Fancy Floral Napkin Rings

Your table guests will love peering through the glass to see the little clay flower inside these shadow box napkin rings that are easier to create than they look. Follow along with me here and I will show you how to create these fancy clay floral napkin rings, just in time for Spring….

I painted a wood napkin ring with Jacquard’s Lumiere paint in Citrine Green. I painted a 2″ wood square Metallic Gold. Both of these wood products can be purchased at most craft stores in the wood working and turnings section.

Next, condition some of Jacquard’s Cernit clay in porcelain white. Pinch off a dime sized piece and press into a clay push mold, like the one used here from Makins Clay. Pinch off a pea sized piece of clay and press into a leaf shaped mold.Repeat to make a second leaf.

Now bake these pieces according the directions on the package. Remove from the oven and allow them to cool a little.

I chose to paint my leaves Citrine Green and my flower Metallic Bronze Lumiere paints. I used Aleenes Original Tacky Glue to glue them to the painted wood square, along with a small wire scrap which serves as a stem. This will be the frame backing.

To create the shadow box frame, trace a 2″ glass slide onto a piece of Elmer’s Foam Core Board. Center a 1 1/2″ glass slide (or a piece of card stock cut to those measurements) in the center of the 2″ square.

Use an X-acto knife to carefully cut around the traced lines. Try to stay on the line as much as possible and make several passes through the foam core instead of trying to cut it all the way through in one pass. If you get uneven edges, use a nail file to sand even.

Using scalloped edged scissors, cut an 8″ long piece of self adhesive scrapbooking tape. It does not matter which print or color you use as long as it has a white backing since this is the part that will show through the window.

Cut the 8″ strip into four 2″ pieces and peel off the backing. Place the pieces, overlapping if needed, onto the frame.

Now when you flip it over, you have the side that the fancy clay floral will be peeking through.

Using the tacky glue, glue the foam core frame to the wood square.

Next, glue the glass slide, sticker side down, to the foam core by placing a little tacky glue to the sides of the foam core.

Now finish your fancy clay floral napkin ring by dry brushing the glass slide with Silver Pearl Ex (mixed with varnish in a 1:1 ratio) and add a little rub on to the bottom.

Glue your napkin ring to the back of the shadow box to finish! I glued a small strip of rhinestone trim to the sides of the shadow box to hide any rough edges. For more variations on this project click here and here.

Live Life Creatively,

Animal Print Picture Frame Trio

Animal Print Picture Frame Trio
Animal Print Picture Frame Trio

If you are looking for a quick and easy paper craft – these frames are it.  Animal prints never really go out of style and this fun set of pattern paper has a modern color scheme.  They are made from Sizzix Frame dies by Eileen Hull and they appeared in the Crafts N Things newsletter last year.  For full directions check their archives. You too, can make a trio.

New Friend Friday – Shabby Burlap Lampshade – Tutorials

Burlap Lampshade

Burlap Lampshade

Shabby Burlap Lampshade that is fast and easy to make for your home decor using 3 supplies and an existing lampshade.  This easy to follow tutorial from April Moffat walks you through creating the country chic or shabby chic burlap lampshade for your home.

Shabby Burlap Lampshade Tutorial:


Fabrics & Embellishments

  • 1 yd. of Burlap ( Natural)
  • 1yd. Beaded Fringe
  • Embroidery Thread (DMC-842)


Tools & Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
  • Needle and Thimble
  • Lampshade (8” diameter was used in this tutorial)
  • All-purpose thread to match (Coats & Clark)
  • Sewing pinsshabby chic lampshade diy

Shabby Burlap Lampshade Instructions:

1. Cut a 3” x 44” strip of the burlap fabric. Finish raw edges with matching all-purpose thread us1ng a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machin1. Trim frayed edges, staying close to stitch but careful not to cut it. Thread a needle with DMC embroidery thread in Light tan -842 and hand stitch a ¼” even baste stitch down the center of the ruffle piece. Set aside. This will be your large ruffle.

2. Now cut a 1 ½” x 34” strip of the burlap fabric. Finish raw edges with matching all-purpose thread with a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine. Trim frayed edges, staying close to stitch but careful not to cut it. Thread a needle with DMC embroidery thread in Light tan  842 and hand stitch a ¼” even baste stitch down the center of the ruffle piece.  Set aside. This will be your small ruffle. (This is basically a repeat of the first step but with a slightly narrower strip of fabric)>

3. Lay out the large burlap fabric piece. Press if necessary. Take lampshade and lay it down sideways on the burlap fabric at a 45 degree so that the fabric can be rolled corner to corner around the lampshade.

4. Use pins to hold the fabric in place assuring that the lampshade has plenty of fabric for coverage.

5. Trim away excess fabric leaving several inches on the top and bottom edges.

6. Measure where fabric will overlap and trim in a straight line so that only ½” overlaps.

7. Using a hot glue gun, glue fabric to the top and bottom edge only. Do not put glue on the body of the shade as it will show when the lamp lights up. Do use hot glue to secure the raw edges in the back, using only a thin straight line.

8. Trim excess burlap as close to the shade edge as possible.

9. Using pins to space the ruffling  and to hold the ruffle so that about ¼” hangs past the bottom of the shade, hot glue the center only of the ruffle to the shade in straight line all the way around. If you hot glue the edges the ruffle won’t stick out right. (See photo 9 ,10, and 11)

10. Repeat this process for the smaller ruffle, spacing out the ruffles to match the larger ruffle.

11. Finally, hot glue beaded trim to inside edge of burlap lampshade.


Design and Photography by April Moffatt


Q.   Are you trained or self taught?

A.   Both. My mom taught me to sew and I’ve learned a lot at the “School of Hard Knocks”. I pretty much learned to sew at 13 by ripping out every other seam I sewed.

Q.    One interesting fact that our readers might want to know?

A.     I have detailed plans for most disaster/emergency scenarios. I also have a plan for what object I could turn into a weapon in every room of my house. Surprisingly, I am willing to live life on the risky side now and then; sometimes I don’t floss before bed. I know, crazy!

Q.     Favorite 80’s Movie

A.     Fletch

Q.     What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

A.      That I don’t mean to say “like” so much, and I am not as dumb as I sound when I like say like.

Q.      How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop?

A.     Depends on the amount of enzymes in your mouth I guess.

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Vintage Favor Pouches from Cardboard Tubes

Creating these antique vintage favor pouches from recycled cardboard tubes is super simple. I used several products from Jacquard to whip these up in minutes. (minus paint drying time). If you have special family photos you would like to feature, they would make cool family reunion favors.

I started by painting the tube using Lumiere paint in Metallic Bronze. Once it was dry, I sewed the bottom with my sewing machine and a straight stitch.

Using scalloped edged scissors, I cut the top of the tube off to create an interesting top edge.

I painted a wood pail handle in a vibrant Citrine Green.

I used Metallic silver to dry brush the handle to give it a more antique, aged look.

I used these Inkjet sheets from Jacquard and some downloaded photos to print the images on the sheets with my pc and printer.

Trim the photo, leaving a light border around it and use an iron and hard pressing surface (no iron) to fuse the photo to the fabric. I cut a slightly larger rectangle of burlap and frayed the edges.

Trim the photo, leaving a light border around it and use an iron and hard pressing surface (no iron) to fuse the photo to the fabric. I cut a slightly larger rectangle of burlap and frayed the edges.

I then glued the burlap and photo to the front of the tube using Aleenes Fabric Fusion by I Love to Create.

I zig zag stitched the edges of the photo using by sewing machine and a dark thread.

Finally, I cut punched holes in the sides and the tube and inserted an 8″ length of wire into the handle, then the holes in the tube, using round nose pliers to create neat loops.

Live Life Creatively,

Family Shadow Box


This piece was cerated for the Designer Green Gallery at CHA.   The theme for this show was “Going Green”, and this project fits the bill.  The box is a flea market find, and there are 6 other repurposed embellishments as well.  Not to mention the bits and pieces I found so deep in my stash they might as well have been found in the garbage.


Boutique Baby – Chic Baby Girl Bibs you can make

baby chic bib diy Boutique Baby - Chic Baby Girl Bibs

Boutique Baby Chic Baby Girl Bibs.  Creating a chic baby girl does not have to cost a fortune.  The remade bibs can be found at most big box stores in the baby isle or at the chain baby stores.  With a little Xotic Felt from National Nonwovens, Sakura Pearl Crystal Lacquer and Tim Holtz die cuts from Sizzix you can create the boutique baby look for your chic baby girl.  It is hard to see the fine details in the picture but Baby Gigi has a pearl necklace created by Pearl 3-d Crystal Lacquer around the neck of the bib.  Every girl needs her pearls, especially when you live in the south.  Pearls really are a staple item to have.

Boutique Baby – Chic Baby Girl Bibs supplies:

  1. Permed bibs from big box store
  2. Fabri-Tac Glue
  3. Felt
  4. Sizzix Big Shot and die cut
  5. Pearl Crystal Lacquer
  6. Black ribbon

Instructions for Boutique Baby – Chic Baby Girl Bibs:

  1. To recreate this homemade bib you will need to cut several layers of pink felt and adhere them together. I used Fabri-Tac Glue.
  2. Adhere the black ribbon.   Once the layers dry adhere them to the bib.
  3. Lay the bib on a flat surface and apply the Crystal Lacquer.  The drying time will depend on how thick you apply the Crystal Lacquer and what applicator tip you use.
  4. Let the bib dry over night and you should be good to go.

    Your girl will be sporting that boutique baby look in no time and it is homemade by Momma to boot. I made a about a half dozen in one evening and after all my friends saw them I had to make another dozen.  I used quite a few different color schemes to match the baby clothes.  You can make the Boutique Baby – Chic Baby Girl Bibs in your favorite colors.


Sewing Up a nifty Ring Sling

I have had a project on my to do list for nearly three months now! I had told my brother that I would make a baby sling for his newest baby and due to the baby being born just before Thanksgiving and then going right into the holiday busyness and then the CHA rush, not to mention magazine deadlines and other projects that have been requested, it has taken me a while to get it done! I often feel like it takes me until the end of FEBRUARY to ever get “back on track” with energy and schedule once all that jazz is done! LOL So today I decided it was HIGH TIME to whip myself into shape and tackle the Baby Sling.

Here’s a goofy photo of me wearing it – Sorry I hadn’t even gotten out of my work out gear for the day! LOL



Then here are a few up close shots of the details: The top of the pocket.

Sling Pocket Close Up - Keri Lee Sereika

And then the top of the sling where it is sewn over the rings.


Sling Through Rings Close Up - Keri Lee Sereika


All in all I have to say…I am really proud of this project and I really think it turned out just the way I had envisioned it to be! 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed seeing a side of me you may not have seen before!

Homemade Shell Card Trio – Beach wedding Theme?

Sea Shell Card Collection

Sea Shell Card Collection


When you find a stamped that you really like, don’t just stamp one image at time and make one card at a time.  Stamp several of the main image and color them in when you have time.  I like to stamp a bunch of images and color them in when I am watching tv with the hubby.

The tools you will need to make these cards are a paper trimmer, micro-tipped scissors.

The materials you you will need are, cardstock, zots, colored pencils, a blender pen, and some embellishments.

The stamped shell cards would also be a great thank you card for a beach wedding.   A whole theme could easily be built around the image.  You could stamp it on the favors, a shower invitation, the napkins.  So many options.  Do you have any stamped ideas for the image?

Christmas Gift Wrapping Station using Kaiser Craft

Christmas Wrapping Station using Kaiser Craft
Christmas Wrapping Station using Kaiser Craft

My holiday preparations are not like most people. Crazy, yes, I know I hear it all the time.  I plan way out in advance.  I try to be finished by the end of October and wrapped by the end of November. My gifts are wrapped according to family.  Each family gets a different color and theme. One way I keep organized is to use a wrapping station. This one is from Kaiser Craft as are the papers. The embellishments are from Prima and the ink and Spritz are from Clearsnap. Coat the edges of the box in dark brown ink. Trim paper to fit as shown and adhere. Poke scissors through the openings and sand the edges of the openings to make them smooth. Add embellishments then Spritz with Vanilla Shimmer.


New Friend Friday – Gayle Smith

I am pleased to introduce you to a very fun and talented stamper and altered book artist from Los Angeles, California, Gayle Smith. We first met, while demonstrating new products at the Craft and Hobby Associations Winter trade show several years back. I thought her work was lovely. Apparently by the way she answered her first question we have formed a mutual appreciation society. An audible giggle was a must, when the answer to her first question was read.


Q. With whom would you love to spend one day making art?
A. Past or Present. Niki Meiners (seriously)

Q Where would you vacation, if you could go anywhere?
A. Mediterranean – Italy and Greece

Q. Mac or PC?
A. Mac

Q. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop?
A. None, just bite it!

Q. What is your favorite color scheme?
A. Shades of brown or green with pink

Q. Do you work sitting down or standing up?
A. Sitting in a nice comfy office chair

Gayle has posted directions and a link to the Hero Arts video on her blog. So please stop by and visit her.

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Stampin’ Up! website –
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