10 Inspiring Embroidery Projects

Embroidery is one of those crafting techniques that has so many uses. From embellishing¬†pillows to hand stitching your own note cards, embroidery is one of those skills that is great to have! I’ve collected 10 great embroidery¬†projects¬†to get you inspired and working with an embroidery needle on a new project.

10 Great Embroidery Projects

One of the best things about embroidery is how different each and every project can be. It is so easy to really customize whatever you are working on thanks to endless thread options and tons of different stitches.

01 - 733 Blog - Monster Embroidery Hoop Art
Monster Embroidered Hoop Art from Twin Dragonfly Designs for Seven Thirty Three

02 - 30 Minute Crafts - Embroidered Card
Cross Stitched Heart Card from 30 Minutes Crafts

03 - Do Small Things with Love - Framed Satin Stitch
Framed Satin Stitch from Do Small Things with Love

04 - Condo Blues - Embroidered Dog Towel
Embroidered Dog Towel from Condo Blues

05 - Mommy is CooCoo - Embroidered Pillow
Embroidered Pillow from Mommy is Coo Coo

06 - The Sewing Loft - Summertime Embroidery
Summertime Embroidery Pattern from The Sewing Loft

07 - Do Small Things with Love - Embroidered Portrait
Embroidered Portrait with Felt Flowers from Do Small Things with Love

08 - The Country Chic Cottage - Hoop Ornaments
Embroidered Hoop Ornaments from The Country Chic Cottage

09 - Bombshell Bling - Handstitched Cards
Embroidered Notecards from Bombshell Bling

10 - Condo Blues - Embroidered Love Note
Embroidered Love Note from Condo Blues

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