Blue & Brown Butterflies

Last week I participated in an online crop over at Scrapbook Heaven. I had fun being challenged to create within specific guidelines. This one I really loved because I was able to use some stamps from Layers of Color that just arrived this weekend, and you know how much fun it is to create with new stamps for the very first time! ūüôā I colored both the butterfly from the Flutterescent clear set and the Floweret cling stamp images using the Colored Pencil & Gamsol Technique. A really great technique that nearly anyone can do the first time they try! Enjoy!

1-25-11 Blue and Brown Butterflies - Keri Lee Sereika

Simple Earrings

I love it when I get the chance to pass along my love for crafting to those around me. I had the pleasure of teaching my boys how to make earrings and these are what we created. I gave them each a matching set of beads and stones and somehow we all ended up with slightly different earrings. And while they are just simple one stem earrings, I am thrilled that they not only showed the desire to create them but they knew exactly who they intended to give them to once they were completed! That’s the whole reason for crafting anyway, isn’t it? To share with others and making their day a bit brighter right? Enjoy!

Handpainted wine glasses

Hand painted wine glasses by Jen Goode
Hand painted wine glasses by Jen Goode

I love to make handmade gifts that I can embellish with my own art. Hand painted items seem to be a perfect fit, if I can find the a good blank space to paint on. I recently painted these wine glasses to donate for a silent auction raising funds for Breast Cancer awareness. They’re super easy to do and turn out wonderfully.

I used Plaid’s enamel paint which has a nice opaque color coverage. With wine glasses I highly recommend you lightly paint your initial design idea on the glass using a frost medium. This is a rather subtle paint that is easy to cover but will allow you to place some paint on the glass before adding your bold color. You don’t have to be a magnificent painter to create really pretty glass art. Think simple, stick to shapes and shades of color and you can come up with something amazing!

I added layers of color until I had the look I wanted. When I finished putting down the color, I went back over select areas with the frost medium again to add some subtle touches of sparkle.

This enamel sets nicely after 24 hours but it’s still a good idea to avoid using for about 7 days to let the paint thoroughly cure. Hand wash.

Photo Tutorial on shading chipboard flowers

Now take the beautiful pieces you have created and add them to any of your paper crafts.

Make a Thinking of You Card

Handmade cards can be quite simple or very elaborate. ¬†Either way, the fact that someone took the time to create a one of a kind, made by hand card makes them unique and special. ¬†To make the Thinking of You Card above, I used pre-cut cards. ¬†If you don’t have pre-cut cards, it is simple to make them with card stock. ¬†Take a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock, cut that in half. ¬†Each piece will then measure 5.5 x 8.5…fold those in half and you will have two cards. ¬†Next, I cut a panel 4 x 5.25, spritzed it with Adirondack Color Wash and let it dry. ¬†I stamped the flowers and the thinking of you onto white card stock … then I cut around them. ¬†I then mounted those onto a mat of mauve card stock so that there was a thin border. ¬†Finally, I taped down each of those elements to the base of the card and added a couple of buttons. ¬†Elegant…but really simple!

Cute flower clothespin magnets

Clothespin magnets by Jen Goode
Clothespin magnets by Jen Goode

Make your own cute clothespin magnets to dress up those papers your kids insist on hanging on the fridge. You can make a variety of shapes in a wide array of colors. We chose to make some cute spring themed magnets because a princess can never have too much girly flare, even on the fridge.

Making clothespin magnets is a relatively easy project to do with even very young kids. You only need a handful of supplies. It’s fun for little hands to create the different shapes and glue and put in place. I recommend using Aleene’s fast grab tacky glue as it sticks to the foam really well.

Check out the full instructions for clothespin magnets at Projects for Preschoolers.

Make a Mini Memory Book

Scrapbook Memory Book

One of my very favorite things in the world to do is make mini books. ¬†The album above was made to hold 4 x 6 pictures. ¬†They make terrific gifts! ¬†When you design the pages, place mats where the photos should go so that the person receiving it can place their favorite pictures inside. ¬†These are perfect for baby and wedding gifts in particular….and honeymoon, too! ¬†Since they are handmade, they are completely customizable!


Make a Vintage Flower Garden Canvas

This Vintage Garden canvas was a blast to make.  It was a project I created for the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop.  This particular piece was inspired by a die designed by Brenda Pinnick.  You will need the following supplies to get started (note РI listed the exact felt and fabric used in this project, but switching it out is just fine!):

I started with a blank canvas. It matters not what size you choose. I selected 12 x 24 because I wanted to have a lot of surface on which to add texture. I did not treat the canvas with Gesso or anything else. I left a completely bare surface.

Then using Tim Holtz’s Distress Ink in my fav colors, some makeup sponges and stipple brushes I start to distress the surface of the canvas. I stippled and I sponged…and I even went direct to canvas with my pad. If you are not familiar with the process, you simply rub the surface of the ink pad directly onto the surface where you want the color. **IMPORTANT NOTE: Canvas is a textured surface…so be aware that the stamp pad surface can get a little bit chewed up. I have doubles of all my pads, so I have a set just for this purpose.**

When I distress anything I start with the lightest color and work to my darkest. I also start at the edges and work my way in towards the middle. I use my darkest colors towards the edges.

Brenda was very generous with the amount of blooms she supplied and so I took one of the paper bloom and used it as a stencil. I placed the bloom onto the canvas surface and then stippled some tea dye and vintage photo around the edges of the bloom. It created this effect:

Next, I printed out a poem that I really liked onto vellum. Now I realize the poem refers to daffodils…but I am taking artistic license here! I tore the edges and then I stippled on the BACK side of the vellum one of my lighter color inks, again working from the outside to inside. If you can see in the photo below…I didn’t stipple the color over the entire piece of vellum. When you do this technique, the color should be darkest at the edge and gradually lightens as you work towards the middle. Then, I flipped the vellum back to the front and with the next shade darker ink…I stippled just the very edge of the vellum.

Using a very thin coat of Fabric Mod Podge, I adhered the vellum to the canvas. Now don’t worry if the vellum resists sticking. What I did is put a book under the canvas, then I placed a piece of wax paper over the vellum and put a couple of heavy books on top of that. I left it for a a while. Once that adhesive is dry, it’s on there! **NOTE: always put wax paper or butcher paper between layers that are still wet from glue so that they don’t bleed on each other or stick together!

I really love using vellum. Because it is translucent, you can still see the stenciled blooms behind it.

Next, I began to layer the pieces of the blooms together. Brenda sent such a variety that no bloom looks the same! I did stipple some ink onto the paper pieces and some onto the fabrics and felt to mute down the color to go with my vintage theme. Isn’t that beautiful!

I cut a few extra blooms with another Sizzix die I had so that I could cover more of my surface and compliment the Brenda’s big flower blooms. I altered some of the blooms with the ink and a textured stamp. I assembled the flower layers and pierced the centers with a paper piercer so that I easily slide in the brads.

I used Mod Podge for fabric and for paper to adhere the blooms to the canvas…then I let it dry completely.

Once everything was dry, I started to add some details by doodling some vines and leaves onto the canvas with the Visual Texture by Plaid. I just love that stuff! It adds a lot of dimension. I also added some extra details right onto the flowers!

It is such an amazingly fun project. ¬†I really enjoyed making this piece. ¬†Plus it is so adaptable! ¬†You can use any die cut for these same techniques….or you can change out the quote for a photo….you’re only limited by your imagination!

Artfully yours,


Make Vellum Accents

One of my very favorite materials to work with when I’m creating just about anything is vellum. ¬†Vellum is a translucent paper that comes in a variety of opacities. ¬†I particularly like vellum with a very low opacity…so that when I layer it over an image I can still see the image underneath. ¬†For example, the Venus & Psyche image in the picture above is stamped very crisply with black ink. ¬†When I layer the vellum over it, the image has a much softer, muted look.

You can do many things with vellum. ¬†You can stamp it, emboss it, tear it, sponge it, just to name a few things. ¬†To adhere vellum, you also have several options. ¬†The vellum accent above is adhered with eyelets. ¬†You can also use brads. ¬†There are several manufactures that make tape that is especially made for vellum. ¬†Be conscious of that because regular double stick tape will show through the vellum so that you actually see the tape! ¬†I am particularly fond of running the vellum through my Xyron so that it has an even coat of adhesive across the underside of it. ¬†When you stick it down you can’t tell it is there at all!

Another cool effect with vellum is picture printing!  I love to print photos onto vellum and then attach the vellum picture over white or cream colore cardstock.  It makes your picture look much softer.  Plus, it looks awesome in color or black & white!  Give it a try!

What are  your favorite uses for vellum?

Artfully yours,


Using Sepia Tinted photos

Sepia Tinted photos on scrapbook page
Sepia Tinted photos on scrapbook page

Photos on your scrapbook pages do not have to be limited to color. Many printers like Costco, Walgreens and Shutterfly offer some picture editing capabilities when you upload pictures for printing. By using a sepia tint, this layout has an older feel that would not be achievable by a normal color photo. Black and white ads a timeless feel and can really invoke the mood of the setting. I also like to use black and white when everyone has on crazy colors and I know I will never find a paper to match. I will show you more of those soon.