing at J.Crew, Anthropologie, and in Target. Lots of florals, off set focal points, and ribbons! LOTS of RIBBONS!!! Silk was huge everywhere I looked and so I tied that into my design here. Utilizing dies from Sizzix, Inks from Ranger, Crystals from Swarovski and jewelry findings from Beadalon I was able to combine my love for paper crafting, jewelry design and gift giving all in one pretty little package.  I hope you enjoy it!


Grunge Floral Necklace - Keri Lee Sereika WEB

An older project that still holds it’s charm and beauty

I had a fun earrings and bracelet set as part of the Girls Night In feature in the October 2010 issue  of Crafts ‘n things. These are some of my favorite projects to date I think! Created using Swarovski pearls, pale purple crystals and copper metals this set just oozes hip and fun…They are SUPER fun to wear and just make me feel sparkly all over!

This year I have delved into silversmithing and let me tell you, it’s an awesome new craft. I hope to get some projects done since I will be practicing my new skills and then I will be back here with an update. I hope you like JEWELRY cause you are about to see some of my stuff over the next few days. 🙂 Enjoy!

Girls Night In Earrings and Bracelet - Keri Lee Sereika WEB

More Altered Scrapbooking Embellishments

 Altered Embellishments 3

These little gems were fashioned from some old five pronged metal rings I had in my scrap booking stash. Can anyone remember what they were called? I cannot for the life of me…

Metal ringsI decided to alter these to make them something I will use, instead of collecting dust. Start by sanding the metal…

Sanded rings Next, mix some Pearl Ex in Antique Rust by Jacquard products with Pearl Ex Varnish in a 1:1 ratio.

Pearl ex productLightly paint the surface of each metal ring.  

Dry brushed with pearl exDon’t they already look a lot more artsy? But wait, we go further…

I painted the edges of the rings with Neopaque.

Painting with neopaque 
This tool from Epiphany Crafts is the coolest! It is called the Shape Studio Tool- Round 14. Used with the 14 round epoxy shapes, it makes cute little custom epoxies. For those of you wanting to see the tool in action, there is a cool “try it out virtual tool” on the Epiphany Craft Website. I think this is an ingenuous way to mix the old with the new and use up those small but treasured paper scraps! Epiphany Craft tools and accessories are available on Scrapbook.com.



I used the tool and epoxies with an old book page (shocked, I know) to make custom centers for the metal rings. 

Setting stones 
 Finally, I set Swarovski flat backed crystals on the sides with glue and added a small ring of glitter paint around the edges.

Altered Embellishments 2 
Altered Embellishments 
I absolutely cannot wait to liven up my projects with these! And these…

Altered flower bradsFor more fun ideas on altering old scrap supplies, see my pinata inked flower embellishments or my altered metal flower rings.

Live Life Creatively,







Faux Ceramic Tile Pendant and french accent beads

Faux Ceramic Tile Pendant and frech accent beads
Faux Ceramic Tile Pendant and frech accent beads

     Faux Ceramic Tile

Ocean blues and greens are highlighted by a delightful mix of gold and copper around it.  The faux ceramic tile mimics the original style of tile very closely.   The faux ceramic glaze that is used allows for more depth and more dimension to show through than the original tiles.  I liked this technique so much that I am going to do it again and make a tutorial.




Distressed Handmade Embellishment-Time Flies

Time Flies
Time Flies


This fun handmade embellishment can be used for a variety of purposes. It could be a necklace or a pin.  You could use it on the cover of a scrapbook or in a mixed media collage.

Melony Bradley created this piece using Jacquard paint products, rhinestone strips, rubberstamps and wood pieces.  I love how creative she is with simple wood pieces.

Aqua, Brown,White and Silver Crochet Bracelet with Epiphany Shape Studio

Epiphany Crafts stamped pendants
Epiphany Crafts stamped pendantsZ

Wire Crochet Bracelet

This crochet silver wire technique is moderately easy to make in an evening.  After stamping the inserts for the charms, you can easily crochet while watching your favorite tv show.  I used various shades of aqua and greens for the beads and then stamped the images in a brown ink and colored in the images with an aqua color.  I then used the Epiphany Shape Studio 14 round and also the 14 round domes and charms


Materials and directions

One spool of copper 28 gauge wire

Copper foil tape (used in Soldering)

Assorted beads —40 for a single strand choker, 20 for single strand bracelet. ( 100 for necklace and 50 for bracelet.)

Metal crochet hook, size G.

Wire cutters and needle-nose pliers

Findings: jumprings ,clasp, wire hooks (Epiphany Shape Studio 14 round, 14 round domes and charms)


1.    String your beads onto the wire, leaving it attached to the spool. Push them along down the wire toward the spool
2.    Form a slip-knot with your wire. 
Now, put your crochet hook through that slip knot, and tighten, while leaving a little space for movement
 Chain three. *** Chain Stitch***Take the end of your wire that’s still attached to the spool, and wrap it over your hook. Wrap from the back of the hook to the front.  Pull it through the slip knot.

4.    Slide a bead up along the wire, all the way to the hook.  Reach hook in front of the bead, and wrap the wire over it as in a chain stitch. Catch the wire in your hook, and pull it through. Continue until no loose beads remain.
5.     Finish your strand with three more chain stitches.  Cut the wire free of the spool, leaving about a 3″ tail of wire at both ends.
6.    Take the loose tail of wire and wrap it through that end loop a few times to anchor your stitching. Cut the loose end of the wire close to that loop. Repeat for other end. Attach your jumprings and finding.

Spanish greeting card set using duetica.com

Spanish greeting card set using duetica.com
Spanish greeting card set using duetica.com

Fantastico y muchas gracias!!!

A spanish greeting card set is the perfect thank you gift or hostess gift if you have a bilingual spanish/english friend.  Sure they can find cards with english sentiments but have you ever tried to find a card with the sentiment in spanish?  You can make these cards even if you don’t speak the language.  There are on line translating services such as google translate or bablefish you can use.    When creating these cards I wanted to use really fin fonts too.  So I went to Duetica.com and played around until I got just the look I wanted.  Their fonts are interchangeable – there are so many styles in every font.  ( I copied this next part from their site) Unlike tradtional fonts,Duetica fonts give you lots of lettering styles to choose from for each and every letter, which you select quickly and easily as you type.  To create the spanish greeting card set I used some of my favorite papers.  These papers and rub-ons are 4 years old and from Frances Meyer.  I still have a few sheets of each left and  only use them on special projects.  I also used Marvy Uchida Punches.  I hope you enjoyed this variation on the typical sentiments.

Paint flowers – a homemade tutorial

I woke up saturday morning and decided I would paint.  Nope, I am not a painter. I have painted walls, baseboards and boxes but nothing I would call art.  I decided I wanted to hand paint flowers for Gigi’s room.  I looked online for art work and if I found something I liked, it did not quite match or it was WAY out of my price range.  I had a set of canvases in my attic from when I thought I could make a collage and call it art work.  It was cheaper to buy a 3 pack and not pay for shipping than it was to buy one a have to pay for shipping.  So what does any normal crafter do?  They order one.  But alas my friends, I am not normal.

My attempt at making a collage was not quite great.  Lets just say that was an epic crafter disaster.   That piece was so bad I tossed the canvas.  This left me with two 24×36 canvas.


Draw image
Draw image

How to Paint Flowers Step One

The first thing I did was to draw my image.  I used water color pencils in the color I wanted to use.  So that when I painted the lines would disappear or at least blend into the paint better than a regular pencil.  As you can see my rough draft is not very attractive.  I did not let this stop me from continuing.








How to paint flowers step 2

Paint the background
Paint the background


Do not worry about how your brush strokes look at this point.  Keep painting and layering.  I like the distressed look.  Life is not perfect so why would my art be?  Next, fill in the flower stem.  Then paint the flower.  I finished doing those steps and decided it still needed a little bit more.  I had a box of Martha Stewart products arrive at my doorstep last week and I decided they would be perfect to add an additional layer.  I took the surf blue paint and added a little black from my stash and it created a nice navy blue.  I used several different stencils from the same package.  I applied the paint with the Martha Stewart roller brush.  I went heavy in some areas while using a light touch in others.  This allowed then stencil  to add different layers of depth.

Paint flowers step 3

Add Martha Stewart Stencils
Add Martha Stewart Stencils


After I added the stencils I decided to give it one more layer.  The roller brush comes with a little tray.  I was almost out of the navy paint I made so I decided I would use it up.  I watered it down heavily and used it as a wash.  This helped to mask my strokes and make everything evenly distressed.





Finished Hand Painted Flowers

Hand Painted Flowers
Hand Painted Flowers