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The Ultimate Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway

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Whether you craft morning, noon, and night, or have just been browsing Pinterest and seen some of the super cool things the Silhouette CAMEO can do, this giveaway is going to knock your socks off! We have partnered with over 30 awesome blogs to bring you everything you need to do almost any Silhouette project you can imagine, from glass etching, to custom shirts, and vintage signs with this prize package you will be more than set!

The Ultimate Silhouette CAMEO giveaway!  Win  a Silhouette CAMEO and one of EVERY starter kit they make! Over $550 value!

The Prize:

  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO
  • 1 Glass Etching Starter Kit
  • 1 Stamping Starter Kit
  • 1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
  • 1 Vinyl Starter Kit
  • 1 Fabric Ink Starter Kit
  • 1 Rhinestone Starter Kit
  • 1 Sketch Pen Starter Kit
  • 1 Double Sided Adhesive Starter Kit

That is right! We are giving away a Silhouette CAMEO electronic cutting machine and one of EVERY starter kit that Silhouette makes! That is a value of over $550, not to mention the ability to craft your heart out for a very long time! Enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter below. And remember if you don’t win, you can see the current Silhouette Sale & Promo Code here. Good Luck!

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Halloween brooches

Halloween brooches and a Giveaway

Halloween brooches are perfect for those of us who love to get in the haunting season early.  Check out this project made By Melony Bradley.  It is easy to make with left over stash.   Be sure to scroll to the bottom and find your chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Halloween brooches

Material and Tools for Halloween brooches:

  • Fabric and black wool felt scraps
  • Buttons Galore and More Buttons (flat backed)
  • Laser Cut Wood Bird Shapes
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Pin backs
  • Inkjet fabric sheets
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac
  • Tracing pencil (white), fabric marking pen, sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle, paintbrushes, computer and printer, scalloped edged scissors

Halloween brooches

Cut fabric shapes






To create your own Halloween brooches, use a circle and square template and the fabric marker to trace shapes measuring approximately 2 1/2″ to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the shapes with scissors.






Trace 3″ shapes onto the black wool felt with the white tracing pencil. Cut the circles and squares out with the smooth edged or scalloped edged scissors.


Pin the shapes together. Use the sewing machine and thread to sew the shapes together.


Stitch circles together
Now comes the fun part! Embellishing your Halloween Drink Stirrers. I used inkjet fabric sheet to print out various Halloween sentiments.



Cut the sentiments out and fork the ends, then glue them under a button sewn or glued to the center of the shapes.

Embellish with sentiment. As an option, machine stitch the edges of your fabric sentiment. Embellish the shapes for the Halloween Drink Stirrers with painted black laser cut bird shapes and more buttons.

Halloween brooches

Welcome to the $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


We’ve joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

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kids camp craft painted wood tray

Painted Wood Tray Monogram for kids

The Painted Wood Tray Monogram  was painted by my son Maxx.  He is 11.5  We had a rainy day recently and I was out of entertainment ideas.  Being the crafty mom that I am, we headed into the craft room and  opened of the drawer of wonder, AKA the recycling drawer.  We keep cans, jars, boxes and anything else that one might normally throw away.  We keep them for craft days.

kids camp craft

The wood tray was originally part of the packaging for a tray of citronella candles. Once the tray was empty it became part of the recycling drawer and fair game for anyone to use.

Materials needed for the painted wood tray camp craft:

  • a cover for work surface
  • A wood tray
  • paint brush
  • Americana Paint – Brick Red and Midnight Blue
  • DecoArt Stencil
  • Large letter for monogram

wood tray








Place stencil inside the tray.

decoart stencil americana paint







Paint the inside of the wood tray. Allow to dry.  Clean the paint brush.

painted monogram








Paint the monogram and allow to dry. Clean the paint brush.

kids camp craft








Adhere the monogram letter into the center of the painted wood tray.  Viola, you have a simple kids camp craft. If you would like to see other kids camp crafts visit the blogs listed below.

Check out the rest of the Campers for this Summer Craft Camp!

Mom things

Moms Check In (1) Being a mom and a blogger are two things that are very satisfying for me personally.  This week I am Co-hosting Moms Check In and we find out how other moms and bloggers work their magic and what they do for themselves to keep the magic flowing. So who are our Moms? Moms Check In

Amanda (@its_a_fab_life) is the mom of one boy and owns It’s a Fabulous Life, which is a one stop place for all things ‘Mom’. You can find recipes, DIY projects, frugal living, parenting and more.

Jenni (@sweetpennies) is the mom of one boy and writes at Sweet Pennies From Haven. Sweet Pennies From Heaven is a hearth and home website that focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home.

Lindsay (@SeeMomClick) is the mom of two great kids and owner of See Mom Click. She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes.

Stephanie (@spaceshipsLB) is the mom of one son and owns Spaceships and Laser Beams. Spaceships and Laser Beams is a great site full of party ideas, crafts and more all with boys in mind!

This week our guest co-host is Niki from 365 Days of Crafts! 365 Days of Crafts is full of DIY inspiration for yourself and your home!

You will want to make sure to check out all of our moms and follow along with Moms Check In on Twitter! We will be tweeting your responses all week!

do-for-yourself-694x1024This week we want to know, what do you for yourself each week?


Amanda - I think that taking time out for yourself is so important! It helps you to relax and be refreshed! And we all know that we are better wives, friends, and mothers when we are refreshed! :) For me, I love to get out with my friends. I belong to an awesome church and we have lots of incredible small groups. Each week I meet up with two of my groups – one is a Bible study and the other is a group called Girls Night Out. We just get together and talk and hang out. A girl needs her friends! I also love to read. Running and exercise aren’t really my thing, although I’ve been trying really hard to make them more of my thing! Maybe one day, right?

Jenni-Eaves1-213x300  Jenni Okay, so I’m a big TV person. I stock up on DVR’d shows through the week and spend a part of each and every weekend just binge watching TV. Big Brother is in FULL swing now and I am addicted to Big Brother After Dark too. Then there’s Food Network, The Walking Dead (October can’t get here fast enough), Downton Abbey and so many other great shows! Nothing better than to pile up on the couch on a Saturday with a blanket, my remote and some not so healthy snacks!

LindsayHeadShot3Border-300x300 Lindsay I read! I have been known to forego a good night’s sleep in exchange for just one…more…chapter. But it’s my treat at the end of the day to crawl in bed with my Kindle and enjoy a good book. I have always loved to read and my hobby sort of fell by the wayside off and on after having kids. But lately I’ve made it a priority and really enjoy those few minutes before I doze off of solitude. Just me and my latest novel. Bliss! stephanieStephanie

Although Mike and I do the laundry, dishes, organizing and daily pick-up chores, we hired a cleaning service shortly after we were married. They come once a week to dust everything, do the floors and deep-clean the bathrooms and kitchen. It’s wonderful! There are only so many things I can do in a week — and Mike works crazy hours as well because of his shift work. At first we felt a little guilty about the decision but quickly came to realize how much it added to our overall quality of life. The hours we would have spent doing those chores on a Saturday, we spend together doing something we love.

And just for me, once a month I indulge in a facial. There are very few things I do that are only for me. When I am getting a facial, for one hour, I get to relax with no one asking anything of me. The fact that it’s really been helping my sensitive skin is a bonus.

Niki Meiners

Niki - As a mother of two (4 & 11) and a work-at-home mom finding alone time can be difficult. To guarantee my down time, we make weekly trips to the library. After the trip we go home and each member of the family has a half an hour of alone time. The 4 year old understands that even though she cannot read a book, she can look at the pictures and play make believe.

Moms Check In 1 Topic 5 moms  (1)   What about you? What do you do for yourself each week? Let us know here or on Twitter! Make sure to include #MomsCheckIn with your answer! We will be tweeting your answers all week! Have a question you want us to answer? Bloggers, do you want to co-host a week of Moms Check In? Fill out the quick form here and let us know!

Hair bow tutorial with Oly-fun fabric

Easy hair bow olyfun

Hair bow to tutorial for little girls.  Or in my case girls of all ages.  I made myself one too.  My hair bow is solid black and I added a rhinestone to it.  But I am not going to take a selfie.  LOL

My daughter likes to help make the hair bows and she is 4.  The fabric- Oly*Fun is really easy to work with and it does not fray.  I let her cut the material to place in the die cut machine and let her crank the machine.  Soon I will let her do the glueing.  But for appearances I did it.

To begin, place the die cut on the Oly*Fun Fabric on the cutting pad and place the die cut with the cutting side down.  Place the top pad on and run through the die cut machine.  (the layers you use will depend on your machine. (please use what the manufacturer recommends)

Remove the pieces from the die cut.
Use a fabric glue or hot glue gun to adhere the pieces together.

kids craft tutorial







Repeat the step for all the layers.

diy hair bow







Add a ponytail holder to the back of the hair bow.

Olyfun with hair band ply-fun







Embellish the center of the bow if you like. I generally like to do so.  My little one loves sparkle just like her mother.

easy no sew hair bow from die cut








Supply List for Oly-Fun hair bow:
Oly-Fun fabric
Fabric glue or hot glue gun
die cut
hair band or hair barrette

For other tutorial feel free to visit Niki Meiners at www.365daysofcrafts.com

kids craft project

If you are looking for more quick and easy crafts click the link below.

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The Big Craft Giveaway

Sizzix Texture Boutique

Are you ready for the Big Craft Giveaway? The craftiest give away so far this year! To enter click the raffle copter link below for my giveaway and then visit all the other bloggers to enter their giveaways too. There are over 30 prizes to be won. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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Mosaic polymer clay picture frame

Sculpey Souffle patchwork picture frame

wall art home decor diy instructions

Sculpey Souffle is a new type of clay on the market and I am on the Sculpey Clay Design Team.   Iris, our fearless leader decided to give us a challenge.  She sent 4 colors of the Soufflé clay and random objects.    We were told we had to use all 4 of the clay colors and that we had to use everything in the bag.
Chopped Design squad challengeThe only difference in my supplies and the ones pictured is the color of the twine.  My twine was yellow.  But  in the big picture the color of the twine is not important.    I could not come up with a way to incorporate all the items and the colors into my project so I decided to go in a different direction and use the colors of the clay and use the objects sent as impressions in the clay.  Follow the instructions below and learn how to make something similar.

Instructions for Sculpey Souffle  frame:

1.  Condition your clay.  Roll the clay through the clay conditioning machine on the thickest setting.  Place the clay on a covered work surface.

condition polymer clay






2.  Press random objects into the clay to create texture.  I used one of everything that was sent to me in the challenge bag.

how to create texture in polymer clay






sculpey clay





polymer clay texture





how to add texture to clay






random objects in polymer clay






creating texture






3.  Using a craft knife or a tissue blade cut squares and rectangles into the textured clay.

4.  Bake the clay sheets in the oven according to manufacturers directions.

5.  Paint the frame with DecoArt Acrylic paint.  Allow frame to dry.

Decoart Acrylic paint on wood frame







6.  Arrange the clay pieces in a patchwork or mosaic pattern.

mosaic frame with polymer clay






6. I used a hot glue gun by Adtech to adhere the clay to the painted frame.

wood button, knob and bow






7.  Drill a hole in the top of the frame.  Twist knob in.  Add a jute bow and button.

8.  Add paper and a monogram letter in the center.

Mosaic polymer clay picture frame

chalky paint DIY buffet redo

Chalk Paint – revamp a buffet


chalky paint DIY buffet redoChalk paint is all the rage in the blogosphere.  So  I thought I would give it a go  and redo the buffet that it so desperately needed something.  The black and exposed wood worked great in the last house but not for our new house and the room it was going into.  It looked tired and out of place.  I happen to really like this piece of furniture so I thought I would kick it up a notch ad go for a bold color choice.    I really want a statement piece.  I want that piece to say “WOW, Niki sure is fun”.  And I want the house to have a French Bohemian Chic look.  Not quite sure what that is?  Well that is okay.  I do not either.  It is my made up term for my decorating taste.buffet before chalky paint

Instructions – Chalk Paint revamp

To begin – wipe down the piece to be painted and allow to dry.  If there are any rough spots  you will want to sand them down and use a tack cloth to remove the debris.


I used a roller brush to apply the base coat  of Treasure Chalky finish paint by DecoArt and the second coat of chalk paint too.


For this piece I decided to chalk paint the handles too.  If I decide to change them out at a later date I can.   I did not worry about if  the handles were perfectly covered because I knew I would be distressing them . IMG_2820

I have a sort of crazy way to distress the furniture when working with chalk paint.  I use a fork, yes, I said it I use a standard kitchen fork.  I use it to scrap edges, poke holes, scratches and even drag marks.  You can use what works best for you and the type of aging you want it to have.IMG_2830I am scraping off a little paint in an edge with the tip of the fork.

IMG_2831 This is how I create scrape marks on the bottom pieces.IMG_2833If you turn the fork on its side and do a dragging scalping motion you get the result above.

IMG_2837 I also used it on the metal handleIMG_2840
Crazy I know.  But it works for me.IMG_2851
Now that I have the distressing complete I add the Creme Wax This is an important step.  Do not skip it.Finished buffetThen for the finally step – the dark brown Crème Wax – apply it with the  2″ round waxing brush.  The brush gives you a great consistent look.
Once our house is together I will show you where the chalk paint piece ends up.

Summer Treats Round Up

summer treats

Hey y’all! Allie here from My Card Party.

In honor of the official kick off of the Summer Season, I thought I’d share some of the sweet treat ideas that I’ve been pinning to my Summer Treats Board. I hear the mowers going, the fan is blowing, the pool is filling, and the ice cubes are beginning to set up in the freezer. What’s your favorite Spring/Summer treat when it starts to get hot?

These S’more bars are the closest I’ll be getting to a Barbecue. Okay, maybe some Barbecue Chips. I do not grill. If you’d like to have me over, that’d be fine with me!

Shopgirl: Summery S’mores Treats

This list would not be complete without ONE Zoku Mini Pop treat. We bought one recently and have had a lot of fun experimenting with tiny single serve treats and fancy flavored ice cube balls.

Zoku: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons

Modern Parents Messy Kids: Yummy Frozen Banana Pops

Found on Pinterest: Source Unknown

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes: Cooking Classy

Oh myyy, how I love a good Poke Cake. This one is so much fun!

Foodista: Patriotic Poke Cake

The real reason we have Monday off, however, is to remember those who risk their lives to save us, those who were taken from us too soon, our heroes. Take a quiet moment to remember the fallen this Monday.

Do share your favorite Sweet Treat to beat the heat!

Would you like to contribute to my Summer Treats Board? Just leave me a comment with your Pinterest link and I’ll send you an invitation.

party favors, printable, dr suess

Dr. Seuss party favors

party favors, printable, dr suessDr.  Seuss party favors are quick and easy to make with printable party pieces.    I found these printables for FREE on www.wanessacarolinacreations.blogspot.com  I used the pattern paper as the base and a drink label as a wrap for the jar.  The jar is filled with l Swedish fish to go along with the One  Fish Two Fish theme.  The jar is from peanut butter.  I asked a few friends to save them and before long we had what we needed for the party.  The jars were washed thoroughly and dried.  If you have any kids with peanut  allergies you might want to use a different container.  

Click the link below to find other Dr. Seuss craft ideas for fun or for a party.

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