Homemade Garden Gift Basket

Garden basket 001

It’s time to get your garden on… if you have a friend with a green thumb, take a look at this crafty homemade garden themed idea using petal pots from Create and Treasures Ready to Go Blank Board collection.

Petal pots
Who doesn’t love Amy Butler fabric? I used some of her funky fabric to cover this pot, working petal by petal, and using decoupage medium for fabric. I created a template by tracing one of the petals onto a scrap piece of cardstock. I then used that as a template to trace on the wrong side of the fabric.


I created polymer clay flowers using clay push molds and Sculpey III and dry brushed them with pearl ex pigment powders, mixed with varnish.

Stamp close up

I added a sweet and fitting stamp sentiment and filled the pot with soaps, lotion and seed packets.

Garden basket 2

I hope you are enjoying Spring! Enjoy it even more and create this bucket full of garden treats!

Live Life Creatively,


Make a Simple Sunflower Card by Keri Lee Sereika

Today I just have a really simple card for you. Again from the April Kit Country Farm Stand at Pixiedust Paperie. I decided to “age” nearly everything I put my hands on just a bit with a little touch of ink. I inked the beautiful golden crinkled seam binding, the tag edges, the paper edges and even the scrap of fabric I used. To add a bit more interest I also decided to fray the edges of my fabric. To add just a hint of “clean and fresh” to my finished project I decided to leave the delightful red and white baker’s twine as is and use three layers of it to really help it to stand out from the inked fabric scrap. Enjoy!

Very Vellum Cards

Very Vellum Cards

One of my very favorite types of paper to work with is vellum.  I use it quite a lot actually.  I love the properties of it.  I love how it’s translucence can soften an image or picture.  I love the effect it has when used as an overlay.  I like that you find it in different levels of translucency, in different colors and even with patterns on it.   I particularly enjoy finding interesting ways to adhere it…although now-a-days the vellum tape available is fantastic!

Each of the handmade cards above has a vellum element incorporated.  On each card, the vellum is attached by a different means.  If you look closely, you can see how each piece of vellum is attached.  Do you use vellum often?  If not, have you been inspired to use it in the future?  Leave a comment.  Let us know!

Artfully yours,


Make Easter Treat Bags- with Marvy Uchida Paper Punches

Opening Photo

Using your Marvy Uchida Paper Punches to create these sweet and simple Easter Treat Bags is a snap.

Marvy Uchida’s Extra Giga Craft Punch is big. A mean, really big. Think 3 1/2″ wide. So, they are large enough to stitch the edges together and make quick as you can say “bunny hop” easter favors.

Photo 1

Gather some pastel and eastery looking cardstock. They can be scraps or whole sheets.

Photo 2

You will need to punch two shapes, so you have a back and front or each bag.

Photo 3

Download some vintage or other easter images from the internet. I purchased these from The Vintage Workshop but there are plenty of options available elsewhere on the internet such as etsy.

Photo 4

Use Marvy’s Super Jumbo Clever Lever Craft Punch to punch certain parts of the images.

Photo 5

Glue the image to the center of one of the shapes.

Photo 6

Using a sewing machine, contrasting (I used black) OR matching thread, straight stitch the image about 1/4″ from the edges.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Stack two matching shapes together and, starting at one side, sew together approx 1/4 from edges. Don’t fret if your lines seem uneven at the top, we will be covering that up with embellishments! (: Make sure you don’t stitch all edges together, you need a 2-3″ opening at the top to place goodies inside.

Photo 9

Now gather together your flower punches. These are the Marvy Uchida punches I chose.

Photo 10

Punch some flowers from various cardstock scraps and patterned paper scraps. Layer and glue together and glue to one side of the favor bag.

Photo 11

I glued a flat backed rhinestone in the center of each flower as well.

Photo 12

Stamp a sentiment on some scrap paper. I used the margins of a vintage encyclopedia page for its wonderful aged effect.

Photo 13

I also glued a pinch of sheet moss to the bottom of the image to add a little more texture.

Photo 14

Finally, punch a couple of holes in the sides of the front shape and insert some light gauge wire into the holes to create a hanger.

Photo 17

You can see by using your Extra Giga Clever Lever Craft Punches and other minimal supplies, how quick and easy it would be to create these easter treat bags!

Photo 15

Live Life Creatively,


Make a Precious Metal Clay Pendant

Precious Metal Clay Basket Weave Pendant
Precious Metal Clay Basket Weave Pendant

This piece was made with Precious Metal Clay in sheet form.  Working with sheets is nice since the clay is in a very  thin sheet and you do not have to worry about rolling the clay.  It is a bit dryer and stiffer than working with the clay in a pouch and rolling it yourself.  Doing a basket weave is only one of many techniques that can be created with PMC Sheets.  You can also do origami with it.   This Etsy seller has some very fun origami pieces.   Really your options are limitless in working with PMC and PMC Sheets.

Jacquard Products – Mona Lisa Make Over

Opening photo

Whenever I spot a wood heart in a thrift store, I cannot pass it up. I love to make them over. For this heart re-do, I used products from Jacquard. Follow along as I show you how I make this Mona Lisa using Jacquard paints and ExtravOrganza

Before heart

The original heart really was not bad looking before. Kind of a crackly shabby chic roses look. But I dont have this decor style in my home. So, I decided to re-do in  silvery antique tones.

Step 1

I used Jacquard’s Neopaque in black to base coat the heart on the front. Neopaque. Neopaque paints are designed to cover dark backgrounds with light application so you will need only one coat here.

Step 2

Use a wax candle to apply wax to random areas of the front surface. This will produce a distressed effect after you have applied the next color.

Step 3

Paint the surface of the heart in Neopaque White. Apply a light coat to produce a color washed effect. This will make the wood heart look more aged.

Step 6

When this coat dries, lighly sand the surface. Areas where the wax was applied will remove very easily.

Step 4

This is my favorite step and ExtravOrganza is fast becoming one of my favorite crafting products.

ExtravOrganza is a semi-transparent silk organza fabric sheet that is paper backed to run through an inkjet printer or inkjet copier.

Easy to use and extremely versatile, ExtravOrganza allows you to layer transparent images over the top of other artwork without blocking them. So that cool painted effect you just created on the heart will not be blocked by this step.

I downloaded an image from The Vintage Workshop and printed it on one of the ExtraOrganza sheets. To find this same letter, click here

Step 7

I used the front of the heart as a template to trace with a black marker on the printed sheet.

Step 8

I then used scissors to cut the heart out, cutting inside the traced lines about 1/4.”

Step 10

To adhere the letter sheet to the heart, I placed a small bead of tacky glue on the edges of the wood heart.

For a unqiue focal point, I chose this Mona Lisa Clip art from The Vintage Workshop.

Step 5

I had a brass frame in my stash that she would look perfect in.

Step 9

But to make the brass coordinate with the silvery frame, I thought it needed a dry brushing of Lumiere in Metallic Silver.

Step 12

To finish, glue the photo to the frame with tacky glue.

Step 11

Glue on the frame with tacky glue as well. To mask any glue left on the edges, I added some self adhesive gem stones which my cat, Bob, loves more than I do.


I love this makeover! Tell me what you think…leave me a comment.

Sneak Peek

Live Life Creatively,


New Friend Friday – Spring Votives by Cherish Fileder

Spring- mini-button-votive - craft
Spring- mini-button-votive - craft







Please welcome Cherish of   www.SomethingToCherish.com

Cherish is a licensed Illustrator and designer I met a few years ago displaying her loving, whimsical art.  I loved the way every project had hand stitching on it.  It gave her work an added dimension that I did not see elsewhere.  I could immediately see so many projects that I would like to create.  I have the turtle mini button up on my inspiration board.



Cherish Flieder
Licensed Illustrator & Designer

Website/Gallery/Blog/Store: www.SomethingToCherish.com

Now on to the oddly fun questions we ask of our guest designers.
With whom would you love to spend one day making art? Past or present.
Jessie Wilcox Smith and the Red Rose Girls 

One interesting fact that our readers might want to know?
I am really fascinated by different cultures. I got to go to Russia when I was in high school and we went into a little factory in Rostov where they paint the most amazing miniatures paintings on enamel jewelry and other little things. Experiencing different cultures makes me think differently about the whole idea of creativity and opens me up to connecting old ideas in new ways. 

Where would you vacation, if you could go anywhere?

I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean and truly relax! 

Mac or PC?
80% Mac & 20% PC depending on the project, but I am preferring Mac more and more everyday.

Where do you find inspiration?

Sketching, observing nature, spending time with friends and family and lots of window shopping! 

What is your favorite color scheme?
I love the harmony of analogous colors accented with a complimentary contrast of extension. (I also love teaching color theory to my college students at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design).

If you could be any superhero, who would it be?

As my students could tell you, I am not too familiar with superheros. However, I have many dreams to accomplish and since the days seem so short, I would love the super power to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time! 

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Miso soup and lots of it. My husband and I are just trying something new (back to that love for different cultures). Last week we tried a bunch of Greek recipes and before that Mexican. I think we might do something Italian next week.
What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?
I am a pretty shy person at heart, it takes great courage everyday to put myself out there so I can share my art and knowledge. Art and knowledge is my gift. Giving that gift to others and seeing people’s eyes light up with inspiration keeps me going.

If you would like to see more of the work by Cherish, please visit the links below.


If you would like additional Easter crafts start at Egg Craft Eggstravaganza.


Make a Cluster Collage – Vintage Turquoise Card by Keri Lee Sereika

Cluster Collage – Vintage Turquoise Card

I have to say, the April Country Farm Stand kit at Pixiedust Paperie is AMAZINGLY versatile! I mean, seriously, I can’t believe how one project looks so totally different from the other! This card is all about vintage collage.  I wanted to really show case how all these fun elements, buttons, tags, stickers, butterflies, fabric and more can be tied together to create a really fun fresh take on vintage.

Here’s a quick close up of the “clustered collage”…I almost want to make that a new technique – Clustered Collage. Take all the bits and pieces and just arrange them until you feel you have a balanced collage and then place it in just one section of your project. Voila! You have a clustered collage! 🙂

Make Background Papers


As a paper artist, there are many times that I get very frustrated because I just cannot find the perfect coordinating paper for a card or layout in my stash.  Let me tell ya….it is quite an extensive stash too!  To deal with this issue, I keep a lot of white and solid colored cardstock in my studio so that I can make my own handmade background papers.  Here are a few samples that demonstrate some quick and easy techniques with product that you probably already own.

Rainbow Floral Paper

This colorful sample was inspired by the negative of a Sizzix die cut.  Using the die cut as a template, Tsukineko Chalk Inks and stipple brushes, I created this rainbow floral pattern.  I began at one corner of a piece of white paper.  Each time I moved the template, I switched colors.  I accomplished this using a stipple brush.  The rest of the white space I stippled on a light coating of a complimentary color.

Polka Dot Background Paper

This polka dot paper was created using Tim Holtz’s Distress Inks, The Crafter’s Workshop stencils and stipple brushes.  This was so simple to make.  I used white paper as my background, but you can easily switch that out with another pale colored paper.  I placed the stencil over the paper and stippled in my first color.  I then moved the stencil so that it slightly overlapped the first color and stippled in my second color.  Then I repeated that with the third color.  Quick, easy and fun!

Printed Background Paper

This faux printed background paper was a little trickier to make, but load of fun!  I actually used rubber stamps to create this background.  There are SEVEN separate stamps used in this background.  I started with plain white paper and Stazon Permanent Ink in Timber Brown by Tsukineko.  It is really super important to use permanent ink because you don’t want anything to smear or run once you being to colorize it.  Starting with the largest stamp, I began to collage the paper’s surface.  I worked to the smallest.  Once I had a pattern that I really liked, I filled in any wide gaps with the gingham style stamp.  Finally, I used a textured stamp to randomly stamp all over the entire collage.  Finally, with my stipple brushes and Tim Holtz’s Distress Inks, I added color over the entire collage…beginning with the lightest and working to the darkest, which I kept closest to the edges of the paper.

Monochromatic Background Paper

This is probably the easiest effect to accomplish when creating your own background papers.  It is quick in that it takes very little time to get done, but a little longer because you have to take drying time into account.  This background paper is monochromatic.  Monochromatic means, in it’s simplest of definitions, one color family.  For example, the sample above is a sort of study in pink.  I’ve used pink cardstock and acrylic paint in another shade of pink.  To keep with this monochromatic theme, I could have added another size heart in yet another shade of pink!

Achieving this background is simple.  You will need a solid colored cardstock of your choice, an acrylic paint color that is in the same family as your cardstock…perhaps a few shades lighter or darker than your paper…and foam stamps.  In the example above, I used pink paper, a heart shaped foam stamp and pink acrylic paint.  All I did was stamp the image in a pattern.  Really simple and way cute!

Hope you enjoyed these examples and that you are inspired to go and create your own background papers.  Keep us posted with your progress!!

Artfully yours…..Theresa 🙂




Charming Bracelet and Earrings- Using your Marvy Uchida Paper Punches

Copper set close up

Using your Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Paper Punch in this fun Daisy theme, you can create a pretty charm bracelet and earrings.

Take a look at the supplies you will need:

Materials needed

Supplies needed:

Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch- Daisy

Patterened paper scraps/coordinating cardstock

1″ wood circle

Acrylic paint in coordinating color, paintbrush

decoupage medium, foam brush

Jewelry glue or extra strength tacky glue

jewelry findings- chain, jump rings, head pins, lobster claw clasp, earring backs of choice

Beads to match patterned papers, flat backed rhinestones

Tools- chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire nippers, hand drill

Photo 1

Step 1- paint the wood circles with the acrylic paint, back and front

Photo 2

Step 2- Punch several flowers from the patterned paper and cardstock.

Paper punched

creating a loop

Step 3- While waiting for the circles to dry, bead the headpins in desired pattern, like the one here. Use the wire nips (while wearing safety glasses!) to clip off the end of the headpin. Not sure how much to nip? Imagine a 10mm bead on the end of the pin and clip.

beaded charms

Step four- Use your round nose pliers to create loops at the opposite ends of the headpins. Not sure how? Click here. Continue to make six or seven beaded charms.

Photo 6

Step five- Once your circles are dry, use the decoupage medium and foam brush to apply the flower punches to the wood circles. Use two or three coats for more durable charms. Do this step for both sides of the circles

Photo 7


Step six- Use a hand drill to carefully drill a hole at the top of each decoupaged circle. Using the chain nose pliers, open jump ring and insert into the drilled hole.

Decoupaged charns

Step seven- Repeat this step for all wood charms and beaded charms. Use the extra strength tacky glue to glue the rhinestone in the center of the flower, back and front.

Turquoise and Copper set

Step eight- Open each jump ring and attach the charms to the chain. (I used 8″ of chain, which is a good standard size). Attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain. Attach a jump ring to the opposite end. Use the extra strength tacky glue to attach the earring backs to the wood circles for earring pair.

Decoupaged charm bracelet

Live Life Creatively,